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Ramsha Shafiq

Ramsha Shafiq


S.m Public Academy 1 , Karachi

I am Ramsha shafiq


Ramsha Shafiq

Terror to fantasy world

2011 Oct 4th 757 Views
Bomb blasts, anger and fighting everywhere,And there's nothing pleasing anywhere,Finally you're fed’ up,And try to end up,this situation which... read more
2 People Like this! - Daniyal ToheedRamsha Shafiq

ADEEL UR REHMAN - Very nice Dear Ramsha sis ,, Keep it up ..    2013 Oct 23rd
Aasim - Dear Ramsha This poem is not written by you please be careful in future Don't...    2011 Oct 31st
Alina - it is nyc..    2011 Oct 31st
Ramsha Shafiq

Chance In School

2011 Sep 17th 752 Views
It's a chance to learn something new,It's a chance to show your abilities,It's a chance to make new friends,It's a chance to make others get... read more
Daniyal - gr8    2012 Aug 25th
Maham - nyc    2011 Oct 28th
Fatema - :)    2011 Oct 4th


Ramsha Shafiq

Awful girl

2011 Oct 22nd 664 Views
Awful girl
1 Person like this! - Ramsha Shafiq

Ramsha - these drawingss are all by my 6 years old brother    2012 Jan 14th
Wareesha - IT IS VERST. DONT MIND    2011 Dec 1st
Manal - Nwt mUch IMPRESSIVE.. :(    2011 Oct 27th
Ramsha Shafiq

I love V SHINE

2011 Sep 21st 878 Views
I love V SHINE
2 People Like this! - Bint Waseem MughalZahra Khan

Ramsha - its by my brother    2012 Jan 14th
Syed Zohan - your drawing is incompatible with your age....    2011 Nov 14th
Abdullah - v gooooooooooooooooooooood    2011 Oct 21st
Ramsha Shafiq

My dear country

2011 Sep 20th 655 Views
My dear country
1 Person like this! - Ramsha Shafiq

Syed Zohan - Please please grow up. such drawings doesn't suit you, indeed.    2011 Nov 14th
Syeda Tahira - love u pak    2011 Sep 26th
Bareera - gud    2011 Sep 24th


Ramsha Shafiq

Study Tips

2011 Sep 19th 797 Views
Ten best study tips to improve your studies 1. Write down all assignments 2. Organize with colours 3. Establish a study zone at home4... read more
4 People Like this! - Ramsha ShafiqRabia SarwarLily DaeBareera Khalid

Bint Waseem - gud!!!!!!!!!    2011 Sep 29th
Lily - true    2011 Sep 25th
Javaria - true    2011 Sep 23rd
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Full Name
Ramsha Shafiq
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
S.m Public Academy 1

I am Ramsha shafiq

Tv watching
Indoor games
Net surfing
Writing stories
Collecting coins
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Terror to fantasy world Bomb blasts, anger and fighting everywhere,And there's nothing pleasing anywhere,Finally... read more
Study Tips Ten best study tips to improve your studies 1. Write down all assignments 2... read more
Terror to fantasy world Bomb blasts, anger and fighting everywhere,And there's nothing pleasing anywhere,Finally... read more
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