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Maria Malik

Maria Malik


, Lahore

Dreams do come true! Passion and Faith is the key to success!i'm an ordinary girl, chasing dreams, hoping to inspire you and...


Maria Malik

Why don’t we practice...

2011 Aug 24th 1404 Views
I chose this topic because of the incident which happened with me in my school. My best friend (who is a position holder in the class) and I were... read more
Yusra - Hey MARIA MALIK please add me as a friend!    2015 Dec 31st
Yusra - You are right we should not do this .This is a bad manner,we should change...    2014 Dec 26th
Gullasht - hi maria plz you like and comment on my story ant in the castle plz plz    2013 Mar 29th
Maria Malik

Change your heart, not...

2011 Jul 25th 1690 Views
Once upon a time, there was a king who ruled a prosperous country. One day, he went for a trip to some distant areas of his country. When he was back... read more
Hamdah Wasif - if u dont mind can i be your friend ?    2016 Jan 10th
Gullasht - AOA Zaberdast Story :D Yar but kia king bear fo0ted tah :p    2014 Aug 20th
Shayyan - hello    2013 Feb 23rd


Maria Malik

Nop, Yup

2011 Aug 13th 1204 Views
First man: do you know which people say "yup or nop" instead of "yes or no"?Second man: Those who don’t have manners and are informal... read more
Eesha - Laibah don't think of me wrong u r my frnd so i'm correcting u only.....hope u...    2013 Jul 23rd
Eesha - I totally agree w8 Uswah....Laiba u can share jokes n riddles in v shine u dont...    2013 Jul 23rd
Uswah - Laibah stop being rude!!!!!!! I HATEEEEEE U! Wat do u actually want! LAIBAH wat...    2013 Jul 21st
Maria Malik

No use

2011 Aug 5th 833 Views
A student wore one black and one white shoe at school.Teacher angrily ordered him to go back home and wear the correct pair of shoes.Student... read more
Bint Waseem - funny!!!    2011 Sep 12th
Usaidkhan - VERY FUNNY    2011 Sep 10th
Zuhaa - sorry but this is not a good manner to say THIS IS OLD ONE    2011 Aug 18th
Maria Malik

Addressing fools in...

2011 Jul 23rd 1753 Views
Wife: u delivered an excellent speechHusband: thanks but the audience was full of fools and idiotsWife: is that why you addressed them as brothers... read more
Emaan - lolzzz    2013 Jan 25th
Amna - funny    2012 Sep 28th
Fatima - hehheehhhee very nice    2011 Dec 14th


Maria Malik

Every Namaz has a Gift!

2011 Sep 7th 892 Views
Dear friends, ALLAH has blessed us with presents of each Namaz offered! Fajar: GlowZuhar: WealthAsar: Health and treatmentsMaghrib: Successful... read more
Bint Waseem - thnx 4 sharin!    2011 Sep 27th
Saba - nyccccccccccc    2011 Sep 15th
Aamna - Nice article.    2011 Sep 13th
Maria Malik

Dua at Iftaar

2011 Aug 19th 877 Views
Once Moosa (A.S) asked Allah: O Allah! You have granted me the honor and privilege of talking to you directly... have you given this privilege to any... read more
Bint Waseem - nyc!    2011 Sep 29th
Aamna - Nice Article    2011 Sep 17th
Naima - good    2011 Sep 17th
Maria Malik

Women as Role Model in...

2011 Aug 10th 1035 Views
Every person in today's society is seeking for inspiration and an ideal person to follow his footsteps. Now the question arises that should only men... read more
Mahi - i also agreeee with you    2012 Jan 20th
Aamna - Nice Article    2011 Sep 17th
Maria - thankyou so much wafa! i'll soon upload my pic!    2011 Sep 4th
Maria Malik

A small message

2011 Aug 5th 779 Views
A point to ponder,64 years ago a nation was in search of a piece of land but today that piece of land in search of a nation.A message to my fellow... read more
Aamna - Nice Article    2011 Sep 17th
Saba - i luv allama iqbal's poetry!!!& l lyk ur name very much (KHUZEMA)    2011 Aug 9th
Maria - @Aisha. Paulo Coelho, Shakespere and Allama Iqbal's poetry.    2011 Aug 9th
Maria Malik

Secrets of Desires

2011 Aug 3rd 801 Views
We all probably wish for something once, twice or more in a day. Some of the wishes are fulfilled but some are never. Have you ever pondered on this... read more
Hafsa - really awesome.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2012 Jul 11th
Aamna - Nice Article    2011 Sep 17th
Maham - true and great    2011 Aug 28th
Maria Malik

Quaid as My Hero

July 2011 2011 Jul 21st 4096 Views
From the day Pakistan was made and until now, there are many national heroes of Pakistan. They belong to the different fields. All of them made some... read more
Maria - @azka, Paulo Coelho, Shakespere and Allama Iqbal's poetry    2011 Sep 4th
Azka - Khuzema , u are a great writer. I also love reading novels. What kind of novels...    2011 Aug 31st
Maham - very good    2011 Aug 28th