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Wardah Ibrahim

Wardah Ibrahim


Alfadal Int School , Makkah Jeddah

I am WARDAH IBRAHIM my hobby is reading gardinig frindship sewing


Wardah Ibrahim

My Pet

2012 Dec 22nd 617 Views
Some of us keep pets as a hobby. My pet is a white mouse and his name is Mickey he has a pink eye and long tail. His body is covered with soft fur. I... read more
Amna - accept request!    2013 Oct 5th
Elsa - Please add me as your friends    2013 Feb 13th
Rameen - good sharing    2013 Feb 5th
Wardah Ibrahim

The kangaroo

2012 Dec 22nd 771 Views
The kangaroo is an interesting an animal it is a mammal. It is bigger than dog but smaller than a horse this animal can jump very fast. The kangaroo... read more
Eeman - k ap ka name kia hain mai akay u ki class mai poch l o gi k?    2013 Feb 9th
Eeman - k me 8th ap apna name batay or ap al-anjal mai hian ?    2013 Feb 9th
WARDAH - 6th class    2013 Feb 8th


Wardah Ibrahim

The lion

2012 Dec 18th 669 Views
The loin is a strong and brave beast it has long hair in his neck it was very fearful to look at. It is found in dens. it is called the king of... read more
Hadia* - interesting    2017 Feb 5th
WARDAH - i like loins but in long hair    2013 Jan 8th
Fatima - good!!!!!!!!!    2012 Dec 29th
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Full Name
Wardah Ibrahim
Saudi Arabia, makkah jeddah, Makkah Jeddah
Alfadal Int School

I am WARDAH IBRAHIM my hobby is reading gardinig frindship sewing

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