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Khadija Ahmed

Khadija Ahmed


Tabanis College , Karachi

I am Khadija Ahmed, a teenager.I love to make friends either on internet or somewhere else.I also love to read books and I love...


Khadija Ahmed

Mysterious Life PART 5

May 16th 193 Views
 MYSTERIOUSE LIFE PART 5~important note for past and all readers below~Chapter 1Julian thought it would be dangerous to tell any of her friends... read more
3 People Like this! - Zainab RizviAiza IqbalYashfeen Iqbal

Aiza - Your welcome and I am waiting anxiously for the next part    May 26th
Khadija - Thanks for such appreciation Aiza,I am much glad to know that💖. Sure,I will...    May 25th
Aiza - marvelous, great story post the next part soon. This story captures the...    May 24th
Khadija Ahmed

Mysterious life (part 4)

2015 Apr 20th 814 Views
Heading 1: Unbelievable message'Jullian why not you run away? 'Catherine inquire."Wait! What!?? How could I run away? My father is here. I know he is... read more
Khadija - @admin Sir I have found your comment in my comment box...but I didn't...    May 30th
Khadija - So i ll continue to write again..and i am having my exams now..tomorrow is my...    Apr 26th
Khadija - Sorrryyyyyyy guyssssss I forgot my email!! Sorry really sorry and i got so much...    Apr 26th
Khadija Ahmed

Mysterious life part 3

2015 Mar 10th 789 Views
Heading 1: New school"Julian wakes up! Hurry, today is your first day for your new school "Miss Eliza shook her."WHAT?!! My new school? “Julian... read more
2 People Like this! - Manahil AhmadSyed Abu Bakar

Wania - Good    2015 Oct 4th
Khadija - I have sent it ;p    2015 Mar 24th
Manahil - u r welcome . Still waiti'n for the part 4    2015 Mar 21st
Khadija Ahmed

Mysterious life part 3

2015 Feb 21st 708 Views
Heading 1: New school"Julian wake up! Hurry, today is your first day for your new school "Miss Eliza shook her."WHAT?!! my new school? "Julian jumped... read more

MARYAM - Yah, sure! Must read 'My ghost friend' third part coming soon..    2015 Feb 26th
Khadija - Sorry its tooba not jullian    2015 Feb 26th
Khadija - Thank you jullian… .dont get angry:p jullian is so young to kill :D    2015 Feb 26th
Khadija Ahmed

Mysterious Life Part 2

2015 Dec 31st 711 Views
Part 2 Heading 1: Eyre's DepartureJullian was recovering day by day.Most of the time Eyre stayed at her house but he noticed that Jullian missed her... read more
1 Person like this! - Maryam Aamir

Khadija - Thnk u for encouraging me! ;)    2015 Mar 15th
Aiman - Keep on writing Khadija :)    2015 Mar 15th
Khadija - I have sent next part Subhana and Raveeha    2015 Feb 21st
Khadija Ahmed

Mysterious life

2014 Oct 19th 823 Views
 Heading 1: UnbearablePart 1: MomentsIt was unbearable for her. Tears were rolling down from her eyes, she was shouting but no one was listening... read more
3 People Like this! - Maryam AamirYusra AteeqKhadija Ahmed

Khadija - Oh dear,Rihab after so many days when i read this comment i...    May 2nd
Rihab - jeez,i was only telling u    2015 Jun 23rd
Khadija - There was some network problem thats why my comment posted three times    2015 Mar 16th
Khadija Ahmed

A Friend In Need Is A...

2014 Sep 17th 755 Views
Jamie and Cristy were best friends .Jamie was good in studies .She always came first in the class whereas Cristy was just like a normal kid .They... read more
Musfira - love it    2016 Jul 21st
Khadija - Thank u laibah    2015 Mar 14th
Laibah - gr8!    2015 Mar 9th
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Full Name
Khadija Ahmed
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
Tabanis College

I am Khadija Ahmed, a teenager.I love to make friends either on internet or somewhere else.I also love to read books and I love to draw,colour ,make new creative thing.After many days I am back on this account..wish u all best of luck.. .Feel free to send request and sharing things .😊

Writing stories
Mysterious life  Heading 1: UnbearablePart 1: MomentsIt was unbearable for her. Tears were rolling... read more
Friendship is not always True! Once best friends, Hira and Maha got separated because of one of their jealous friend... read more
No Teresspasing part 1 It was a windy Saturday evening as the sun was setting peacefully, Sandrah and her friend... read more
The Man At The Door It was 12o’clock at night in winters. I was lying in my cosy soft blanket on my... read more
Deadly Silence Part-1 Everyone's tattoed with the date of death, mine's dated yesterday. I was breathing... read more
Mysterious Life PART 5  MYSTERIOUSE LIFE PART 5~important note for past and all readers below~Chapter... read more
A ghost... seriously?? Last part  Chapter:-5The next day they went into the jungle again along with their father and... read more
Mysterious life (part 4) Heading 1: Unbelievable message'Jullian why not you run away? 'Catherine inquire."Wait!... read more
mysterious life part 3 Heading 1: New school"Julian wakes up! Hurry, today is your first day for your new school... read more
Notorious Room (Last Part) I knew Arlene was hiding a big secret. So I invited Arlene to the same coffee shop. I had... read more
Notorious Room 5 Later that day, I went to college and decided to discuss it with Arlene. I sat on a... read more
The Island Of Crete Part 2 During King Gourmet's rule, the whole island was changed. The queen and her son were... read more