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I am Khadija Abdul Quddus


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Sticker at my back

July 2011 2011 Jul 12th 2064 Views
One day when I went to my school, in my class everyone was having a quiet smile at their faces. I don’t know why, the day passed on.At the... read more
Zainab - good    2017 Dec 18th
Ayesha - wonderful I must say    2015 Apr 2nd
Tooba - nice and is this a real story    2014 May 20th


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April 2012 2012 Apr 2nd 1347 Views
Last summer holidaysI planned to have a dietI didn't ate anythingAnd stayed awake all nightOnly I ate was parathas, eggs and chipSamoosas with... read more
Zainab - great    2017 Dec 18th
Anonymous - amazing!!!!    2014 May 17th
Seyham - f9 raniah what about u?    2013 Apr 5th
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2011 Aug 5th 777 Views
One fine MorningI was doing colouringI went to my room to take the crayonNow where was the red one gone?I don’t know where the red one wasNow... read more
Emaan - Great, Loved it and Hugged it! You are a born writer ,baby!    2012 Jul 29th
Raniah - AWESOME POEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . .. .. .. . .    2012 Jul 17th
Aamna - Nice Poem    2011 Sep 17th
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I wish

2011 Jul 16th 825 Views
  I wish I was a king and I was having wings   Or I was a queen I would have a cake which no one had seen   Or I was mouse and have a... read more
Fatimah - no, no i dint meant that its truly amazing...    2013 Nov 20th
L - Thanx and I know that's all silly....    2013 Feb 21st
Fatimah - nyc except the 'bite' thingy    2012 Oct 19th
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My crazy ice hockey team

2011 Jul 12th 912 Views
I saw in my dreama ice hockey teama monster was my partnerhis name was mons.forterour captain was a gorillahe was drinking shake of a bananainstead... read more
4 People Like this! - Raniah FarooqEmaan FarhanOwais ParachaL .T

Emaan - Yeah, I agree, a certainly astonishing dream you had :-)    2012 Jul 29th
Raniah - nyC poem khadija . . . .    2012 Jul 17th
Emaan - tHIS POEM IS IN the february issue.    2012 Apr 14th
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2011 Jul 12th 829 Views
Think all uses of its wood All I think are good They give us shade all the day In its shade we all can lay Its branches are like their hands They... read more
L - I saw the Movie Lorax...    2013 Feb 21st
Emaan - This poem reminds me of the movie and book : The Lorax I love this poem!...    2012 Jul 29th
Raniah - NICE POEM! :>    2012 Jul 17th


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2011 Aug 7th 1306 Views
Q: Which question can never answer as "Yes"?  read more
Zainab - great riddle    Jan 9th
Zainab - great    Jan 9th
Afifah - "are you dead?" this is the answer, is it?    2013 Apr 14th
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2011 Jul 12th 894 Views
How do bears start their races?READY, TEDDY, GO     read more
Amna - Lolxxx    2012 Dec 29th
Emaan - Hahahahahaha. LOLx    2012 Jul 18th
Emaan - hEEHEHEHEHE    2012 Jul 13th
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2011 Jul 10th 1164 Views
What is the full form of class? Come Late And Start Sleeping.       read more
Amna - Niceeeeeeeeeee    2012 Dec 29th
Soha - Awesome.    2012 Dec 1st
Emaan - I love it! Love it Love it Love it! i THINK IT'S FUNNY, BUT IAM THE STUDY STUDY...    2012 Jul 30th


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We all are friends

2012 Aug 25th 1030 Views
We all are friends

Zainab - I agree with anonymous . BTW cool.    Jan 9th
Zainab - good    2017 Dec 26th
Anonymous - it's nice... but the pakistani couple doesn't look like pakistani or muslims!...    2014 May 17th
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Gorgeous Girl

2012 Jul 24th 877 Views
Gorgeous Girl

Zainab - wow    2017 Dec 26th
Ayesha - awwh sweet :)    2015 Jun 4th
Anonymous - OH BLIMEY!!!! gracious ... it's impressive!    2014 May 17th
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2012 Apr 2nd 790 Views

Zainab - keep it up    2017 Dec 26th
Amna - Superb!!!    2012 Dec 18th
Fatima - extremely CoolLL!!    2012 Apr 9th
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Happy Birthday

2011 Sep 7th 966 Views
Happy Birthday

Anonymous - WOW!    2014 May 17th
Amna - Tremendous!!!!!!Outstanding!!!!!!    2012 Dec 18th
Emaan - Oh wow, breath taking    2012 Jul 29th
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True Friends

2011 Aug 25th 816 Views
True Friends
2 People Like this! - Raniah FarooqAmna Faizi

Zainab - superb!    Jan 9th
Anonymous - that's extremely AWESOME!:)    2014 May 17th
Amna - Very nice....    2012 Dec 18th
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Eid Card

2011 Aug 24th 915 Views
Eid Card
3 People Like this! - Raniah Farooq(^_^) (^_^)Saba Mahfooz

(^_^) - wowww...    2012 Nov 7th
Bint Waseem - nyc!!!    2011 Sep 20th
L - A SHAPPY eid mubarak to you too.......(dont know wats shappy).....    2011 Sep 9th
L .t

Eid Card

2011 Aug 22nd 897 Views
Eid Card

Anonymous - WOW you are an ARTIST!    2014 May 17th
(^_^) - woww... gift it to me :P    2012 Aug 29th
Emaan - Wowza!    2012 Jul 29th


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Lip Gloss Do's and...

2012 Jul 26th 995 Views
Do use a gloss which a cat has used beforeDon’t buy a gloss from a mall or a store…what’s the use…save money and... read more
Amna - Yuck!!!!!    2012 Dec 18th
Shahamah - yuck    2012 Sep 21st
Khadijah - hahahaha but i hope you follow the rule you wrote (kidding)    2012 Aug 30th
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Interesting Facts

2011 Aug 3rd 988 Views
Do you know any facts or no?I will tell and you will knowTwinkle Twinkle was written by MozartFourth fingers vein directly goes to heartIn Sweden... read more
2 People Like this! - Raniah FarooqAmna Faizi

Amna - Gr8 Khadijah......Well,do u want to remove a friend Khadijah????    2012 Dec 29th
Emaan - Aww, You're so welcome!    2012 Aug 8th
L - Thanx you............    2012 Aug 3rd
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Invention of Doughnuts

2011 Jul 11th 888 Views
One day, Captain Gregory was at the helm of the ship when the weather suddenly took a turn for the worse. Waves began to break over the ship as it... read more
4 People Like this! - Amna FaiziRaniah FarooqL .TAisha Abdul Quddus

Raveeha - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Mar 28th
L - Delicious    2013 Feb 21st
Ali - I like it too...with choco topping    2013 Jan 24th
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I am Khadija Abdul Quddus

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