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Eisha Ajmal

Eisha Ajmal


Divisional Public School , Lahore

Its Eisha!


Eisha Ajmal

The Washer's donkeys!

2012 Sep 28th 1070 Views
This is a short story about two donkeys but not only does it apply for the donkeys but us too :) to find out, read how and what we have in common... read more
Isha - A/A i am just telling you some other morals of this story don't think that i'm...    2016 Sep 13th
Isha - A/A Eisha i'm new member of this site i don't know much about this site so i've...    2016 Sep 13th
Shaheer - Hey taimoor its not goood calling each other names    2014 Aug 18th


Eisha Ajmal


2012 Jul 28th 762 Views
The teacher passed on the tests to usI took mine and started writing my answers neatlyThe girl behind me said sweetlySharing is caringSo care for us... read more
4 People Like this! - Isbah KhanAmna FaiziNaaemah SaleemMaryam Tariq

Ayesha - good    2016 May 19th
Eisha - Thanks guys!    2013 Jun 16th
ANSHA - GOOD    2013 Feb 11th
Eisha Ajmal


2012 Jul 13th 1410 Views
Today I'm going to discus a problem Familiar in every school Some think of it as cool While others describe it as very cruel When a teacher shows her... read more
1 Person like this! - Fatimah Latif

Berha - Same here! Too true    2017 May 8th
Amna - Awesome:-)    2012 Sep 26th
Eisha - yeah....thats why i posted this poem :)    2012 Jul 24th
Eisha Ajmal

My family

2011 Jun 27th 969 Views
All I know is I have a family All I can say is that we live happily My dad is mostly working And grandpa's mostly reading My mum is always on the... read more
2 People Like this! - Sapphire StoneEisha Ajmal

Fatimah - i like ur thinking    2012 Jul 15th
Eisha - Sorry guys, if some of you don't like my poem. I wrote this when I was in3rd...    2012 Jul 12th
Sehar - Hey Eisha ! are you in Divisional Public School (Model Town Branch) ??? I am...    2012 Jun 7th


Eisha Ajmal


2012 Jul 13th 854 Views
One day when I was little, my elder brother who is 2 years older than me (at that time 8) became sick and we took him to the hospital. He had a cold... read more
Noorish - HA HA HA gud one!    2016 Sep 16th
Takreem - funny 1    2013 Oct 1st
Khadijah - REALLY FUNNY..................its true???    2013 Aug 22nd


Eisha Ajmal

Mothers day card ideas

2012 Jul 25th 903 Views
Mothers day card ideas

Takreem - hey do you have some more card ideas?????????????    2014 Jan 7th
Takreem - nice 1    2013 Oct 1st
Eisha - sure Elsa    2013 Jun 16th
Eisha Ajmal

Good luck card

2012 Jul 24th 897 Views
Good luck card

Eisha - its okay guys, it was just a bit of miss understanding on all sides :P    2012 Jul 28th
Emaan - Gr8 Idea Eisha! You Abdur Rfay, On the other hand, stop accusing Eisha of...    2012 Jul 28th
L - This is in web too....    2012 Jul 26th
Eisha Ajmal

Butterfly necklace, made...

2012 Jul 24th 1234 Views
Butterfly necklace, made from paper (recyclable jewellery, help the environment)

Eisha - apology accepted :/    2012 Jul 27th
Abdur Rafay - ok eisha u have made this neclace now plzzzzzzzz forgive me i'm...    2012 Jul 27th
Laiba - OMG. its soooooooo beautiful.    2012 Jul 27th


Eisha Ajmal

How to Make School...

2012 Nov 1st 771 Views
Continuation of first article; on how to make school more interesting and enjoyable. DONT 4GET 2 COMMENT AND LIKE!!! If you aren’t able to... read more
2 People Like this! - Maryam TariqAima Tahir

Aliza - good    2016 Apr 13th
1 Comment
Eisha Ajmal

How to Make School...

2012 Nov 1st 848 Views
Hey there everyone, it’s me EI$HA and today, I’m back with another How-to article :) hope you enjoy it (PS if there's no feedback... read more
2 People Like this! - Saba MahfoozMaryam Tariq

Eisha - :) Thanks    2013 Jun 16th
Saba - good    2012 Dec 2nd
Maryam - great article. :)    2012 Nov 2nd
Eisha Ajmal

DIY spoon rose (plastic)

2012 Sep 27th 836 Views
Hey everyone! it’s me Eisha, the girl who brings diy (do it yourself projects) to all of those who are creative and bored  :P. don't... read more
1 Person like this! - Arifa Adil

Takreem - tried it before    2013 Oct 1st
Eisha - oh...thank you! it would mean alot to me. PS change your dp to the spoon rose...    2012 Sep 28th
Arifa - hmmm...its sounds fantastic... i'll try 2 try it :D    2012 Sep 27th
Eisha Ajmal

How to decorate old...

2012 Aug 5th 1628 Views
Hey there! This is me ei$ha and you probably know me cuz I’ve been doing lots of articles here on VShineworld. Most of em are about nail art... read more
Aliza - gonna nail mine heels    2016 Jan 31st
Eisha - oh no.....directioner, it is a big mistake (throwing your converse), old or...    2012 Oct 22nd
Directioner Forever - thanxxxxx aloooot eisha.... I seriously was abt to throw my converse but now...    2012 Oct 16th
Eisha Ajmal

Ramadan special <3

2012 Aug 2nd 831 Views
Hey guys! It’s me Eisha and I’m back with another one of my articles. This one is about something we're all going through right now... read more
Anas - ok.. Lailatul Qadr is not only on 27th of Ramadan. I mean it COULD be but in...    2012 Aug 27th
Bint - OMG! i hav written emaan by mistake lol    2012 Aug 15th
Saba - yes emaan aisha is ryt no one knws the exact date The Prophet (Sal Allaahu...    2012 Aug 14th
Eisha Ajmal

Nail art; How to make an...

2012 Aug 2nd 1008 Views
Hey everyone! It’s me Eisha and today i have another nail art article for you! I've done two nail art articles before so if you haven’t... read more
3 People Like this! - Aliza AamirGullasht NadeemShahamah Ahmed

Eisha - I can't believe you saw my article in SMASH! Eman, Thank you so much by the...    2013 Jun 16th
Gullasht - AOA i love thiz    2013 May 24th
Emaan - EISHA!!!!! You are an awesome fashion and all-things-girlyngroovy specialist! I...    2013 Feb 17th
Eisha Ajmal

Embellished cases

2012 Aug 2nd 953 Views
Hey guys! it’s me Eisha, here to share another cool idea with you. today I’m going to show you how to make embellished cases. Nowadays... read more
2 People Like this! - Aliza AamirSidra Abdul Rauf

Eisha - Thanks everyone, BTW this article got published in SMASH! Magazine 2013, June...    2013 Jun 16th
Arifa - great    2012 Sep 4th
Saba - gr8 third line ipjone or i phone...    2012 Aug 14th
Eisha Ajmal

How to lose chubby...

2012 Jul 28th 792 Views
Hello everyone! It’s Eisha, and I’m back with another short article which I hope you like (make sure to comment and like). This article... read more
1 Person like this! - Sidra Abdul Rauf

Urooj - nyc one.....    2012 Aug 4th
Eisha - *lucky* emaan!    2012 Jul 29th
Sehar - gud article for those who are fat and have CHUBBY CHEEKS !    2012 Jul 29th
Eisha Ajmal

What I See In Girls...

2012 Jul 26th 984 Views
What I see in most girls This is an article on girls (you’ve probably read most of my articles which are only for girls, it’s just a... read more
Ayesha - totally i agree    2015 Apr 7th
Khadijah - And I really agree with Xxangelxx.......Thanks for the article.    2013 Aug 22nd
Eisha - Okay, sorry but I forgot to mention: This article isn't about EVERY girl...    2013 Jun 16th
Eisha Ajmal

Nail art; nail care...

2012 Jul 24th 1513 Views
NAIL ART: Hey guys! So today I’m going to do an article on nail art. Nail art (if you choose the appropriate colours and all) can brighten up... read more
Gullasht - AOA if anyone want some tips of beauty soO, Insa'allah I written this in my...    2013 May 25th
Gullasht - AOA good    2013 May 24th
Bint - OMG i cant believe my eyes r blinking is this vshine mag.or beauty tips site...    2012 Aug 13th
Eisha Ajmal

Manicure; history and...

2012 Jul 23rd 901 Views
Note; this is not the article I was talking about; I also did an article on nail art (highly defined techniques and much more) so you can check that... read more
1 Person like this! - Maryam Tariq

Khadijah - so who said to you to be interested in girls stuff ?????????    2012 Aug 12th
Eisha - I dont know if you've read the article or not but you should have because it...    2012 Jul 30th
Ahmed - Im not interested in girls stuff but my uncle told our family to avoid manicure...    2012 Jul 30th
Eisha Ajmal

Interesting Facts about...

2012 Jul 20th 934 Views
I love Japan and I would love to visit it someday. Here are some interesting facts about this country that'll make you like it even more; 1. The... read more
3 People Like this! - Shahamah AhmedEisha AjmalSidra Abdul Rauf

Khadijah - i could tell that japan are disblievers of Allah so how could one say that...    2012 Aug 11th
Aisha - Nice facts...they all are interesting...I love japan in terms of...    2012 Jul 21st
Eisha Ajmal

Wanna be

2012 Jul 13th 766 Views
Hey guys! So today my article is going to be about wanna be's. Wanna be is short for WANT TO BE. It means people who want to be something or someone... read more
1 Person like this! - Eisha Ajmal

Khadijah - very nyc article.I don't get your ID what is it ?????????????    2012 Aug 11th
Eisha - awwwww thank you :)    2012 Jul 13th
Urooj - very nyc article..i really appreciate ur writing style..:)    2012 Jul 13th
Eisha Ajmal

Bitter but True

2011 Aug 7th 1022 Views
You know, I think that all those stories we kids write are just fantasy and the REAL world is nothing like it. This is the bitter truth. People die... read more
1 Person like this! - Maryam Tariq

Berha - TBH I am afraid of the real world and what you have written is just a really...