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Sabeen Shahzad

Sabeen Shahzad


Mariya International School , Jubail

Hey viewers! I am known as Sabeen,a girl around 13. LOVE reading books. Favorite books are Land of stories series, FNAF series...


Sabeen Shahzad

The Chosen Seven (Ch.1)

Jun 8th 189 Views
( A.N: Hey guys. So before I start this story, I wanna tell you guys that this is a Babymetal fanfiction. For those of you who don't know them... read more
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Sabeen - Thanks Hafsa...And it probably will.    Jun 27th
Sabeen - Thanks Hafsa and it probably will.    Jun 25th
Hafsa - Will it continue or not    Jun 22nd
Sabeen Shahzad

The Quest (Part 2)

2017 Oct 8th 395 Views
The legend was about an ancient mirror that was found centuries ago in an unknown cave and was taken in a place where they keep all treasures safe. A... read more
Sabeen - And I hope that comment didn't seem akward.    Jul 3rd
Sabeen - Everyone, I'm not gonna post any parts of 'The Quest' anymore because i can't...    Jun 6th
Sabeen - Oh ok    May 22nd
Sabeen Shahzad

The quest (Part 1)

2017 Jul 27th 459 Views
There was once a girl named Ashley whose parents died in a fire when she was only 3 years old. She lived with her aunt, uncle and her cousin, Kate... read more
Sajahir - please publish the next part    2017 Sep 16th
Sabeen - Guys the part two of 'The Quest" will not be coming after a bit of a long time...    2017 Sep 15th
Sabeen - It's ok, I didn't mind a bit    2017 Aug 17th
Sabeen Shahzad

Albert the TV addict

2017 Jun 23rd 473 Views
Albert was a lovely old man. He loved children and always had time to talk to his neighbours. The only time he felt lonely was in the evening. Then... read more
Zainab - my pleasure!    Mar 14th
Sabeen - Thanks Zainab    Jan 7th
Zainab - nice    Jan 7th


Sabeen Shahzad

Fallen down

2017 Jun 23rd 427 Views
A man was driving a motorcycle with his son sitting behind him, who was eating ice cream.Son: Daddy, my ice cream fell down.Dad: It's okay son, I... read more
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Zainab - your welcome dear.    Jan 12th
Sabeen - Thanks Zainab    Jan 8th
Zainab - hahahhhaha. very funny love it    Jan 6th


Sabeen Shahzad

Jojo Siwa (kawaii...

Jan 31st 333 Views
Jojo Siwa (kawaii version)
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Sabeen - Yeah I used to I don't really watch draw so cute these days    May 22nd
Berha - Let me guess, you watch draw so cute. I just started watching it.    May 5th
Berha - @sabeen my pleasure ;)    Mar 17th
Sabeen Shahzad

Miraculous Ladybug...

2017 Nov 16th 258 Views
Miraculous Ladybug (Kawaii version)
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Aiza - @admin please approve my stuff    Feb 6th
Admin - Sabeen you are requested to avoid sending drawings a number of times as it...    Jan 10th
Zainab - love it...    Jan 7th


Sabeen Shahzad

Some more awesome...

Jan 31st 308 Views
Hi guys! Today I’m gonna give you some more book reviews that you will love (request by everyone). Please be sure to like this article and... read more
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Urwa - Gud    Jul 14th
Irza - ok thank you    Apr 23rd
Sabeen - Thanks Irza and yeah they made a movie on Wonder    Apr 17th
Sabeen Shahzad

Book that are so awesome...

2017 Dec 20th 315 Views
Hey guys! Today I’ll be telling you about some books which are so awesome you need to read. And before I get started to be sure to like and... read more
Sabeen - Diary of a wimpy kid is an amazing book but I already sent the article before i...    Jan 26th
Yaseera - Sabeen can u write about diary of a wimpy kid it is an amazing book it is full...    Jan 26th
Admin - Sabeen you are requested to avoid sending drawings a number of times as it...    Jan 10th
Sabeen Shahzad

The secret to coping...

2017 Jul 6th 303 Views
Lots of different things make people nervous-flying on planes, the first day at a new school, visiting the dentist, giving a speech, or sitting an... read more
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Zainab - welcome...    Mar 14th
Sabeen - Thanks Zainab    Jan 24th
Zainab - Superb.%uD83D%uDC4F    Jan 23rd