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Maryam Aamir

Maryam Aamir


, Jubail

Asslam-o-Alikum! I am Maryam Aamir from class 10 A and I want to be a heart surgeon. :o :D I have many friends in my class and...


Maryam Aamir

Notorious Room (Last...

2014 Sep 12th 1049 Views
I knew Arlene was hiding a big secret. So I invited Arlene to the same coffee shop. I had a thought somewhere in my mind that I should talk her... read more
Sabeen - Nice story, really loved it. By the way can we be friends I also live in Jubail    2017 Jun 12th
Nimra - Heya :* Mid terms starting from 13th dec. Coming tuesday 22nd nov is my...    2016 Nov 18th
Sajahir - very interesting story    2016 Nov 13th
Maryam Aamir

Notorious Room 5

2014 Aug 26th 743 Views
Later that day, I went to college and decided to discuss it with Arlene. I sat on a grassy ground with her. I told her that I bought a room on rent... read more
Maryam - thank you :o :p    2015 Feb 25th
Khadija - Well,nice story :)    2015 Feb 22nd
Maryam - Thanks. I hope you all will like the end.    2014 Sep 12th
Maryam Aamir

Notorious Room (part 4)

2014 Jul 18th 923 Views
I returned back to hostel. I tried to figure it out what was happening.  I couldn’t try it for long as I had loads of studies.Exactly at... read more
Maryam - sorry i am late. :( i didn't read your message. My problem is same. I used too...    2016 Jun 2nd
Minahil - Maryam i hope you will see this soon I have a problem whenever i try to study...    2016 Feb 22nd
Minahil - Maryam i hope you will see this soon I have a problem whenever i try to study...    2016 Feb 22nd
Maryam Aamir

Notorious Room (part 3)

2014 Jun 29th 808 Views
My alarm clock woke me early morning. I was excited to find Sarah at my collage. As I was excited I decided to stay till the evening shift and also I... read more
Maryam - thank you    2014 Aug 21st
Shaheer - Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing story    2014 Aug 18th
Maryam - Thank you!!!!    2014 Aug 16th
Maryam Aamir

Notorious Room (part 2)

2013 Oct 4th 1717 Views
While I was in a deep thought someone knocked the door. I consider it my imagination because of that lady .I heard the knocking sound again. This... read more
Shaheer - Hey but check it out. You have written "That time my mind struck." And thnx for...    2014 Aug 18th
Maryam - How that 'R' come there. exclude that 'R', its stuck.    2014 Aug 16th
Shaheer - I don't understand. How did your mind struck? With a board or did Sarah hit you?    2014 Aug 16th
Maryam Aamir

Notorious Room part 1

2013 Sep 11th 1375 Views
I was having my exams after two months. For good preparation I thought in solitude I could get better atmosphere to study. Therefore I was eager to... read more
Nimra - haha yeah, happy holidays to you too. My last final was on 13th. Done with...    2016 Jun 5th
Maryam - Allhamduillah you are feeling better now... My last exam was on Monday-...    2016 May 31st
Nimra - Where are you lost? Although I know we in this busy schedule don't have much...    2016 May 3rd
Maryam Aamir

Horrible dream

2011 Nov 6th 1239 Views
Once a girl name Aqsa who was a nice and foolish girl. One day she woke up and saw every thing is different. One side has day and other has night... read more
Maryam - yeah why not? I would love to be your friend.    2016 Jan 21st
Hamdah Wasif - i want to be ur friend would u like to add me    2016 Jan 8th
Maryam - No need of thanx its my pleasure :) :p    2015 Jan 3rd


Maryam Aamir

Scene from CWaCoM

2013 Sep 25th 821 Views
Scene from CWaCoM

Fatima - I live in Pakisran and I want to watch snow falling!!!    2017 Jul 10th
Maryam - thanx again    2015 May 3rd
Hadia* - Cooooooooooooooooooool...    2015 Mar 19th


Maryam Aamir


2013 Sep 24th 775 Views
Aim at the star......for even if you fall short, you will land on moon.Living without faith is like driving in the fog.Some do not lack strength... read more
Hadia* - kaisi hein aap saab    2017 Aug 10th
Maryam - Thanks!!!    2015 Jan 24th
Hadia* - Gr8....................!!!!!!!!!!!!    2015 Jan 5th
Maryam Aamir

The role of newspapers

2012 Mar 26th 852 Views
Newspapers are printed publication appearing daily. It contains news, advertisements, and articles on various subjects. Newspaper plays an important... read more
Ayesha - who reads newspaper now adays    2015 Apr 19th
Hiba - thats great :D. what was ur overall progress ? :)    2014 Jan 29th
Maryam - monthly tests were fine i got good marks in all.    2014 Jan 27th
Maryam Aamir


2012 Jan 2nd 807 Views
If a certain number is added five times to itself the sum is 36. Find the number. (HINT: this question is solved with the help of Algebra.)   read more
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