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Javaria Baig

Javaria Baig


, Jeddah

i am javaria. i am in class 10. MeaN¡NG OV MY NAM€{Happiness spreader, Girl who spread Happiness, Blessed female, Name...


Javaria Baig


2011 Aug 5th 862 Views
My friend is all of these! Friendship is to trustFriendship is having the kindness to helpFriendship is giving to others without thinkingFriendship... read more
3 People Like this! - Rida FatimahWafa WaheedBareera Khalid

Javaria - thnks    2013 Nov 27th
Rida - GOOD    2013 Sep 8th
Javaria - no!! i don't k9 u s0 how could u k9 meee :P    2012 Sep 7th


Javaria Baig


2011 Oct 31st 750 Views
Understanding is deeper than love, because there are many people who loves you But very few understand u. read more
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Javaria - thnkQ    2012 Sep 7th
Hafsa - superb    2012 Jul 9th
Javaria - thankzz    2011 Nov 18th
Javaria Baig

Pencil Maker

2011 Jul 26th 1054 Views
A Pencil maker taught his pencil 5 important lesson;1st your actions will leave a mark2nd you can always correct the mistake you make3rd what is... read more
Irza - WOW! SO NICE!    2017 May 8th
Javaria - oh may be!! i d0n't k9 i just like it s0 i thought 2 share with u guyxxx    2012 Sep 7th
Arifa - hey javaria i agree with aleeza and alina. you have copied this article from...    2012 Jul 14th
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Full Name
Javaria Baig
Saudi Arabia, jeddah, Jeddah

i am javaria. i am in class 10. MeaN¡NG OV MY NAM€{Happiness spreader, Girl who spread Happiness, Blessed female, Name of the prophet's wife]mY bIrthdY is On 16 FeB nd accordIng 2 islaMic cAleNder 8 saWal!!kN0w m€ kN0w L!f€....N0 m€ n0 LiF€! ♥I L0\/E M¥ FRiENDS AnD FAmIL¥. Th3y r m¥ l!fe, n0t ju$t @ part 0f m¥ l!fe. ♥§w€€t warNinGd0n't dAr€ t0 tRy t0 uNd€r§taNd m€if U d0eItHer U wIll g0 mAd0r U wIll §tArt liKinG m€ m0r€!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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