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Mahnoor Asim

Mahnoor Asim


Apelles Mestres , Hospitalet De Iiobergat

i am mahnoor


Mahnoor Asim

Do good have good

2011 Jul 26th 6318 Views
Once upon a time, a man was passing nearby a dump place. He saw a dog lying nearby a garbage drum. It was a puppy of three days. The puppy was dying... read more
Minahil - Good creativity and moral    2013 Jun 10th
Momina - Aliza, if it is short so what! Allah has blessed her with a very creative mind!...    2011 Oct 12th
Mahnoor - I'm also Mahnoor can we frnds nice article    2011 Aug 29th


Mahnoor Asim


2011 Jul 28th 478 Views
They are grey They are huge They are cute What are they ? They are elephants They are Africans and Americans They are friendly They use leaves as a... read more

Aamna - Nice Poem    2011 Sep 17th
Mahnoor - I am also mahnoor can we frnds    2011 Aug 29th
Urooj - so and so    2011 Jul 30th
Mahnoor Asim


2011 Jul 10th 483 Views
Life is great Don’t think it isn’t We must make every moment great Great, great, great Life is sweet Don’t think it isn’t... read more
1 Person like this! - Aamna Zulfiqar

Eisha - HI EVERY1! i like your poem. would you like to become my friend mahnoor?    2011 Jul 22nd
Urooj - sooooooooo nyc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!like it.........    2011 Jul 13th
Farha - wOw nyX=)    2011 Jul 10th
Mahnoor Asim


2011 Jul 5th 477 Views
Dream is a dreamDon’t think it realIs just what you thinkIt’s not a realityIt’s just what you imagineSome see itSome don’t... read more
1 Person like this! - Hurriya Nasir

Urooj - nyc-    2011 Jul 6th
1 Comment


Mahnoor Asim

Appearance of Prophet...

2011 Jul 13th 469 Views
BUILT: sturdy with long muscular limbs and tapering fingersHAIR: long and thick with some waves in themFOREHEAD: large and prominentNOSE: somewhat... read more
Mahnoor Asim

Please stop

2011 Jul 8th 519 Views
Nowadays, we see, we hear, we love and we enjoy watching Indian celebrities, channels & movies. In fact we know that they will never be... read more
2 People Like this! - Saniya FarhanAshna Hussain

Azka - i too hate 'em    2011 Sep 12th
L - I don't like to see those all Indian actors.i am only watching animated...    2011 Jul 10th
Aisha - Yes it is true that kids nowadays not only like but idealize also both Indian...    2011 Jul 9th
Mahnoor Asim

10 words of Japanese...

2011 Jul 5th 678 Views
ENGLISH... read more
1 Person like this! - Sapphire Stone

Fariba - Konichiwa Watashi wa Esha desu...    2014 Feb 23rd
Minahil - They are ummmmmmm......sort of weird ,funny and INFORMATIVE    2013 Jun 10th
Sapphire - nice    2011 Jul 30th
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Mahnoor Asim
Spain, catalunya, Hospitalet De Iiobergat
Apelles Mestres

i am mahnoor

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Care and Share It is fact that if you want others to care you then you must share your every precious... read more
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