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Izza Waheed

Izza Waheed


The Vision Group Of Colleges (vgc) , Sialkot

Hey,I'm Izza.I'm 16.My Favourite colour: Red & Black....(c0ol) D.O.B:14th July,1997.....I love fast fo0dx..n Em'...


Izza Waheed

The Difference

2012 Oct 23rd 1476 Views
The entire class of O-levels (part 3) stood up in the respect of their English professor, Sir Jonathan Jones. As he reached the lecture dice... read more
Taibah - please like my all stuff    2015 Jul 4th
Dua - very nice story    2015 Mar 2nd
Dua - i really dont like teachers that do favouritism....every1 in class should be...    2015 Mar 2nd
Izza Waheed


2012 Oct 21st 506 Views
"Ok, mom bye!'' said Emily."Look, we'll be there to pick you up at about 11:30" replied mom."Great, surely I'll get time to spend with my friends"... read more
Princess - hmmmm nice & excllent story baji :)    2014 May 17th
Anam - its too good for words    2014 May 12th
Amna - Man its sOooooooooooo coooool love it!    2013 Nov 23rd
Izza Waheed

A New Rising Sun

2012 Jan 31st 778 Views
Hurry up, Annie! Yelled mom who was making breakfast for Annie. Coming mom! Annie said. Isn't Amli going to school today? Asked Annie while looking... read more
Izza - A0A...!! Jzakillah-0-Khairen-Kaseeran-wa-Kaseeraa....    2013 Jul 23rd
Ghumaisa - extra gr8 story    2013 Jul 15th
Minahil - alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa    2013 Jun 25th
Izza Waheed

The Mysterious Bakery...

2011 Jan 22nd 1505 Views
There was a mysterious bakery shop named "Jackie's sweets" located on mint road in Town Bang. The people of Town bang were frightened a lot &... read more
Saadia - When read it the first it was really scary    2014 May 31st
Saadia - Hey aleena send me a friend request    2014 May 22nd
Anam - great but i'm terrified    2013 Sep 29th
Izza Waheed

Rabia's Good Day

January 2011 2011 Jan 18th 1547 Views
Rabia, a 13 year old girl, was sad every time. She didn't even smile for a second. Her parents were worried about her & her cousins tried to... read more
Wafa - nyxxx shot!!!!!!!!!! izaa wtx you got in gift hamper    2013 Aug 21st
Izza - A0A..!!! Jzakillah Azka....................................!!!!!    2013 Jul 31st
Azka - fabulous.......and congracts 4 winning    2013 Jul 30th
Izza Waheed

If there was a world of...

2011 Jan 17th 813 Views
If there was a world of chocolate, it would be really amazing!There were houses of chocolate & beds & clothes & shoes everything thing in... read more
Berha - I can't enter I tried both techniques. Awesome story by the way I'M A CHOCOLATE...    Jun 4th
Sajal - I didn't enter the world! ughhh!!    2015 Oct 19th
Anam - I love ur story...n i even tried the spell    2014 Jan 29th
Izza Waheed

Cool plan

2010 Apr 15th 967 Views
Today was the last day for 10th class in Future Stars School. All the students were meeting their favourite teachers & were given "We will miss... read more
Amna - Niceeeee    2014 Jan 12th
Anam - very awesome    2013 Dec 24th
Noor-e- - u r having lots of hobbies    2013 May 11th


Izza Waheed

Who is a teacher?

2012 Oct 23rd 436 Views
I wrote this poem for my teachers of Vision Group of Colleges on the beautiful occasion of Teachers Day. I sang it in the function: Who is a Teacher?... read more
4 People Like this! - Taibah AhsonWafa WaheedArwa AyanGullasht Feyrozai

Ghumaisa - gr8+ impressive    2013 Jul 15th
Tooba - very impressive !!!!    2013 Jun 8th
Soha - Welldone..)    2013 Feb 17th
Izza Waheed

Please Don't...

2012 Mar 23rd 482 Views
On 20th Feb 2012, there was my school matriculation farewell. I wrote this poem & dedicated it to my last day at Allied Schools System. My school... read more
Manal - great!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Apr 4th
Hiba - Awesome Izza nice poem    2012 Aug 28th


Izza Waheed

Ali's dad

2011 Jan 26th 855 Views
Teacher wrote "M" on blackboard & asked Ali: Ali! what is this? Ali: What is it? Teacher (in anger): Your dad! Teacher than wrote "W" on... read more
Anam - funny!!    2013 Dec 24th
Xerac - NYC 1    2011 Dec 31st
Izza - A.O.A! Imane, dude you ArE AlWaYs SaYiNg LOLZ....MeAnZ DaT LaUgH OuT...    2011 Oct 10th


Izza Waheed

Ahl-un-wa-sahl-un Eid...

2011 Aug 29th 586 Views
Ahl-un-wa-sahl-un Eid Mubarak Card

Qurratul - Izza baji..!Please accept my friend request...:)!    2014 Jun 21st
Qurratul - Good writing And good ......... "EID...    2014 Jun 21st
Ayeza - VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL CARD!!!    2011 Nov 16th
Izza Waheed

Eid Saeed Card

2011 Aug 29th 566 Views
Eid Saeed Card

Qurratul - Cooooooooooooool writing... and mehindi design...!    2014 Jun 21st
Aliza - .....hmmmm..........ok    2011 Nov 6th
Bint Waseem - GUD LOOKING!    2011 Sep 4th
Izza Waheed

Wonderful Eid Card

2011 Aug 29th 605 Views
Wonderful Eid Card

Qurratul - Cooooool...    2014 Jun 21st
Shiza - ITS VERY NICE!    2014 May 6th
Ayeza - AWE INSPIRING!!    2011 Nov 16th
Izza Waheed

Eid Mubarik Card

2011 Aug 27th 552 Views
Eid Mubarik Card

Irza - i would love to see it in colour :)    2015 Oct 29th
Qurratul - No problem Izza Baji! It still looks...    2014 Jun 21st
Aliza - gud 1    2011 Nov 6th


Izza Waheed

A letter of awakening

2013 Jan 25th 396 Views
It's a very controversial topic. Mostly, it is thought that women should be allowed to win the race of life easily. They should be given equal rights... read more
Emel - Nice!    2013 Jul 10th
Wafi - HEY!!what a great article    2013 Jan 26th
Izza Waheed

If I become the...

2011 Jan 13th 8923 Views
If I become the president of Pakistan, I would do well for Pakistan. I would order the army not to harm the civilians. I would create free schools... read more
Gullasht - NYC    2013 Apr 5th
Peter - YES KHADIJA IS RIGHT.    2012 Dec 16th
Khadijah - Baji, you forgot something.What about hijjab,well some women and girls wear...    2012 Dec 6th
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Full Name
Izza Waheed
Pakistan, Punjab, Sialkot
The Vision Group Of Colleges (vgc)
F.Sc (medical-part.2)

Hey,I'm Izza.I'm 16.My Favourite colour: Red & Black....(c0ol) D.O.B:14th July,1997.....I love fast fo0dx..n Em' addictive to c0ld drinkx..!!! I believe..........we sh0uld enj0y n study being xtremixt.............!!!!!!! fav subj: Chemixtiii n mathxx..........!!!

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The Difference The entire class of O-levels (part 3) stood up in the respect of their English professor... read more
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The Bay I saw some big waves in the bay,And I started to say,Someone who doesn't know how to swim... read more
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Reality of life Life is horribleThough it seems to be honourableIt will always get you in troubleNo... read more
Brother My brother is very kindnessMy have... read more
A holy visit "Children listen! We are going to Baitullah to perform our ummrah as I had owed you all... read more
Izza Waheed
Does a secondary-level... 2011 Jan 20th 1860 Views Does a secondary-level student need to keep a cell phone? read more

75 Posts
Rabia Abid Rabia Abid Jul 22nd Well according to my opinion not using it is much better. Secondary level is a hard level and even there are not that much of accidents or emergencies ,but if it comes then you have your teachers. Or if not then you can keep a small nokia phone which has that snake game... ;-)
Berha Irfan Berha Irfan May 1st Oh sorry i thought secondary level was 1st and 2nd year but it is not so no I don't really think so
Berha Irfan Berha Irfan May 1st Hiba Ali but in that case every1 should hav phone every1 who goes to school might hav an emergecy and need to call their parents right away but I think who don't have phones in secondary level is ok and who do are also ok. Just remember use it for the right thing. By the way people who have phones on Vshine and are of secondary level justdon't think and write away of course but who don't they might write useful answers and even some people who do have phones in secondary level think twice before they write I'm just saying some of the people. No offense people with phones in secondary level I was just writing my thoughts.
Maida Amjad Maida Amjad Mar 20th Yes
Mahrukh Durrani Mahrukh Durrani 2015 Jul 24th They should have a cell phone just for emergency. they should concentrate on their studies in this age.
Tooba Ahmad Tooba Ahmad 2015 Mar 21st I don't think there is any need for cell phones in this age.
Tooba Ahmad Tooba Ahmad 2015 Mar 21st I don't think there is any need for cell phones in this age.
Haifa Khan Haifa Khan 2015 Mar 13th A secondary level student just needs to study hard and make his/her future bright.... there is no need for them to have a cell phone.... its just an open invitation to a disastrous future
yusra  ateeq yusra ateeq 2014 Dec 25th No bcuz mobile phone disturbs our education but after matric they need!Plz add me as a friend
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 May 10th No no no no
 Shiza Javed Shiza Javed 2014 Feb 21st I think they should have their cell phones because if there is any emergency so they can call their parents.
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Nov 8th Yes,they should keep a cell phone because if there is an accident or an emergency then they can call their parents.
Laiba Bashir Laiba Bashir 2013 Oct 23rd Well no a secondary student should not have a cell phone because it distacts him from studies .he should when he is in university .secodanry class is very hard.
saaniya fatima saaniya fatima 2013 Jun 29th Yes they need a cell phone
Irum Hayaat Irum Hayaat 2013 Apr 24th Hi Izza Baji, I just wanna say that boys shud get the cell phone at secondary class, but not a very hi-fi mobile wid all sorts of gadgets in it so that they get distracted from their studies, just a plain one to contact friends and parents.. but girls sud get at a more higher age bcoz they dnt go out on the streets but boys go out and hang out wid frnds more often... Do agree or not??? Bcoz I only have brothers (3 of them) and I sort of know hoe it is with dealing boys!
Gullasht Feyrozai Gullasht Feyrozai 2013 Apr 17th AOA first i saw all comment and majority said that it depend on us.But, i don't agree with them becuz in teen age we r in the hands of NAAF so it not depend on us
Izza waheed Izza waheed 2013 Mar 28th A0A........!!! hey pe0ple.......!! wake uppp....!! where r u guyx....
aasiya usman aasiya usman 2013 Mar 11th Yup.........!it depends on hw a guy uses it!
Tooba Zia Tooba Zia 2013 Jan 15th NO NO NO ! i dont think dat a student needs a cell if he really wanna communicate to his/her frendz then it shud manage somthing else secondly it ruin de character of a student so they shudd stop using before they feel guilty dat where they hav spent golden hours of there life
Soha Suhail Soha Suhail 2013 Jan 12th Hey everybody, I don't think that students should have cell phones. Its nothing but a waste of time and distraction from studies. Students/Children using cell phones learn nothing but gossips. I don't think it's a good idea for students to have cell phones!!!
(^_^) (^_^) (^_^) (^_^) 2012 Nov 5th Yes
Amna Faizi Amna Faizi 2012 Oct 29th NO,NO,NO,NO,NO it distract our studies+my mom will never ever allows me. Actually in this Question the children who r commenting that YES its important they have cell phones and who r saying NO they dont have.
Duaa Yousuf Duaa Yousuf 2012 Jun 12th In today's world, it is important only as far as it is used effectively for good use. However, cell phones can act as a big distraction from studies affecting grades.
aqsa hussain aqsa hussain 2012 Jun 7th Yes they do
xerac akhtar xerac akhtar 2011 Dec 26th It depends upon how we use it................
Manal Imran Manal Imran 2011 Oct 10th I think No!! because They just waste their own time by Prank Calls and as well as Non-Sense Messages or just capturing Images of any Stranger.
Aliza Syed Aliza Syed 2011 Sep 1st It depends on guy/girl having cell, they can have 4 k3ping cntact it if their parents are not at hom,but not 4 any other bad uze.
iman fatima iman fatima 2011 Aug 18th No I dont think so may distract the students from their studies.So I suggest that the students should not bring cell phones to skool.
iman fatima iman fatima 2011 Aug 18th No they should not have any cell phones.We are small we should not bring them in the school.We can loose them.It may distract the student from his or her studies.And if at the moment there happens a problem and they want to call his or her parents, so they can go to the schools office and there parents.There must be a ptcl in the office.Students can suffer a big problem if someone saw them having a cell phone like they could get a warning letter e.t.c.But if the teacher had given the purmission than they wont get any warning letter but still they should not bring it to skool as I have told u that it may distract the students from their studies.So in my opinion students should not have cell phones in schools.
Areej Hassan Areej Hassan 2011 Aug 15th I think they should be given the cell phone for important measures such as phoning a friend for hw,calling parents for emergency etc.not for wastage of time.
maria malik maria malik 2011 Jul 21st Of course but in a positive way! any THING is never bad, it always depends on use. internet is worse than a mobile phone if anyone wants to use it in a bad manner!
waqas ahmed waqas ahmed 2011 Jun 30th I think the parents would know about their child...if they trust him/her and are confident enough about the firmness of their child,they could allow him but if they arent, then they should convince their kids that its for their welfare.
Mairah Ahmed Mairah Ahmed 2011 Jun 29th Obviously not because it is a type of time wastage and keep the student away from his studies
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2011 Jun 28th No i don't think that...but it depends upon the situation...!!
Shahmir Siddiqui Shahmir Siddiqui 2011 Jun 26th Well need to study first or they will waste their time in messages.
Ibrahim Malik Ibrahim Malik 2011 Jun 26th Noppppppppie
Narmeen Chaudhry Narmeen Chaudhry 2011 Jun 21st On that level we should concentrate more on our studies to make our future brighter.
eisha ajmal eisha ajmal 2011 Jun 19th Nah!i think they r naive at that stage
Daniyal  Mahmood Daniyal Mahmood 2011 Jun 17th Assalamuallaikum I Think Yes
Shehwar khalid Shehwar khalid 2011 Jun 3rd Salam Izza (nice name, what does it mean?) I think that students should be given the cellphone by the time they reach the 9th grade!
Urooj Usmani Urooj Usmani 2011 Jun 2nd Dear Ezza I really appreciate you for taking this important topic.I think parents should guide their child and tell them positive and negitive aspects of mobile and then gave them as now adays it is really important!
Ashna Hussain Ashna Hussain 2011 May 24th I think that it depends on the situation of the student. If the student travels far to go to school then they should be allowed to have a moblie phone coz they need to have some form of communication incase something happens. Also secondary kids usually want to a mobile coz of the people around them and the media. Having mobile's is considered to give you a 'cool' look.
Sana  Minhaj Sana Minhaj 2011 May 11th Not all secondary level students are stupid. In special circumstances cell phones should be allowed. I live in Jeddah and we a disastrous rainstorm on the 26th of January. I did not have my cell phone with me and the result was that I reached home at 9 pm even though my school had closed on 10 am.
Izza waheed Izza waheed 2011 May 1st You all are absolutely right..but in your own opinion...!
Izza waheed Izza waheed 2011 May 1st Thakyou Narmeen...! Actually, I observed a lot of students wasting their time with mobile phones...& ignoring their most precious thing i.e."time".
Narmeen Chaudhry Narmeen Chaudhry 2011 Apr 21st I don't think there is any need to keep a cellphone in secondary level. Dear Izza , I loved your topic.
Fahad Noman Fahad Noman 2011 Apr 21st Student should be allowed to keep mobile; they should be turned off it during class and should not do wrong activities with it.
fakhra khan fakhra khan 2011 Apr 21st There are so many advantages and disadvantages of cell phone, but we should not allow to secondary level student to carry mobile.
jamshed jimmi jamshed jimmi 2011 Apr 21st Children need to have some form of communication with adults when alone like cell phone.
eisar fatima eisar fatima 2011 Apr 21st No there is no need of having mobile to secondary level student because this is not his need and it is not useful in his educational matters and by having mobile student will involve in other time wasting activities
Menahil Idrees Menahil Idrees 2011 Apr 19th No, I mean that, these are the days of studying not wasting all of yr time on text in and calling. Secondary level students, are in growing age which doesn't know what is right or wrong. I am in 7th grade and I would recommend secondary students, not to keep a cell phone.
haya shahzad haya shahzad 2011 Apr 14th I think so they dont need any mobiles they waste their time by messaging to friend but they can talk on the phones and making wrong calls and disturbing people
Syed Irtiza Syed Irtiza 2011 Apr 2nd They can keep cellphone but from after Matric
Fatima khan Fatima khan 2011 Mar 24th For some student like which are in hostel they can keep cell phone with them because they have to keep contact with their parents.
Ahmed Saif Ahmed Saif 2011 Mar 4th No sometimes secondary children needs mobile to communicate to their parents when they r out for tution or something.......but they also waste their time in using mobiles.these stupids doesnt know,they r just saying no no.. u can have but only when u go outside but not when ur inside ur home.but most grls take boys cell number nd do messaging to thats why u should not use it in ur home
sfz Zehra sfz Zehra 2011 Mar 1st No, because secondary-level students are stupid, immature. By accident, they can block there sim by entering wrong pin codes and most of all they spend most of there money in buying calling cards. Wrong number callings is also expected from them and so on.....
maryam tariq maryam tariq 2011 Feb 25th No a seconary level student doesn't need any cell phone for any matter,if he/she isn't with their parents then they have the right to keep only for talking with parents bt not in commonly
ARSHAH WASEEM ARSHAH WASEEM 2011 Feb 20th No u can use your parents phone to talk to ur friends or if u want to ask anything to them but sometimes only i personally use my fathers cell to talk to my friends through messages but a student just wastes his/her time if he has a personal cell and he or she can also use the mobile in a bad sense so the age is compulsory for mobile and parents must also check their children inbox and call list
Arsal Habib Ghauri Arsal Habib Ghauri 2011 Feb 15th Yes but also pay attention in the subjects also.
Aisha Abdul Quddus Aisha Abdul Quddus 2011 Feb 12th No, a secondary level student does not needs to keep a cellphone because most students just waste time on cellphones and neglect their studies.
ayesha shahid ayesha shahid 2011 Feb 10th Hey izza u have choosen a gud topic for discussion....! actually from my point of view i don't think so a secondary level student need to keep a phone...! bcoz it's just a waste of time......and we can not pay much atention towards our studies....! i think so moblie phone should be given to a person who is above 15 or 16 bcoz he/she will be matured and he/she will knows the right use of it...?
Muhammad Umer Muhammad Umer 2011 Feb 10th People lived without cell phones before it was invented. When people lived before cell phones, it means there is nobody on earth, not a single person, which 'requires' cell phone or more accurately "needs" cell phone(because mankind lived without it). But if you insist on saying that some people, on high authorities, need cell phones that would mean "something has changed". It is not the world we had some years ago. The question asks about the need of cell phone for a secondary level student. It is not awkward. S/he may need a cell phone, or may not have it necessary. Both concepts are right. In many cases, students, need cell phones and they give their reasons for having it. But I think the real question is: "Shall a secondary level student keep a cell phone when it is not necessary for him/her?" That is the thought you wanted to arise, I think. otherwise it is obvious, that depending on the requirements/their stories they may have a cell phone. Sometimes it is desperate to have a cell phone. Also.
Muhammed Usama Sakrani Muhammed Usama Sakrani 2011 Feb 5th YES,but from grade 13
Bint waseem mughal Bint waseem mughal 2011 Feb 5th I don't think so.................why would a secondary-level student need that type of thing??????????????
Hiba Ali Hiba Ali 2011 Feb 1st Aleena, i agree with you.
Aleena Majeed Aleena Majeed 2011 Feb 1st Assalam-o-Alaikum Eiza! I think that its not a bad thing but the way in which we use makes it bad!
Hiba Ali Hiba Ali 2011 Jan 29th No Ezza, if parents guide their children properly, then there is no risk of misuse of cell phone
Izza waheed Izza waheed 2011 Jan 27th Hey Hiba! you are absolutely right...but for those students who think positively.....what will you say about negative thinkers??? Hm should understand the main theme......this is what everyone says that ''MOBILE PHONE IS AN EXCELLENT SOURCE OF COMMUNICATION'' & however, its right but we should understand its drawbacks & defects too.......okay!! hope you've understood...Bye!!!!!
Hiba Ali Hiba Ali 2011 Jan 26th Dear eiza, secondary students need to keep a cell phone very much because they communicate there parents in any problem!
Izza waheed Izza waheed 2011 Jan 25th Hey aleena! good r u??? & what are your subjects in 8th class??????
Aleena Majeed Aleena Majeed 2011 Jan 24th No i does'nt think that a secondary level student needs a mobile phone. Its not in anyway of his/her use!
Faisal Khan Faisal Khan 2011 Jan 22nd @ zernab, why its a good topic b/c students are wasting lot of time.
Fahad Ahmed Fahad Ahmed 2011 Jan 22nd The student of secondary class doesn't need to keep a cell phone along with him/her. It distracts him/her from his studies and and attracts him/her towards time wasting.
Zernab Waheed Zernab Waheed 2011 Jan 22nd Your topic doesn't makes any mean.
wafa waheed wafa waheed 2011 Jan 21st A secondary level is hard
Izza Waheed
Eating at hotels 2010 Jun 5th 2656 Views Today, majority of people like to eat at hotels almost every day. They don't want to eat food cooked at their homes. They like fast food with soft... read more

87 Posts
Berha Irfan Berha Irfan Mar 30th I love my mom's cooking but hotel food is okay you can eat it once or twice a month.
Fatima Tariq Fatima Tariq Mar 1st I agree you Izza
Beenish Saeed Beenish Saeed Jan 11th I put two ands in my sentence, sorry!
Irza Mir Irza Mir 2015 Sep 27th You are very right baji..people,if they like fast food, should have a people are saying in the comments 2 or 3 times a month is ok..because it's always niice to get a change of taste.
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2015 Aug 31st Yes restaurant or hotels have many delicious foods but every week you can't go to hotels so you can eat two or three times a month at hotels.
Asma Muttaqi Asma Muttaqi 2015 Aug 7th Eating at hotel is fun but it should be once in a month. Not more than that.
Beenish Saeed Beenish Saeed 2015 Jun 29th I prefer eating at hotels because they have quality food and a great environment and they have great decorations.
Abdullah Khan Abdullah Khan 2015 Mar 11th I disagree because outside food is more delicious than house food!
dua farhan dua farhan 2015 Feb 7th Eating in hotels is fun but if we started doing it every day it will be boring.......... so once a month would be enough for me......people think that if they r rich they should eat in luxury hotels but i will refer my moms biryani or even daal over some luxury food
Khadija Bilal Khadija Bilal 2015 Jan 4th We should eat healthy food but we can also eat junk food once or twice a month .
Sarah Khawaja Sarah Khawaja 2014 Dec 5th We should eat healthy food but eating out once in a while isn't bad. A change of taste is always great.
Maikham adil Maikham adil 2014 Aug 3rd We can eat at both places-home and hotel. If there's is a special event eg someones birthday etc. then you can eat and enjoy in hotels but not always.
zain jamil zain jamil 2014 Jun 22nd We do not know what is mixed in the food of restaurants and what they add or how they make it . So in my opinion you should avoid eating food in restaurants .
Rubina Malik Rubina Malik 2014 Jun 3rd People should eat in restaurants but in a limit.I prefer food cooked at home.But sometimes when mothers feel tiered they ask us if we can eat food from restaurants as they cannot make any food because they are tiered.
aeman adnan aeman adnan 2014 May 31st Yes you may go to hotels but i would say that you should go till a limit.
Ashra  Ameen Ashra Ameen 2014 May 15th I agree with you
princess  amna1 princess amna1 2014 Apr 29th Well thrice a month w eshould eat at hotels and the other days at home
Moiz Abid Moiz Abid 2014 Feb 22nd You are absolutely right Izza
 Shiza Javed Shiza Javed 2014 Feb 21st Well we should eat outside but not always because it is not good for our health.
KHAN AHMED KHAN AHMED 2014 Feb 11th Eating at hotels is not bad.You enjoy yourself with the fresh air and wonderful food
Anam Abbasi Anam Abbasi 2014 Jan 11th Hmm... i think that hotel foods r not so yummy as home made food... my mother makes things like burgers n pizzas n fast food at home so i go to hotels and restaurants very rarely
Anam Abbasi Anam Abbasi 2014 Jan 3rd Ayesha khalid ,(ayesha cheema) u said that u cant find me,but i found u!!i went 2 my friendz list n then on izza baji"s profile n then on this n then i found u!!!!!!!!!! i am agood frend see!? by the way ayesha is my friend in we vboth rr in same section in grade 4
ayesha cheema ayesha cheema 2013 Dec 22nd Eating in hotels is not a bad thing.But home made food is more healthy.We can eat once or twice a month
suhaib siddiqui suhaib siddiqui 2013 Nov 8th We should eat from hotels after 1 week.
HAFSA  IRFAN HAFSA IRFAN 2013 Oct 16th Anum kotwal will you send me friend request??????? and izzza youre right
faryal faisal faryal faisal 2013 Oct 13th Food made in homes is nutritious but sometime like in a month you can take fast food but eating in home is much better for our health
Amna Shahid Amna Shahid 2013 Oct 12th My parents don't prefer eating outside but my mom cook burgers an these pizza things at home.
shumila malik shumila malik 2013 Oct 1st I enjoy eating out. It's a great way to unwind and enjoy life. Home cooked food is good but when you want to venture on something more interesting like steaks or pasta then eating out is the best option!! Of course too much indulgence in restaurant food is bad. But when you live a balanced life-style then it's really amazing how eating out can become a wonderful hobby without so much to think of its side-effects!!
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Sep 14th I agree with you Hasan Rehman
saaniya fatima saaniya fatima 2013 Aug 12th I agree wid u izza
FIZZA  MANSOOR FIZZA MANSOOR 2013 Jul 23rd Izza I think you are right!
Laiba Ejaz Laiba Ejaz 2013 Jul 14th We must try not to eat much from hotels.........once in two weeks is cooked by our sweet mother is much healthier.
Maarij Maqsood khan Maarij Maqsood khan 2013 Jul 13th I don't agree with you Izza
marium faisal marium faisal 2013 Jun 13th Izza u r right
Anonymous Writer Anonymous Writer 2013 Mar 13th It is right izza 100% correct but sometimes i think it is kind of fun
Maha Sheikh Maha Sheikh 2013 Feb 18th I agree with izza but i like to eat outside sometime
Soha Suhail Soha Suhail 2013 Feb 7th You're right!! When we walk into a hotel, we often switch into a vacation mentality and decide we can eat whatever we want. When you start traveling frequently, however, that habit shows up on your waistline pretty quickly. Between room service and free breakfast buffets, how can anyone possibly stay on track while staying in hotels? Keep reading and I’ll teach you how to check out weighing the same or even less than when you checked in! 1.Don’t slack off on your exercise routine. Countless studies have shown that exercise carries over into other areas of your life—if you exercise,you’re also more likely to make healthy food choices. 2.Your best bet when ordering room service is a broth-based soup and a salad (dressing on the side). If you’re starving and you know that just won’t cut it, add some lean protein to the salad or choose a soup or salad starter and add a healthy entrée (grilled lean meat with a side of veggies is ideal). 3.When it’s time to head to the breakfast buffet, start with a plate of fruit. Then, if hard-boiled eggs are an option, grab two or three and you’re good to go. If not, or if you just really want something hot, take a small serving of scrambled eggs. No eggs on the buffet at all? Add some yogurt and a side of whole-grain toast to your fruit. Follow these instructions and InshAllah see the change.... Ohhhhhhhh GOD guys, I have written alot!!!! I just kept on writing and............ OMG!!!! Well, bye now and one more thing..... THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!
laiba khan laiba khan 2013 Jan 20th Food cook in homes are healthy,i will agree with HBN too.
fareeha noman fareeha noman 2012 Oct 31st I agree with izza and rumi....... Rumaisa
fareeha noman fareeha noman 2012 Oct 31st I think that eating at hotels is not good............
Amna Faizi Amna Faizi 2012 Oct 29th AOA, Eating in hotels are not bad once in a week we r humans we need change,but i don't like eating food in restaurants.
Sehar shahzad Sehar shahzad 2012 Sep 5th Yes is dangerous but eating outside once or twise ,I don't think it is dangerous !
Raniah  Farooq Raniah Farooq 2012 Jul 21st Its better to eat at home . . . . . bcuz hotel foods have many , more & more disadvantage that may make us sick . . its better to eat at home . . :) its according to me :) . . .
Tehzeem Hassan Tehzeem Hassan 2012 Jul 10th Eating at hotel is just for enjoyment. Food made at hotel is not fresh. So, I would suggest that we must prefer not to go to hotel much. Eat home-made dishes and be healthy..
Malaika rehman Malaika rehman 2012 Jul 7th agree .....hotling once in a week is okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....
tazeen hina tazeen hina 2012 May 30th Hotels food is not good for us because..... because it has fats... So Izza I am agree vith you
aqsa hussain aqsa hussain 2012 May 29th Eating twice once or twice a month is ok but always eating hotel food can be harmful
Tehreem Maqsood Tehreem Maqsood 2012 Apr 11th We dont much at hotels but home you should like K&N's or dawn
xerac akhtar xerac akhtar 2012 Apr 10th Once or twice a month it is ok .......................but not always
amna ali amna ali 2012 Feb 17th I agree
Parihan Khattak Parihan Khattak 2012 Jan 31st Eating at hotel is fun because there is music and they have there own recipes.The food is made by proffessional chefs.
Innocent Amara Innocent Amara 2012 Jan 13th I am totally agreed with izza coz home made delicious food is more better than of does'nt mean that you should not go in should go btttttt twice a month NOT everyday
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2011 Oct 10th I agree KHATEJA
l .T l .T 2011 Sep 4th Eating fresh food and mummy-made food is more tastier then hotel food...
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2011 Sep 1st Why you think that KFC foods are haaram??
iman fatima iman fatima 2011 Aug 19th Eating at hotel everyday can make us sick.We should eat at the home but sometime to change the taste u can eat at any hotel.Nothing happens but not too much.The food cooked in our homes is more healthy than the hotels one.So I agree wid Izza but sometime like 2 times in a month we can eat at hotel.
Zainab  Khan Zainab Khan 2011 Aug 14th We should eat food cooked in our homes bt eating once in hotels is f9
fakiha khan fakiha khan 2011 Aug 5th I think eating once in month is O.K
sahar saleem sahar saleem 2011 Jul 11th In my opinion its compulsory to have a food of home because it is a healthy food and it has fresh things in it. if we want the food of hotel then we can take sometimes but not in regular routine because it can cause any disease and even it is not fresh like at home so i prefer to have a food of home instead of hotel...
Mairah Ahmed Mairah Ahmed 2011 Jun 30th I like to eat at home bcoz it is healthy but i also don't miss mcdonald,kfc or any hotel
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм яυмαιsα αнтsнαм 2011 Jun 23rd Especially,do u know that KFC chicks will grow in 2 days to a big fat hen.I live in makkah and the taste is good but it's ,in one way haraam.
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2011 Jun 14th I agreed izza.....eating in hotels is dangerous.....we have to eat in homes for our good health....well i also used to eat in hotels but it is only for a day in the 2 months....
Amna Samad Amna Samad 2011 May 12th Although I love eating Fast food, eating at home is more better because: 1) we do not know that which ingredients they use for making the food in restaurant. Maybe they are adding something in the food to make it taste better that is forbidden in our religion. 2) Almost all of the restaurants present in Pakistan belong to the Jews for e.g KFC and McDonald and so we are contributing in the donations for the jews to fight against us Muslims.
sfz Zehra sfz Zehra 2010 Nov 1st @ HBN PRINCESS McDonald's.....Whatever! BUT as per Islamic sheria a muslim can eat or drink any HALAL food if the salesmen/ cashier etc. is also a muslim. Who says we should avoid McDonald's.. if a counter man is muslim. THERE IS NO PROBLEM IN EATING AT McDonald's ONCE A MONTH, "IT IS HEALTHY".
ARSHAH WASEEM ARSHAH WASEEM 2010 Oct 21st It is not a big problem to eat sometimes but if you eat it every now and then it will not only harm you but the drinks can also be dangerous and believe me you can't eat the fast food for continuously five days .give it a try and on the 6th day you automatically force your mother to cook some light food such as Dal or some vegetables .just do a experiment with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minhil Bukhari Minhil Bukhari 2010 Oct 20th We should eat at our homes because we dont know what is included in the foods in the hotels.
hafsa mahmood hafsa mahmood 2010 Sep 21st I agree home cooked food is very good and healthy but most people who don't know how to cook or cook very badly will surly think that the food in hotles and other places are good
HBN PRINCESS HBN PRINCESS 2010 Aug 27th But i really dont like to eat at hotels!!!!!!!!!!
Mohammed Waleed Mohammed Waleed 2010 Aug 24th Indeed.And the youth generation seems to be more attracted to it.Thats because the taste of it.They use loads of used oil in it which is unhealthy for health.You can not be certain that the food is made in 100% hygienic environment.Home made food is the best.Still, if you want a bit change, hotels should be visited MAX once a month or two.
Zukhruf Fatima Zukhruf Fatima 2010 Aug 23rd Hotels are attractive so that's why today people prefer to eat harmful food of hotels instead of healthy and safe food of home.Their kitchens are unhygienic.So,we should prefer home made food.
Umair Malik Umair Malik 2010 Aug 16th Food cooked in homes is good and healthy. But eating at McDonald's is unhealthy! Eating at hotels once a month is fine. I think Majority will be against this because in this modern era people don't want to eat food at home, they want to eat crispy chicken & much more. Eating out is always dangerous for health because the food they use is usually of third quality and they don't use fresh items! I agree with you Izza.
ayesha shahid ayesha shahid 2010 Aug 16th Eating in hotels is not bad! but we should prefer home made food also.
Rabia Khalid Rabia Khalid 2010 Aug 7th I agree wid u Hasan
salik khan salik khan 2010 Aug 6th Yes eating out is always dangerous for health becoz the items they use is usually of third quality and they don't use fresh items
sidrah tajammal sidrah tajammal 2010 Jul 26th I agree with HBN PRINCESS 100%. its fun to eat out and everything, but not hygienic. my dad told me that if you ever see these waiters wash dishes, you'll never come to their restaurant EVER again. they dont wash dishes purely.
Izza waheed Izza waheed 2010 Jul 2nd I want to see from your comments that how many people are against it & how many do accept it. I think Majority will be against this because in this modern era people don't want to eat food of home, they want to eat crispy chicken & much more. Well, just tell me about your thoughts.
HBN PRINCESS HBN PRINCESS 2010 Jun 25th @ MAHRUKH, Mcdonald's iz belongs to a Jewish company so we should avoid it totally.
HBN PRINCESS HBN PRINCESS 2010 Jun 22nd U r 100% true izza!
anum kotwal anum kotwal 2010 Jun 22nd Listen izza i agree with u but gud and valude restaurants are good
anum kotwal anum kotwal 2010 Jun 22nd Well i think its great fun to go outside and eat food
sfz Zehra sfz Zehra 2010 Jun 14th But eating at McDonald's is not unhealthy! Eating at hotels once a month is OK for our health.
Minhil Bukhari Minhil Bukhari 2010 Jun 13th I agree with you Izza.........:D
Hasan Rehman Hasan Rehman 2010 Jun 11th Food cooked in homes are good and healthy.
Faisal Khan Faisal Khan 2010 Jun 9th I agree with you Izza!