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Izza Waheed

Izza Waheed


The Vision Group Of Colleges (vgc) , Sialkot

Hey,I'm Izza.I'm 16.My Favourite colour: Red & Black....(c0ol) D.O.B:14th July,1997.....I love fast fo0dx..n Em'...


Izza Waheed

The Difference

2012 Oct 23rd 2011 Views
The entire class of O-levels (part 3) stood up in the respect of their English professor, Sir Jonathan Jones. As he reached the lecture dice... read more
Taibah - please like my all stuff    2015 Jul 4th
Abeera - very nice story    2015 Mar 2nd
Abeera - i really dont like teachers that do favouritism....every1 in class should be...    2015 Mar 2nd
Izza Waheed


2012 Oct 21st 813 Views
"Ok, mom bye!'' said Emily."Look, we'll be there to pick you up at about 11:30" replied mom."Great, surely I'll get time to spend with my friends"... read more
Princess - hmmmm nice & excllent story baji :)    2014 May 17th
Anam - its too good for words    2014 May 12th
Amna - Man its sOooooooooooo coooool love it!    2013 Nov 23rd
Izza Waheed

A New Rising Sun

2012 Jan 31st 1267 Views
Hurry up, Annie! Yelled mom who was making breakfast for Annie. Coming mom! Annie said. Isn't Amli going to school today? Asked Annie while looking... read more
Izza - A0A...!! Jzakillah-0-Khairen-Kaseeran-wa-Kaseeraa....    2013 Jul 23rd
Ghumaisa - extra gr8 story    2013 Jul 15th
Minahil - alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa    2013 Jun 25th
Izza Waheed

The Mysterious Bakery...

2011 Jan 22nd 1902 Views
There was a mysterious bakery shop named "Jackie's sweets" located on mint road in Town Bang. The people of Town bang were frightened a lot &... read more
Saadia - When read it the first it was really scary    2014 May 31st
Saadia - Hey aleena send me a friend request    2014 May 22nd
Anam - great but i'm terrified    2013 Sep 29th
Izza Waheed

Rabia's Good Day

January 2011 2011 Jan 18th 1979 Views
Rabia, a 13 year old girl, was sad every time. She didn't even smile for a second. Her parents were worried about her & her cousins tried to... read more
Zainab - nice and congratulations    2017 Dec 18th
Yashfeen - Congrats    2017 Jul 13th
Fatima - Congrats    2017 Jun 18th
Izza Waheed

If there was a world of...

2011 Jan 17th 1204 Views
If there was a world of chocolate, it would be really amazing!There were houses of chocolate & beds & clothes & shoes everything thing in... read more
Fatima - Yum!    2017 Jun 18th
Irza - WOW! Great story Izza Baji! It certainly made my mouth water. Wish it was real...    2017 May 9th
Berha - I can't enter I tried both techniques. Awesome story by the way I'M A CHOCOLATE...    2016 Jun 4th
Izza Waheed

Cool plan

2010 Apr 15th 1420 Views
Today was the last day for 10th class in Future Stars School. All the students were meeting their favourite teachers & were given "We will miss... read more
Amna - Niceeeee    2014 Jan 12th
Anam - very awesome    2013 Dec 24th
Noor-e- - u r having lots of hobbies    2013 May 11th


Izza Waheed

Who is a teacher?

2012 Oct 23rd 810 Views
I wrote this poem for my teachers of Vision Group of Colleges on the beautiful occasion of Teachers Day. I sang it in the function: Who is a Teacher?... read more
4 People Like this! - Taibah AhsonWafa WaheedArwa AyanGullasht Nadeem

Ghumaisa - gr8+ impressive    2013 Jul 15th
Tooba - very impressive !!!!    2013 Jun 8th
Soha - Welldone..)    2013 Feb 17th
Izza Waheed

Please Don't...

2012 Mar 23rd 889 Views
On 20th Feb 2012, there was my school matriculation farewell. I wrote this poem & dedicated it to my last day at Allied Schools System. My school... read more
Sabeen - Wow you must really love your school cause it's a really touching poem.    2017 Dec 1st
Manal - great!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Apr 4th


Izza Waheed

Ali's dad

2011 Jan 26th 1148 Views
Teacher wrote "M" on blackboard & asked Ali: Ali! what is this? Ali: What is it? Teacher (in anger): Your dad! Teacher than wrote "W" on... read more
Anam - funny!!    2013 Dec 24th
Xerac - NYC 1    2011 Dec 31st
Izza - A.O.A! Imane, dude you ArE AlWaYs SaYiNg LOLZ....MeAnZ DaT LaUgH OuT...    2011 Oct 10th


Izza Waheed

Ahl-un-wa-sahl-un Eid...

2011 Aug 29th 926 Views
Ahl-un-wa-sahl-un Eid Mubarak Card

Qurratul - Izza baji..!Please accept my friend request...:)!    2014 Jun 21st
Qurratul - Good writing And good ......... "EID...    2014 Jun 21st
Ayeza - VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL CARD!!!    2011 Nov 16th
Izza Waheed

Eid Saeed Card

2011 Aug 29th 908 Views
Eid Saeed Card

Qurratul - Cooooooooooooool writing... and mehindi design...!    2014 Jun 21st
Aliza - .....hmmmm..........ok    2011 Nov 6th
Bint Waseem - GUD LOOKING!    2011 Sep 4th
Izza Waheed

Wonderful Eid Card

2011 Aug 29th 901 Views
Wonderful Eid Card

Qurratul - Cooooool...    2014 Jun 21st
Shiza - ITS VERY NICE!    2014 May 6th
Ayeza - AWE INSPIRING!!    2011 Nov 16th
Izza Waheed

Eid Mubarik Card

2011 Aug 27th 871 Views
Eid Mubarik Card

Irza - i would love to see it in colour :)    2015 Oct 29th
Qurratul - No problem Izza Baji! It still looks...    2014 Jun 21st
Aliza - gud 1    2011 Nov 6th


Izza Waheed

A letter of awakening

2013 Jan 25th 737 Views
It's a very controversial topic. Mostly, it is thought that women should be allowed to win the race of life easily. They should be given equal rights... read more
Emel - Nice!    2013 Jul 10th
Wafi - HEY!!what a great article    2013 Jan 26th
Izza Waheed

If I become the...

2011 Jan 13th 19029 Views
If I become the president of Pakistan, I would do well for Pakistan. I would order the army not to harm the civilians. I would create free schools... read more
M Ammar - nyc....:)    2017 Aug 9th
Gullasht - NYC    2013 Apr 5th
Peter - YES KHADIJA IS RIGHT.    2012 Dec 16th