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Sapphire Stone

Sapphire Stone


i am cooler than u :D


Sapphire Stone


2011 Jul 6th 1325 Views
Hi today I’m going to tell about sisters. They are the best. The day you were born your sister was there for you.... I have 1 sister I call her... read more
Manail - you're right we are very lucky to have sisters. i have a big sis and i love her!    2016 Sep 20th
Ayesha - is sapphaire stone your name ? cant understand it because i have not heard it...    2013 Sep 22nd
Irum - Naima, youre wrong. Today there are sisters who show that much love. I have a...    2013 Sep 20th


Sapphire Stone


2011 Aug 5th 775 Views
exams exams exams they cancel my programs who created these exams they make me dam English, Urdu and maths surely drive me mad when I’m... read more
2 People Like this! - Aamna ZulfiqarBareera Khalid

Bareera - gud    2011 Sep 21st
Aamna - Nice Poem    2011 Sep 17th
Aisha - Do you know any biology teachers of your school......    2011 Sep 13th


Sapphire Stone


2011 Jul 30th 852 Views
Teacher: tell me the formula of H to OSTUDENT: hijklmno  read more
2 People Like this! - Bareera KhalidSapphire Stone

Sapphire - yeah lol wafa    2011 Aug 3rd
Sapphire - yeah lol    2011 Aug 3rd
Wafa - lolz    2011 Aug 2nd
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Sapphire Stone

i am cooler than u :D

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