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Sarah Ahmad

Sarah Ahmad


, Taxila

Basicaly,I am a book warm and rest about me is that,I am a position holder and I have also passed the AKHSS Hunza's test where...


Sarah Ahmad

The dark goblin master

2014 May 3rd 1665 Views
"Aunt Katie come and look, what is this thing? I think it’s a box. I can't open it". To Jake that little box was the most mysterious thing in... read more
Aiza - Nice    2017 Jul 14th
Areeba - your story is good but you are tooooooooo much proudy (it is clear when someone...    2016 May 25th
Admin - @Sarah Ahmad... you are required to send your complete address and cellphone...    2015 Oct 6th
Sarah Ahmad

The duck who cried oolala

2014 May 2nd 1178 Views
Once there was a wizard, known far for his knowledge and magical powers. He was over fond of animals and kept them with great care. He was also... read more
Sarah - kanza i think u shouldnt not be a bone in the curry and you are not my mother...    2014 Aug 1st
Gul Noor - Look, I know some of you were bored by reading it but you have no right to call...    2014 Jul 24th
Sarah - thanks fatimah and yes guyz i know this was a lame post. thanks for reading it...    2014 Jul 21st
Sarah Ahmad

To the infinity

2014 Apr 30th 703 Views
' and here goes Glory-99 into the mouth of infinity'.  George always watched this astronomical show with great... read more
Mohammad - nice one be sure to post more    2014 Sep 1st
Sarah - thanks arij    2014 May 5th
Unicorny - I like your story Sarah    2014 May 4th
Sarah Ahmad

The mystery of the...

2014 Feb 1st 758 Views
The night we moved to Attock was great all went well but the next morning when we all had our breakfast; I went to take a trip of my home. It was... read more
3 People Like this! - Noorul AinQurratul AinSofia Ahmad

Tooba - good    2014 Mar 31st
Sarah - thanks i think i am too late sending this    2014 Mar 1st
Anusha - nice    2014 Feb 28th
Sarah Ahmad

Mystery of the knocking...

October 2013 2013 Oct 4th 2120 Views
Their car parked just outside the garage of an old house, Sophia and her parents travelled all the way from Chitral to Attock. Sophie was so tired... read more
Berha - It's so good, I checked your website really cool    2016 Jun 12th
Abdul Moiz Abid - Eid mubarak to all muslims.    2014 Jul 28th
Sarah - thanks all of you. i am very greatful of you.    2014 Jul 21st


Sarah Ahmad

A man in Texas

2014 May 3rd 658 Views
Eyes as fierce as the dragon,Hide so strong nothing enters,Hair as dark as the night,People may die of fright,His voice was like a hurricane,Smashing... read more
Sarah - thanks like u too    2014 Jul 21st
Aleena - Cool I liked yr poem    2014 Jul 8th
ADA - beautiful    2014 May 13th
Sarah Ahmad

The diamond that will...

2013 Oct 2nd 1079 Views
I will tell you a story of a diamond that shines forever,If you have one you can replace it never,Neither can it be sold nor can it be bought,If you... read more
Sarah - thank u guyx    2014 Jan 23rd
Affan - ok i will give you a like    2014 Jan 16th
Nazish - yeah 4 sure sarah inshallah u will win,have faith in allah.    2013 Dec 29th
Sarah Ahmad

My life

2012 Mar 21st 976 Views
May this may not be true, But my dream was also true, To get the gift hamper of V SHINE, But considering that it was impossible to shine, It was a... read more
3 People Like this! - Noorul AinQurratul AinNazish Ilyas

Anam - nice poem sara i loved it!!!!!!!!    2013 Oct 30th
Ahmed - have u won any gift    2012 Mar 23rd
Sarah Ahmad

New Year

2012 Jan 31st 751 Views
When New Year starts, The old one departs, Leaving behind its memories, And its cheerful ceremonies, New year learning, new hopes and resolution, New... read more
3 People Like this! - Noorul AinQurratul AinSarah Ahmad

Fatima - guD.Gud.gUd.    2012 Feb 9th
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Sarah Ahmad


2012 Jan 18th 1159 Views
Mathematic, You are so pathetic, Question the wise, Answer the prize, Why have you snapped? A student's nap, The spots of a wise, Around the... read more
Nuzhat - i get full marks    2013 Nov 26th
Anam - nice and correct but math is my second fav subject    2013 Oct 30th
Aasiya - jolly nyc!    2013 Mar 21st


Sarah Ahmad

Save mother Earth

2014 May 3rd 958 Views
Save mother Earth

Sarah - Sure!! :)    2017 Jan 25th
Hadia* - nice but u need more improvment    2015 May 31st
Sarah - thanks all!    2014 Jul 21st


Sarah Ahmad

A prediction of...

2012 Mar 21st