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Hurriya Nasir

Hurriya Nasir


Beacon House Juniper Campus , Quetta

hey !I am Hurriya


Hurriya Nasir

Sam the grey parrot

October 2012 2012 Oct 17th 1187 Views
Once in a small city of Africa a girl named Anne lived with her parents. She loved animals especially Congo African grey parrots and was very kind to... read more
Aiza - Keep it up    2017 Jan 2nd
Hurria - ramzan mubarrak to everyone!    2013 Jul 15th
Arwa - Ramadan Mubarak    2013 Jul 13th
Hurriya Nasir

The angry parrot

2012 Jul 14th 1497 Views
Once a lady and a man owned a big house. Their names were Fatima and Ahmed. They had a grey parrot named Bruno. The parrot was very intelligent. They... read more
4 People Like this! - Emaan FarhanSaba MahfoozAyana BhanjiMaryam Tariq

Hurriya - thank u fizza and bint    2013 Feb 13th
Anam - i love this story. excellent hurriya!!!!!!!    2012 Sep 13th
Saba - good 1 keep it up :)    2012 Aug 17th
Hurriya Nasir

A morning like a...

2012 Jul 14th 836 Views
Once on a sunny morning I woke up. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock it was 7:30am, I could hear the birds singing, my grey parrot saying good... read more
1 Person like this! - Emaan Farhan

Hurriya - thanks fizza    2013 Feb 13th
Anam - brilliant story!!!!!    2012 Sep 13th
Hurriya - thanx menahil.and i miss u too    2012 Jul 27th
Hurriya Nasir

An amazing day with...

February 2012 2012 Feb 2nd 1402 Views
It was the third day of summer vacations.  Lily was going to Dubai in an airplane. In the airplane lily fell asleep. When she woke up air plane... read more
Aiza - Very nice story    2017 Jan 2nd
Anam - good!    2012 Sep 13th
Anam - very nyc hurriya.keep it up...    2012 Sep 13th
Hurriya Nasir

Brave brothers

2011 Jun 13th 944 Views
John and Billy were alone in their house. Their parents had gone to a party. John was doing his homework while Billy his younger brother was watching... read more
Minahil - Nice writing-Great thinking-Hard work and ofcourse most of all nice moral my...    2013 Jun 9th
Hurriya - thank u!    2011 Dec 11th
Ayeza - gud effort!!!    2011 Nov 13th


Hurriya Nasir

Ducky Momo from Phineas...

2012 Oct 24th 759 Views
Ducky Momo from Phineas and Ferb

Hurriya - thanx afifah    2013 May 29th
Afifah - GOOD    2013 Apr 7th
Hurriya - thank u !!! :)    2013 Feb 13th
Hurriya Nasir

Meap from Phineas and...

2012 Oct 21st 727 Views
Meap from Phineas and Ferb

Fatima - Cute    2017 Jul 13th
Hurriya - thanx every one    2013 Feb 13th
Momina - agreewith ashir! finally my camera hascharged and i can upload the sketch of...    2012 Nov 23rd
Hurriya Nasir

Candace and ducky Momo...

2012 Oct 21st 834 Views
Candace and ducky Momo from Phineas and Ferb

Hurriya - thanks everyone!!    2013 Feb 13th
Momina - awesome    2012 Nov 24th
Maryam - well    2012 Nov 19th
Hurriya Nasir


2011 Jul 7th 915 Views

Hurriya - Yes. thank u    2013 Feb 13th
Dfg - do u see doraeman?? and happy eid    2012 Oct 25th
Hurriya - thank u minahil    2012 Jan 31st
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Full Name
Hurriya Nasir
Pakistan, balochistan, Quetta
Beacon House Juniper Campus

hey !I am Hurriya

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