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Syeda Yusra Muntasim

Syeda Yusra Muntasim


Programmer Girls School , Karachi

I am syeda yusra muntasim


Syeda Yusra Muntasim

The day everything went...

2012 Dec 23rd 794 Views
It was a day I am not likely to forget for a long time it all started when my alarm failed to go off and I woke up late. I had to rush and get ready... read more
Uswah - Nice 1 Yusra but likely my mum is so nice and she alwaus makes sure no one gets...    2013 Jul 13th
Syeda - who tell me    2013 Jun 24th
Muhammad - hey.......i just looking some one in ur school could u plz help me ......    2013 May 23rd

No friends!

Full Name
Syeda Yusra Muntasim
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
Programmer Girls School

I am syeda yusra muntasim

Writing stories
A page from my dairy Today 15/2/2013 when I woke up in the morning there was no sign of rain & the weather... read more
Benefits of reading books Reading, I think is the best pastime. If you are crazy about reading, then it's the best... read more
Today's Youth Today's Youth is being lazy and arrogant day by day and 65% of the blame goes to their... read more
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Amina Tahir
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Friends Granny where are you? Elena was searching her grandmother.Then somebody knocked on the... read more
Pandora and the box of troubles Once upon a time people considered that there was no work to do in the world the children... read more
The kangaroo The kangaroo is an interesting an animal it is a mammal. It is bigger than dog but... read more
A helpful person One day in my school when I was running suddenly I hit rock and I fell down and I hurt... read more
Mystery of the coconut tree Once, three children who were best friends named Ali, Ahmed and Hammad went to the... read more
The day everything went wrong It was a day I am not likely to forget for a long time it all started when my alarm... read more
Say Insha Allah Once a boy was living in a village. He is very intelligent, and always stood first in his... read more
General Nonsense Teacher: Martina, why do you say that English homework is similar to going to jail for... read more
Drinking milk... Suggested by Sehar Shahzad
A number of children do not drink milk. How can they be motivated to drink... read more
What we can do... Suggested by Ghumaisa Usmani
What we can do in these summer vacations?  read more
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