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Hasan  Ahmed

Hasan Ahmed


Usman Public School , Karachi



Hasan  Ahmed


2011 Feb 8th 813 Views
FATHER/which girl did you marri SON/grand mother FATHER/but she was my mother SON/because you marry with my mother  read more
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Zuhaa - umm.....I think in your first sentence its written marri actually its marry Im...    2012 Jul 16th
Ali - HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa It's so funny    2011 Dec 26th
Fatimah - its intresting    2011 Jun 12th


Hasan  Ahmed

A visit to a shopping...

2010 Dec 9th 1558 Views
                     A VISIT TO A SHOPPING... read more
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Hamza Waqas - Good    2013 Jun 10th
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Hasan  Ahmed

My Daily Routine

2010 Dec 3rd 997 Views
MY DAILY RUTINEI get up at 6: oo o clocks then I go to bathroom to wash my face and hands then I pray namaz after then I change my cloth and finished... read more

Hamza Waqas - Good Article    2013 Jun 10th
Bint Waseem - GUD ROUTINE...    2011 Mar 11th
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Marry FATHER/which girl did you marri SON/grand mother FATHER/but she was my mother SON/because... read more
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Hasan  Ahmed
Football and Cricket 2011 Mar 2nd 1979 Views Why football is more watched and played than cricket? read more

56 Posts
Abdul Ali Sheikh Abdul Ali Sheikh 2017 May 21st The reason is that because football matches just take 1.5 hrs and cricket matches are 3-4 hrs long
Aliza   Aamir Aliza Aamir 2016 Apr 3rd Leo messi so awesoooooooome
Aliza   Aamir Aliza Aamir 2016 Feb 24th East or west fotball is best
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2015 Aug 22nd Yep football is not very bad but cricket is much better than that.
Abdullah Khan Abdullah Khan 2015 Jul 7th Even if football is more watched and played than cricket i will still support cricket
Abdullah Khan Abdullah Khan 2015 Mar 22nd I love cricket
Abdullah Khan Abdullah Khan 2015 Mar 12th Cricket is hundred times better than the old and stupid football
Farishta Hamid Farishta Hamid 2014 Dec 5th The greatest of all sports is the great FOOTBALL I HATE FC BARCELONA
Umer Asim Umer Asim 2014 Oct 16th Cricket is The 2 Most Played Game In The World And Football Is 1st Don't Fight.
mubashra ayub mubashra ayub 2014 Sep 12th Football rocks and messi too
Farishta Hamid Farishta Hamid 2014 Aug 14th I love football but i still watch cricket test are long i cant watch
Umer Asim Umer Asim 2014 Jun 9th Football is only of 90 min And Cricket Is So Long So Thats Why
Hamza Habib Hamza Habib 2014 Mar 18th I like circket but football is also very good.
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Sep 14th I like football than cricket
Hamza Waqas Waheed Hamza Waqas Waheed 2013 Aug 9th Please stop fighting football and cricket are both same!
Hamza Waqas Waheed Hamza Waqas Waheed 2013 Jun 10th Football and cricket are both same.
Izma Khan Izma Khan 2013 Apr 5th Football and cricket both are equal...
Abdullah Asim Abdullah Asim 2013 Mar 29th I like playing foot ball and cricket
talha  rabbani talha rabbani 2013 Mar 21st I love cricket and football both.
Darman Khan Darman Khan 2012 Mar 23rd Football is played in EVERY country of the world while cricket is played in just some countries. That is why their are more viewers of football than cricket.
Anas _ Anas _ 2012 Jan 12th Most of the people only watch Cricket when their own country is playing. But in soccer, people also watch club football and they not only support one country, but one club team as well. And club teams play more often and so, people tend to watch these more as compared to Cricket. Another thing I want to add is that Cricket series are shorter than football ones (its usually for couple of weeks) but football league (laliga)(Champions League) goes for SO MANY MONTHS! And the team supporters usually watch their team playing every time. So alot of leagues and championships in soccer are happening and people then watch those more often as compared to cricket...BARCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xerac akhtar xerac akhtar 2011 Dec 26th I
Directioner Forever Assawer T. Directioner Forever Assawer T. 2011 Oct 12th Guys don't fight its alright.......... Both games are the best in their own places.... & I love to play & watch both even though m a girl... I think m good scorer & in cricket I m giving sixes(CCCHHHAAAKKKAAA)After every two balls(please people don't think m bein modest or anything)m just saying this all as I have played for both football & cricket team of my school on sportsday & the house I played in for 3 years & has been winning for last three years in a row.........
Mohammmad  Soban Mohammmad Soban 2011 Aug 30th Because Football is an excersing game and it makes us feel good... Cricket is also a good game but it is not at all excersing game and we have to just turn our arms and run...... So i will say that Football is the better game because "WE LOVE THIS GAME"!!!
Noreen Khalily Noreen Khalily 2011 Aug 17th I DONT KNOW
Saniya Farhan Saniya Farhan 2011 Aug 2nd I didn't know football was more watched. Both games are sooo not for girls. But I like watching cricket, supporting my team and all, though i don't know all the rules and terms used.
MARYUM AFTAB MARYUM AFTAB 2011 Jul 6th I LUV cricket..i hate football
ahmed paracha ahmed paracha 2011 Jul 4th Simply football cost less,football is a worldwide game,
Ez Rocks Ez Rocks 2011 Jul 1st I don't appreciate cricket and football a lot but still tennis is a better game rather than these.
Azka Sohail Azka Sohail 2011 Jun 27th I don't know anything about you but i love football more than cricket, and so agree that cricket is watched more while football is played more.'cause, football is intrestin'.
ghazala khan ghazala khan 2011 Jun 26th Cz cricket is quite a booring game we enjoy more..playing football than cricket
Ibrahim Malik Ibrahim Malik 2011 Jun 26th Because football is a rocking game for boys . Playing football is an exercise for your legs and foots.............
Narmeen Chaudhry Narmeen Chaudhry 2011 Jun 21st Cuz in this we have more excercise but in cricket most of the time u have to stand on the same point which makes it boring
Muhammad Raza Mughal Muhammad Raza Mughal 2011 May 30th Because in this game every body can show individually his/her talent .
alina salman alina salman 2011 May 25th I think when it is time for football everyone is crazy for it...but when cricket returns everyone got mad....they both are equal for us...if we have common sense.recently,when Fifa was organized you can see T-shirts for it.screens for watching football,we don't sleep whole night for it.and exactly same condition is when cricket I think both are same.....
Abdullah silat Abdullah silat 2011 May 18th I think because football is more played in the world than cricket
Fahad Noman Fahad Noman 2011 Apr 21st In sports, Football is more famous than cricket. Cricket is the 15th most popular sport in the world but when we talk about football so it is stand at no 1…
fakhra khan fakhra khan 2011 Apr 21st Football and cricket are the most popular sport worldwide. But football has the highest number of players for both genders than any other sport globally
jamshed jimmi jamshed jimmi 2011 Apr 21st Yeah I totally agreed with that football is more watched and played than cricket.
Menahil Idrees Menahil Idrees 2011 Apr 21st Hasan, that was a cool question . Da ans 2 this is pretty simple. This happens because One of the world's biggest countries the USA doesot play cricket. Also cricket is oly practiced in some coutries. By the way, I hv a story here, StOP FIGHTING ON LAPTOPS so plz read it and comment on it.
eisar fatima eisar fatima 2011 Apr 21st As I talk about my self I like to play football, but like to watch cricket. Both games are really enjoyable
TALHA SHAHID TALHA SHAHID 2011 Mar 18th Because some countries play cricket but the football is played in many countries. that's why in the mega event of cricket just 16 teams participate and in the mega event of football 32 teams participate.
Aisha Abdul Quddus Aisha Abdul Quddus 2011 Mar 18th I just want to tell areesha, aleena and menahil that football is the only game in the world which is played and watched the most in the world.
Syed Farook Arshad Syed Farook Arshad 2011 Mar 11th A simple answer is that cricket is played in only some countries so only some countries peoples are interest in cricket.And football is mostly played in every countries so more talent come out.And their are hundreds of leagues and thousands of team and in one team there are 100s of player so when a player is playing and coming in tv so their relatives are watching there all matches and when a man plays international foot ball then their brothers and cousins start to play foot ball and think that they will also enter in foot ball team one day.
Areesha Tasawwur Areesha Tasawwur 2011 Mar 10th I also don't think that football is played more than cricket!!!Obviously, it is a POPULAR game!!!That's why ICC World cup & T-20 matches are watched more than football!!!
Minhil Bukhari Minhil Bukhari 2011 Mar 10th Hasan i dont think football is watched more than cricket.But it is played more than cricket because lots of people like to play but they dont like to watch it.So on my hand i think that football is played more but not watched more than cricket.
sfz Zehra sfz Zehra 2011 Mar 8th Football is an easy game being played and very interesting to watch its awesome cool and tricky goals.
Ahmed Saif Ahmed Saif 2011 Mar 4th Idon know about u guys but i hate to watch football matches but luv to play football as well as cricket.
Ahmed Alam Ahmed Alam 2011 Mar 3rd However I'm watching cricket world cup nowadays but cricket takes too much time to end the match so just after the world cup I'd watch football again... I luv football!!!!
Javeria Siraj Javeria Siraj 2011 Mar 3rd I think football is played more than cricket because completing a match of football takes less time
sfz Zehra sfz Zehra 2011 Mar 2nd Football is widely played b/cos of a ball and widely watched b/cos of " the more people play football, the more they watch football" Everyone like football !
Mehwish Khan Mehwish Khan 2011 Mar 2nd Well i think its a quite different game than others , may be that's why!
Aleena Majeed Aleena Majeed 2011 Mar 2nd I don't think that football is played/watched more than cricket!
Ahmed Alam Ahmed Alam 2011 Mar 2nd Football is played widely because its not costly as cricket Just stand the poles and have a football!