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Zainab  Khan

Zainab Khan


Beaconhouse School System , Islamabad

Hello!I am a girl.I'm Mustajab Farrukh.I'm a good for a friend and i just LOVE reading books.I'm really creative and good at...


Zainab  Khan


2012 Sep 24th 753 Views
Gaze up at the stars, Lying on the ground, So shiny so high and so far, Like a new beauty found. The sky is royal blue, The stars are silver white, I... read more
Urooj - AmazingšŸ˜    2017 Jul 10th
Zainab - yup i do have em how many do u have? i have friday ,the weekend and on monday...    2012 Oct 22nd
Zainab  Khan


2012 Jul 25th 791 Views
Up early in the morning, Praying and eating, Then eat no more, After you hear Azaan, Hungry all day, Thirsty all day, Realizing how the poor feel... read more
Directioner Forever - thanks for telling me about it!!! I'll try to join it and yeah why don't u try...    2012 Aug 2nd
Zainab - thank u soo much assawer i dont know how i write poems i just luv writing...    2012 Aug 2nd
Directioner Forever - Mustajab This poem is so awesome......Tell me how do u write such awesome...    2012 Aug 1st
Zainab  Khan

Wasting time

2011 Dec 8th 940 Views
I wasted all my time looking at the trees,On which there were hives of honey bees,I was scared that they would sting me,And then I wouldn't be able... read more
Javaria - good poem ! keep it up    2012 May 18th
Zainab - thankuuuu!!!!    2012 Mar 1st
Urooj - it:p    2012 Feb 28th
Zainab  Khan


2011 Sep 30th 825 Views
Who could it have been? The one who stole things without being seen? Who stole Mrs. Apple's grocery things? Was it a girl with fringes? Who stole Mr... read more
Zainab - thank u sooo much!!!!!    2011 Dec 2nd
Izza - cool dude! itz awsm!    2011 Dec 2nd
Wania - its great!!!! keep it up    2011 Oct 7th
Zainab  Khan


August 2011 2011 Aug 24th 1315 Views
Small kids are stupid,But they sure are cute,Some are mischievous, some innocent,And their mouths can't just stay mute.They run here and... read more
Nimra - heyy mustajab how r u?? wtz going on these daysS?? how r ur summer vacations...    2014 Jul 17th
Nimra - hmm thankx mustajab.. ;) :)    2014 Feb 18th
Zainab - thats true u r rite nimra :)    2013 Dec 15th
Zainab  Khan


2011 Aug 22nd 830 Views
(Guys it’s not really a poem it’s a quote)Life is really beautiful when your family understands you as friends and ur friends support u... read more
4 People Like this! - Khadija HassanWafa WaheedALI MURSALEENZainab Khan

Zainab - sorry izza bt why bhai g????? im a girl....    2011 Dec 22nd
Zainab - sorry izza bt why bhai g??? im a girllll.....    2011 Dec 21st
Izza - welc's mustajqab bhai G    2011 Dec 17th
Zainab  Khan

My Mom

2011 Aug 10th 1055 Views
My mom is like the morning sun, She is pretty and makes delicious buns, Her blue eyes twinkle when she sees me smiling, She is worried about me and... read more
Izza - i lv my mom..............................................................jst...    2011 Dec 2nd
Aamna - Nice Poem    2011 Sep 17th
Zainab - thnxx :)    2011 Aug 23rd
Zainab  Khan

Morning Sun

2011 Aug 7th 778 Views
I'm the morning sun,Waking everyone,Get up all the flowers,Go and take your showers,And hey you lazy ants, Change your clothes and wear your... read more
3 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedUrooj UsmaniZainab Khan

Zainab - thankuuuuuuuuuuuuu    2011 Sep 25th
Aamna - Nice Poem    2011 Sep 17th
Directioner Forever - jolly good mustajab........    2011 Sep 15th
Zainab  Khan

The Bay

2011 Aug 5th 862 Views
I saw some big waves in the bay,And I started to say,Someone who doesn't know how to swim will surely drown,Suddenly I saw a woman wearing a black... read more
Zainab - thank u sooo much Izza u r so sweet!    2011 Dec 2nd
Izza - Mustajab..yo keep it up...!!!! u'll b famous 1 day...great writings 7 dis 1 iz...    2011 Dec 2nd
Aamna - Nice Poem    2011 Sep 17th


Zainab  Khan

Great Fathers!

2012 May 2nd 1197 Views
Three boys are in the schoolyard bragging of how great their fathers are. The first one says: "Well, my father runs the fastest. He can fire an... read more
Laibah - dont understand though tricky riddle    2013 Apr 30th
Tehzeem - INTERESTINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.......    2012 Jun 17th
Emaan - Dunt understand sorry *.*    2012 Jun 12th
Zainab  Khan

Laws of education

2012 May 2nd 932 Views
Important laws of education: Don't LOOK at anything in a physics lab. Don't TASTE anything in a chemistry lab. Don't SMELL anything in a biology lab... read more
3 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedLaibah BashamZainab Khan

Zainab - i really appreciate that emaan! :)    2012 Sep 20th
Emaan - I'll be there anytime you need me!    2012 Sep 16th
Zainab - thanks again emaan!!    2012 Sep 14th
Zainab  Khan

Why are adults...

2011 Oct 14th 1186 Views
Why are adults always asking children, ''What do you want to be when you grow up??? Because..........They are looking for ideas for themselves!!! read more
Zainab - and thank u guys!!!    2013 Jun 28th
Zainab - yeah maybe laibah :D    2013 Jun 28th
Gullasht - AOA that's really funny!.....    2013 Jun 18th
Zainab  Khan

An old lady...

2011 Oct 14th 1122 Views
An old lady gave the bus driver peanuts to eat.....this happened several times....the driver said, ''why have you given such wonderful yummy peanuts... read more
Anam - haha a funny joke and i agree with azka    2013 Oct 29th
Zainab - thanks pple!!!    2012 Sep 14th
Raniah - nice!    2012 Jul 16th
Zainab  Khan

My Beauty

2011 Aug 9th 987 Views
What do I do when I see someone extremely beautiful? I smile, stare and when I’m tired I put the mirror down.... Wink Tongue out did any one... read more
1\/1 O 3 - haha i laf so herd i p vary fanny ho ap mustujub    Jan 9th
Zainab - yeah :D    2012 Sep 14th
Amna - HAHAHAHA!    2012 Feb 9th