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Hamna  Baqai

Hamna Baqai


Abcd , Jeddah

I am HAMNA baqai


Hamna  Baqai

A bomb

2012 Mar 23rd 888 Views
A man had kept a bomb on a television and was watching the cricket match. Another man asked why you have kept this bomb. He replied, ''if they lose... read more
Laibah - GOOD BUT THE MAN MUST BE CSYCHO    2013 May 30th
Soha - L.O.L    2013 Jan 25th
Hania - same to u dump    2013 Jan 20th
Hamna  Baqai

Eggs and chicken

2012 Feb 17th 966 Views
A boy asks another boy,  ''If you tell me how many eggs i have i will give all of the 12 eggs and if you tell me of which animal are these eggs... read more
Soha - heheheheheh    2013 Jan 10th
HAMNA - thanks evey1    2012 Nov 12th
Samayya - copied,still Gud    2012 Nov 8th
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Full Name
Hamna Baqai
Saudi Arabia, Makkah, Jeddah

I am HAMNA baqai

Video games
Tv watching
Board games
Indoor games
Net surfing
Writing stories
Collecting coins
Stamp collecting
Pen and sharpener Husband (to his wife): "why are you sharpening the pencils of kids with my blade?"Wife:... read more
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A Fanatic Land Life can be full of colours, with showers of flowers, with never ending rainbows and a... read more
Pen and sharpener Husband (to his wife): "why are you sharpening the pencils of kids with my blade?"Wife:... read more
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