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Pretty Gril

Pretty Gril


Fic , Isl

I am pretty gril.aoa iam a member of vshine and love to make new friends.i love painting.:)


Pretty Gril

Just like mom

2016 Jul 28th 526 Views
a girl came and ask her mother"mom i am looking fat"mom:"no you are so smart"ok " then my colour is black"mom"no darling you are so fair"girl "then... read more
Pretty - my real name is HAFSA TARIQ now your turnnnnnnnnnn    Jan 18th
Pretty - wania my real name is hafsa tariq .now your turnnnnnnnnnnn    Jan 17th
Wania - Noooo!! I asked you first yoi'll answer me first if not than please tell me...    Jan 13th


Pretty Gril


2016 Nov 22nd 158 Views
2 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerPretty Gril

Wania - Amazing!    Jan 8th
Aiza - Nice one    2016 Dec 30th
Pretty - thanks guysss    2016 Dec 27th
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Full Name
Pretty Gril
Pakistan, federal, Isl

I am pretty gril

.aoa iam a member of vshine and love to make new friends.i love painting.


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