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Hafsa Najam

Hafsa Najam

@hafsa15 , Karachi

My name is Hafsa Najam.I read in class 9.I have one brother and three sisters.My hobby is reading books,writing...


Hafsa Najam

My hobby

2013 Jan 14th 382 Views
My hobby is reading booksin my leisure timei read only useful booksin my leisure timebooks are the best sourcethat provide informationthey can get... read more
Hafsa - thanx    2013 Nov 28th
Khadija - Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Oct 26th
Hafsa - i live in Nazimabad,Karachi    2013 Jun 22nd


Hafsa Najam

Five very easy riddles

2013 May 31st 661 Views
I have one eye. But I cannot see who am I?What do you add in oil to make it boil?I start with T ends with T and I am full of T. Who am I?What is at... read more
4 People Like this! - Laibah BashamEmel MinalHoora AhsonRumaisa Afzal

Samia - 2=boil 3=tea pot 4=E 5=the letter t and dont know the first 1    2014 May 21st
Wajeeha - 2)letter B .I don't know answers of others    2013 Oct 15th
Affan - do not know    2013 Sep 6th
Hafsa Najam


2013 May 1st 47315 Views
Think of words ending in -GRY. Angry and hungry are two of them. There are only three words in the English language. What is the third word? The word... read more
Affan - every    2014 Jan 25th
Hamzah - Language    2013 Oct 8th
Emel - LANGUAGE! Easy peasy lemon scueasy Dont mind!    2013 Jul 28th
Hafsa Najam


2013 Apr 28th 616 Views
I am made of 5 letters,If U remove the first letter,It is part of our body.If U remove the second letter,It is everywhere! Guess what??? read more
ABIA - i think it is chair    2014 Jun 21st
Samia - ans.HAIR    2013 Nov 30th
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Full Name
Hafsa Najam
Pakistan, SINDH, Karachi

My name is Hafsa Najam.I read in class 9.I have one brother and three sisters.My hobby is reading books,writing stories,painting.My favorite fruit is orange and mango.I like shalwar qameez in dress.My best friend is Marium.I want to become a very successful and honest teacher in the future.I LOVE PAKISTAN AND I REALLY BELIEVE THAT EVERYBODY SHOULD THINK TO MAKE IT A REALLY GREAT COUNTRY.

Indoor games
Net surfing
Writing stories
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