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Hafsa  Irfan

Hafsa Irfan


Home Schooled , Karachi

hey guys i am hafsa irfan . i am a,,some of you would be thinking that what is a homeschooler?homeschooler is a...


Hafsa  Irfan

The Beautiful Day at the...

2014 Feb 13th 728 Views
Then when it was 6: oo pm YUMNA became hungry so she told her grandfather that lets eat food. And just then a LOUD bell rang, it seemed that the... read more
1 Person like this! - Inshal Ehsan

HAFSA - thanks Inshal:)    2014 Feb 17th
Inshal - its superb hafsa    2014 Feb 16th
HAFSA - thankyou    2014 Feb 15th
Hafsa  Irfan

A wonderful day at the...

2014 Feb 3rd 923 Views
Lucy and her granddad were walking on the street and suddenly they came across a notice board. It was about a funfair that day at 4:00pm at... read more
2 People Like this! - Tooba FatimaKHAN AHMED

HAFSA - can you tell plzz    2014 Jun 8th
Zahaab - Its a secret    2014 May 10th
HAFSA - what is her nickname    2014 May 6th
Hafsa  Irfan

A Beautiful Day at the...

2014 Feb 2nd 725 Views
YUMNA and her granddad were walking on the street and suddenly they came across a notice board. It was about a funfair that day at 4:00pm at... read more
2 People Like this! - Maikham AdilKHAN AHMED

HAFSA - nooo    2014 Feb 14th
Irum - It;s good. First time that you don't have a grammar mistake..:)    2014 Feb 14th
KHAN - It is very good    2014 Feb 11th
Hafsa  Irfan

Obedient boy

2013 Dec 25th 915 Views
A boy named Taha was born in a family. And when he was 5 years old his mother and father gave him anything he wanted. and when he turned 10 years he... read more
Sawera - Jolly good story    2014 Jun 9th
Tooba - ayesha stop teasing her its very nice    2014 Apr 22nd
Aeman - i loved ur story    2014 Apr 10th
Hafsa  Irfan


2013 Dec 25th 856 Views
Why did the skeleton not cross the road?Because it had no-body. read more
4 People Like this! - Nazish IlyasMaryam AamirSara DhedhiKHAN AHMED

FIZZA - its really nice :) hahahahahahahahahahahaha:-)))))    2014 Jul 5th
Maryam - welcome    2014 Jan 12th
KHAN - hohahehohahe    2014 Jan 9th


Hafsa  Irfan

A stitch in time saves...

2014 Feb 13th 791 Views
We worked in a line, for our books to shineBecause a stitch in time saves nineWhen my books feel fine, I'm on cloud nineBecause a stitch in time... read more

Aeman - great yar...have u seen my poem    2014 Apr 10th
HAFSA - blog ka naam batao bhool gai main    2014 Feb 23rd
Irum - Acha chalo, kia karahi ho? pata hay, Blog pey, the pics have been uploaded of...    2014 Feb 23rd


Hafsa  Irfan

Hard Riddles

2013 Sep 3rd 997 Views
1. What row of numbers comes next in this series?111211211111221312211131122212. A man was to be sentenced, and the judge told him, "You may make a... read more
Aeman - hafsa tell the answers please ... i am puzzled lol    2014 Jun 16th
HAFSA - hahahhahahahhhahhahahahahahaah    2014 Jan 4th
Asiya - Okay, don't forgive me, but I forgive YOU for YOUR rudeness to me and Ayesha...    2014 Jan 2nd
Hafsa  Irfan

Math sum

2013 Feb 2nd 935 Views
Teacher: Why are you on the floor?Ahmed: Because you told me to do this maths problem without tables!! read more
Nimra - oh acha acha. :)    2015 May 26th
HAFSA - Hi Nimra. i missed u too. i was busy. i dont study in a school, i do...    2014 Aug 24th
Nimra - heyya hafsa dear where u losttt?? :o how r u? :) :o long time no tlkk..! whts...    2014 Aug 17th