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Yaseera Abid

Yaseera Abid


Alwaha , Jeddah

I am Yaseera Abid Let me tell you about my self My best freinds here are Aiza, Yashfeen,Sajahir Rizwan,Urooj Naveed,Asiya...


Yaseera Abid

A horror and Happy story

Sep 7th 265 Views
One day Sara was playing Badminton with her friend [Sidra],  and as they both played so many games after Badminton They both were having so much... read more
Yaseera - ok sabeen I hope nothing happens    Dec 9th
Sabeen - Oh....then I will tell her to accept your request but first you have to tell me...    Dec 7th
Yaseera - but she has to accept my friend request first    Dec 7th


Yaseera Abid


Sep 25th 224 Views
Vshine is the best it's none other like the rest I love everything inside I even read it when I am outside It is amazing like a... read more
2 People Like this! - Anna MunirYaseera Abid

Yaseera - Irza it took I think 2,3 or 4 days to get posted and yes the admin must be proud    Oct 28th
Irza - Admin must be proud. how long did it take to post this?    Oct 26th
Yaseera - Thank you Anchloria    Oct 6th
Yaseera Abid

Reaching my Destination

Sep 24th 212 Views
Once I got to knew And my thoughts did not flew Because I wanted to reach my Destination And I did that with relation Even though... read more
2 People Like this! - Yaseera AbidYashfeen Iqbal

Yaseera - Thanks a lot Aiza I really hope your stuff can be the winner u deserve to be a...    Nov 11th
Aiza - I really really like it Yaseera it should be the winner.I hope Admin makes it...    Nov 10th
Aiza - Wow love it!!!    Nov 10th
Yaseera Abid


Sep 1st 249 Views
Goats, goats they are so dear to me I am happy to have company And sometimes  you are also so calm and nice But one day I thought... read more
Yaseera - 😊😊    Sep 18th
Aiza - Your welcome Yaseera 😊😊    Sep 17th
Yaseera - Thank you so much Aiza You are also talented    Sep 16th
Yaseera Abid


Aug 24th 234 Views
Family, family they are never my enemy But sometimes brothers But the best are mothers Then come the fathers They love their... read more
Yaseera - Yeah Sakifay thx BTW    Nov 5th
Sakifay Mary - Quite right at the second line Yaseera    Nov 3rd
Yaseera - Thank you so much Urooj    Sep 5th
Yaseera Abid

A balloon's life

Jun 16th 397 Views
Flying in the air like I'm fair I keep on flying and flying on the bed, I'm never lying I wanted to touch the ground but I... read more
Yaseera - Thanks alot Aiza    Nov 27th
Yashfeen - Your welcome dear    Nov 26th
Aiza - Your welcome Yaseera and you really deserve it.    Nov 26th


Yaseera Abid

Hard Riddles

Aug 24th 449 Views
1.  I eat, I live, I breathe, I drink, I die What am I? 2. I am always around you but often forgotten.I am pure and clean most time, but... read more
Yaseera - Wania the first one is fire because I wrote "If i drink, I die" but it came...    Dec 6th
Wania - Well, according to my understanding, the answer for your first riddle is human...    Dec 5th
Yaseera - The answers are below!    Nov 30th
Yaseera Abid

Elephant and potato

Jul 26th 268 Views
What do you call an elephant and a potato when they meet on the road   A mashed potato!!! read more
Yaseera - Thanks Noorish    Oct 19th
Noorish - ha ha    Oct 19th
Azka - Welcome Yaseera.    Aug 4th
Yaseera Abid


Jun 23rd 320 Views
Q1 What kind of ship cannot sink?Q2 How do you put a giraffe in a fridge?Q3 What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?  read more
Yaseera - Asiya the answers are below    Oct 19th
Asiyah Hammad - 1.Friendship 2.Open the fridge put the giraffe in close the fridge 3.Towel    Oct 19th
Saad - A criterion for selecting winners in My Page depends on different things. Rank...    Jul 10th


Yaseera Abid

Best field for a picnic

Sep 24th 237 Views
Best field for a picnic

Yaseera - Thank you Fatima    Nov 15th
Fatima - wow nice and wonderful try    Nov 15th
Yaseera - Thanks my BF Aiza love u    Nov 11th
Yaseera Abid


Sep 7th 217 Views
3 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalYaseera AbidYashfeen Iqbal

Yaseera - Thank you Ayesha so much    Sep 20th
Ayesha - Beautiful Yaseera 😘 nice & awesome    Sep 20th
Yaseera - Thank you Azka    Sep 12th


Yaseera Abid


Sep 24th 230 Views
So today I am going to tell you about how many Kids have gotten far eyesight well most of the kids have gotten near eyesight but in my school the... read more
Yaseera - Thanks a lot Aiza my BF    Nov 11th
Aiza - great article!! BF    Nov 10th
Yaseera - Thanks sabeen    Nov 5th
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Full Name
Yaseera Abid
Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Jeddah

I am Yaseera Abid Let me tell you about my self My best freinds here are Aiza, Yashfeen,Sajahir Rizwan,Urooj Naveed,Asiya Hammad,Maheen and Ayesha Faisal and Fatima TariqThey all are really nice and they are also talented and supportive they are never rude too I also love my best friends and Aiza and Yashfeen are nice, creative and supportive and they are never rude aswell and then Urooj she is never rude and she writes amazing poems aswell and then Ayesha Faisal and Fatima Tariq of course who are the authers of writing stories in VSHINE they both are of my age and I love their stories their stories are so amazing and people will get so attracted to their stories all the time like me they are also talented and the most thing i also love about them all is that they always encourage me and my friends are Maria, Aliza,Azka,Fatima Tariq,Anna Munair,Sakifay Mary and Fiza and I love reading and making new friends so please send me friend request and I love Hollywood movies especially Harry Potter and more I love having fun i'am creative My fav books are Judy Moody and diary of a wimpy kid I also love those books My fav colour is purple,sky blue and Neon pink i'am a big fan of My little Pony (MLP) and My little pony equestria girls I am a fan of V Shine too and My BFF has also signed up in VSHINE her name is Asiya hammad Go check her profile and all my other BFF's profile too and Thank you for visiting my profile and don't forget to check my stuff stay sweet! 😉

Video games
Tv watching
Toy collecting
Board games
Indoor games
Writing stories
Collecting coins
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