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Yaseera Abid

Yaseera Abid


Alwaha , Jeddah

I am Yaseera Abid Let me tell you about my self My aim is to be a scientist I am trying my best to be a scientist and I LOVE...


Yaseera Abid

Zack's Adventure PART 1

May 17th 205 Views
Once upon a time, in a far land away. There were two kingdoms. The first kingdom’s name was “The Divine kingdom” In which all the... read more
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Yaseera - @Fatima thank u sooo much and yes ur stories are truely unbelievable its the...    Dec 5th
Fatima - @Yaseera I visited your profile and I was like..Oh god.. You love my stories...    Oct 22nd
Yaseera - Thank u Yashfeen    May 24th
Yaseera Abid

Midnight horror!! part 3

Apr 3rd 294 Views
As Eric and Chelsie were still in that doorway something peculiar happened it was really peculiar and scary aswell here's what happened: (When... read more
Yashfeen - Ok but age is something that we shouldn't hide..    May 12th
Yaseera - Ik yashfeen but in ROBLOX I asked her in thethat why did she wrote an early...    May 8th
Yashfeen - Yaseera ayesha fasil is not your age fellow    May 4th
Yaseera Abid

Fantasy Dream!...

Mar 27th 333 Views
Once upon a time there was this little girl named Lily. Lily loved I mean really loved fantasies she used to write fantasy stories and read them to... read more
Yaseera - Thank u Ayeza    Jun 6th
Ayeza - Loved it. ❀    May 30th
Yaseera - Thank u sakifay    Apr 16th
Yaseera Abid

Midnight Horror!! Part 2

Jan 6th 382 Views
Chelsie said, 'this tunnel is long......' Eric replied, 'not only long it is deep, wide and murky!' they both felt really scared when they heard a... read more
Yaseera - Thanks sakifay    Apr 16th
Sakifay Mary - Wow, really nice!    Apr 13th
Yaseera - Thank u    Apr 12th
Yaseera Abid

Midnight horror!! part 1

Jan 3rd 313 Views
TO BE CONTINUED..Once a upon a time there lived a happy family in a happy home. They're were 4 members in it the mother,father.son and daughter.The... read more
Yaseera - Thank u Fiza but I am trying it to make more scary and i cant think of any...    Apr 16th
Fiza - So scary    Apr 14th
Yaseera - Thanks alot Yashfeen :D    Apr 12th
Yaseera Abid

A horror and Happy story

2017 Sep 7th 543 Views
One day Sara was playing Badminton with her friend [Sidra],  and as they both played so many games after Badminton They both were having so much... read more
Yaseera - My pleasure dear and I know Aiza anyways thanks but when you write over there...    Feb 16th
Aiza - BTW the same problem happened with my previous tablet (limitation of words)...    Feb 16th
Aiza - Ohhhh.... Thank you soooo... for telling me all the info.    Feb 16th


Yaseera Abid

What to Do?

May 17th 221 Views
I don't know what to Do!So that's why I am asking from you!Some say that I should ride a bikeBut then I have to say in a picThat I don't want to risk... read more
3 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalYashfeen IqbalYaseera Abid

Yaseera - Thanks urwa    Aug 5th
Urwa - AwesomeπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘    Jul 14th
Yaseera - Thanks aiza and yashfeen...    May 24th
Yaseera Abid


Apr 3rd 261 Views
Parents are so kind they'll always be in my mind They guide me to the right way My love grows for them everyday They'll stay with... read more
4 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalAyesha FaisalAhmed HussainYaseera Abid

Yaseera - Thanks Urwa!    Dec 5th
Urwa - Awesome!πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Love u mom and dadπŸ’–    Jul 14th
Yaseera - thx alot Aiza!    Jun 18th
Yaseera Abid


Jan 8th 284 Views
One day I really wanted a Cat But everybody told it should be fat Then I said i do not want fat cat But it could at least sit on my mat But on my... read more
4 People Like this! - Ayesha FaisalZainab RizviAiza IqbalYaseera Abid

Yaseera - Thanks    Apr 12th
Yashfeen - Nice1    Apr 11th
Yaseera - Thank you so much guys and @azka yes admin is taking a lot of time and thax...    Jan 11th
Yaseera Abid


Jan 8th 311 Views
Science science it has so many chapters I wish I could just be a rapper I don't know what to do I wish I could've have just got a flu My life is... read more
Yaseera - Thank u Yashfeen and please like all my stuff    Apr 12th
Yashfeen - Nice    Apr 11th
Aiza - Your welcome    Feb 14th
Yaseera Abid

Chillies and spices

Jan 3rd 258 Views
Chilli chilli happy with glee! it fills people’s mouth with spice and even though that in not nice but some people might... read more
3 People Like this! - Ayesha FaisalYaseera AbidZainab Rizvi

Yaseera - Thanks Ayesha I also LOVE chillies and spicy stuff and thank u alot for liking...    Apr 18th
Ayesha - I LOVE chilly and spicy stuff and great poem, Yaseera P.S. I have liked ll ur...    Apr 17th
Yaseera - thanks i know it is a bit funny    Apr 12th
Yaseera Abid


2017 Sep 25th 440 Views
Vshine is the best it's none other like the rest I love everything inside I even read it when I am outside It is amazing like a... read more
Yaseera - Thanks    Jan 10th
Zainab - I agree with irza. and good job yaseera .    Jan 5th
Yaseera - Irza it took I think 2,3 or 4 days to get posted and yes the admin must be proud    2017 Oct 28th
Yaseera Abid

Reaching my Destination

2017 Sep 24th 345 Views
Once I got to knew And my thoughts did not flew Because I wanted to reach my Destination And I did that with relation Even though... read more
Yaseera - Thanks sakifay u also have an intelligent mind    Apr 16th
Sakifay Mary - Fantastic--you do have an intelligent mind, Miss Abid    Apr 13th
Aiza - Your welcome    Jan 30th
Yaseera Abid


2017 Sep 1st 393 Views
Goats, goats they are so dear to me I am happy to have company And sometimes  you are also so calm and nice But one day I thought... read more
Yaseera - Thanks Zainab!    Dec 5th
Zainab - nice    Jan 5th
Yaseera - 😊😊    2017 Sep 18th
Yaseera Abid


2017 Aug 24th 383 Views
Family, family they are never my enemy But sometimes brothers But the best are mothers Then come the fathers They love their... read more
Yaseera - Thanks Zainab and I do like poems    Jan 6th
Zainab - good you have written so many stories I think you like poems    Jan 5th
Yaseera - Yeah Sakifay thx BTW    2017 Nov 5th
Yaseera Abid

A balloon's life

August 2017 2017 Jun 12th 1389 Views
Flying in the air like I'm fair I keep on flying and flying on the bed, I'm never lying I wanted to touch the ground but I... read more
Yaseera - Admin when will i get my gift??    Feb 21st
Yaseera - Thanks Aiza I love your choice    Feb 20th
Aiza - OMG Yaseera I love your profile pic. It's so cute and Fabulous. Nice...    Feb 20th


Yaseera Abid

Burger and Pizza

May 23rd 328 Views
What did the Burger say to the Pizza when they met on the road?   Ans-Arey Pizza Hut! read more
3 People Like this! - Iman LatifMaheen IshtiaqYaseera Abid

Asiyah Hammad - I don`t see the funny part in it :/    Oct 26th
Irza - hahaha good one    Aug 19th
Iman - Lol=)    Aug 3rd
Yaseera Abid

Hard Riddles

2017 Aug 24th 676 Views
1.  I eat, I live, I breathe, I drink, I die What am I? 2. I am always around you but often forgotten.I am pure and clean most time, but... read more
Yaseera - Wania the first one is fire because I wrote "If i drink, I die" but it came...    2017 Dec 6th
Wania - Well, according to my understanding, the answer for your first riddle is human...    2017 Dec 5th
Yaseera - The answers are below!    2017 Nov 30th
Yaseera Abid

Elephant and potato

2017 Jul 26th 454 Views
What do you call an elephant and a potato when they meet on the road   A mashed potato!!! read more
Zainab - you ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Feb 20th
Yaseera - Thanks zainab    Jan 11th
Zainab - X D    Jan 11th
Yaseera Abid


2017 Jun 23rd 523 Views
Q1 What kind of ship cannot sink?Q2 How do you put a giraffe in a fridge?Q3 What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?  read more
Yaseera - Asiya the answers are below    2017 Oct 19th
Asiyah Hammad - 1.Friendship 2.Open the fridge put the giraffe in close the fridge 3.Towel    2017 Oct 19th
Saad - A criterion for selecting winners in My Page depends on different things. Rank...    2017 Jul 10th


Yaseera Abid


Jan 10th 360 Views
4 People Like this! - Ayesha FaisalZainab RizviAiza IqbalYaseera Abid

Yaseera - Thanks alot Yashfeen for ur encouragement    Apr 16th
Yashfeen - Omgg my friend is so talented....keep improving    Apr 15th
Yashfeen - Thanks    Apr 15th
Yaseera Abid

Best field for a picnic

2017 Sep 24th 402 Views
Best field for a picnic

Yaseera - Thanks    2017 Dec 27th
Zainab - keep it up    2017 Dec 25th
Yaseera - Thank you Fatima    2017 Nov 15th
Yaseera Abid


2017 Sep 7th 400 Views
4 People Like this! - Ayesha FaisalAiza IqbalYaseera AbidYashfeen Iqbal

Zainab - my pleasure dear.    Jan 7th