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Sidra Abdul Rauf

Sidra Abdul Rauf


Pakistan International School , Riyadh

Hello!I am Sidra. I am studying in grade-8 and I'm 13.I really like arts and love reading books.My favorite book series are...


Sidra Abdul Rauf

The Hold-up

2013 Sep 11th 900 Views
It was Tuesday, just like any other normal night at work. This was my part-time job in KFC.I had worked here for around two years at this stage. The... read more
Arooba - What like you best in one direction sidra?    2014 Mar 14th
Sidra - Yeah sure, why not?    2013 Dec 19th
Sidra Abdul Rauf

I was all alone

2013 Feb 11th 854 Views
I was all alone in the middle of the ocean. The dull sun was sinking in the pale, blue water. I saw a distant object floating, moving towards it I... read more
Qurratul - good job!nyc    2014 Mar 15th
Qurratul - good job!nyc    2014 Mar 15th
Syeda Laiba - yes i loved your story    2013 Jul 14th


Sidra Abdul Rauf

Happy birthday to my...

2012 Jul 31st 682 Views
Happy birthday to my cousin
4 People Like this! - Gullasht FatimaFatima UroosNeha AyazMahno0r $aeed

Khadijah - story Believe in yourself (5)    2012 Aug 26th
Khadijah - want you to read all the comments and talk to us at story: Believe in...    2012 Aug 25th
Sidra - aww your welcome but I'm sorry i coudnt come up with something special...:)    2012 Jul 31st


Sidra Abdul Rauf

Tips and techniques on...

2012 Jul 27th 811 Views
I found a lot of beauty articles around so I thought why not share some information which I know? I have seen that girls (like me) love to... read more
Ajwa - love it!!!    2013 Jul 31st
Marwa - Happy Birthday khadija    2013 Jul 30th
Gullasht - AOA result came too much good    2013 Jun 19th
Sidra Abdul Rauf

Phenomenal 2 letter word

2012 Jul 20th 915 Views
I’m sure you will enjoy this. I never knew that one word, in the English language, can be a noun, a verb, an adjective, adverb, or a... read more
Sidra - thank u!    2012 Jul 30th
Ahmed - nice article intrestng too    2012 Jul 30th
Sidra - we are not coming because if we will go to pak on eid ul adha then my father...    2012 Jul 28th
Sidra Abdul Rauf

Fruit facts

2012 Jul 14th 763 Views
Nothing rhymes with orange.Lime is free of fat, saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol.If you warm a lemon before squeezing it, it will... read more
Sidra - i love strawberries and mango's    2012 Aug 11th
Emaan - Yumm I love fruits! What;s your fav fruit, Sidra?    2012 Aug 9th
Abir - good... i didnt know all of them...    2012 Aug 1st

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Full Name
Sidra Abdul Rauf
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Pakistan International School

Hello!I am Sidra. I am studying in grade-8 and I'm 13.I really like arts and love reading books.My favorite book series are "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" and "The Heroes of Olympus" by Rick Riordan. My favorite color is green and purple.I love listening to music and my personal favorites are One Direction and Little Mix.I enjoy badminton, basketball and cycling.Nail art and photography are one of my best hobbies. I am in love with shoes! I love to take dangerous and extreme rides.Horror stuff always catches my attention.I live life on the edge!Thank you!:D

Tv watching
Board games
Net surfing
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