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Fizzah Baig

Fizzah Baig


Caa Model School 2 , Karachi

my name s fizzah baig my star is taurusi m in class 8 i m good in studies i always stand first in class


Fizzah Baig

The Haunted House

2011 Jul 23rd 1494 Views
Once upon a time we read in a newspaper that there is a haunted house in a town. It is famous for scary things n shadows. The people whoever lived... read more
Nimra - gr8 fiza :)    2013 Mar 29th
Fizzah - thankzzz bint dud3.....!!!!    2012 Sep 9th
Saba - hmmm good job    2012 Aug 12th


Fizzah Baig

Girls and Boys

2012 Sep 4th 889 Views
Girls are like pearls, Boys take girls as lazy, But actually boys are lazy and crazy. They think that they are heroes But actually they are zeroes!... read more
1 Person like this! - (^_^) (^_^)

Saba - 1000% true    2012 Dec 2nd
Amna - Good.......................................    2012 Nov 3rd
Fizzah - l0lzzzzzx ry88 dear.......!!! :D    2012 Sep 19th


Fizzah Baig


2011 Aug 5th 935 Views
Do you hear about the stupid inventor?He invents water proof tea bag.  read more
Maimoona Masood - So funny!!!    2014 Sep 4th
Nimra - hehehehe... :)))    2013 Jun 20th
Emaan - Lol Hahahaha :D    2012 Sep 9th


Fizzah Baig


2011 Aug 1st 793 Views
Don’t wait for the perfect moment . . . Take the moment and make it perfect   read more
Fizzah - thankxx guyxxx...!!!    2012 Jul 26th
Hafsa - nyc    2012 Jul 11th
Bint Waseem - exactly..    2011 Sep 11th
Fizzah Baig

Difference between small...

2011 Jul 29th 801 Views
We use pencil when we were small but now we use pens/ball pen.Do you know why?Because mistakes in childhood can be erased but not nowStrange but true read more
Fizzah - hmm.!!! :D    2012 Sep 9th
Saba - u r welcome :)    2012 Aug 12th
Fizzah - thankxx f0r yr c0mmentxx guyxx they r really preci0us f0r me    2012 Jul 26th
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Full Name
Fizzah Baig
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
Caa Model School 2

my name s fizzah baig my star is taurusi m in class 8 i m good in studies i always stand first in class

Tv watching
Indoor games
Writing stories
Difference between small n big We use pencil when we were small but now we use pens/ball pen.Do you know why?Because... read more
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Kindness is repaid Once upon a time there was a little bunny rabbit. His mother and father had to go out one... read more
Nobody is small Once there was a forest where everybody was living peacefully. They were always ready to... read more
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Riddle What is once in a minute,twice in a moment,and never in a thousand years?  read more
The Haunted House Once upon a time we read in a newspaper that there is a haunted house in a town. It is... read more
Girls and Boys Girls are like pearls, Boys take girls as lazy, But actually boys are lazy and crazy... read more
The bad boy Once upon a time, there was a boy. His name was Amir. He was study in 7th class. He was... read more
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