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Mahrukh Kafeel

Mahrukh Kafeel


The Punjab School , Lahore

hi!my name is mahrukh.i read in class favourite subject is english.


Mahrukh Kafeel

Importance of Namaz

2014 Apr 22nd 637 Views
Once there lived a boy whose name was Ali. Ali was 11 years old. His parents often remind him of offering his prayers regularly but he did not listen... read more
Urooj - Good Marukh but it is very change.☺    Jul 15th
Mahrukh - thx    2016 Oct 23rd
Faiqa - Nice    2014 Oct 18th
Mahrukh Kafeel

The stubborn

March 2014 2014 Mar 31st 1285 Views
Once upon a time there lived a boy Ahmar who was very stubborn. One day he went out with his parents for some shopping. On his way he saw a man who... read more
Aiza - Good one    Apr 8th
Ayesha - congratz... :D    2014 Jun 25th
Mahrukh - and my story is in VSHINE......................    2014 May 2nd
Mahrukh Kafeel

The horrible day of my...

2014 Feb 17th 625 Views
On Friday 14 February it was a sunny day. i woke up early and get ready for school. i had a great time in school. As it was Friday so we have a short... read more
3 People Like this! - Tooba FatimaAnusha SaqibMahrukh Kafeel

Shehram - Never mind but you do have some grammars mistakes. ;-)    2014 Aug 18th
Tooba - nice but grammar mistakes    2014 Apr 26th
Qurratul - Not much nice!but good!@    2014 Mar 31st
Mahrukh Kafeel

Ali learns lesson

2014 Feb 13th 588 Views
Once upon a time there was a boy his name was Ali. Ali never listened to his parents. He always gets out at evening. His parents will tell him that... read more
1 Person like this! - Mahrukh Kafeel

Tooba - fifty fifty    2014 Apr 29th
Qurratul - AGREE WITH "SOFIA!"    2014 Mar 31st
Sara - nice    2014 Mar 19th
Mahrukh Kafeel

The house at the edge

2014 Feb 1st 547 Views
Today Sara was very happy because she was shifting to her new house. The most interesting thing was that make Sara most excited was that the house... read more
3 People Like this! - Tooba FatimaMahrukh KafeelAmal Saad

Sajahir - best story ever    Mar 13th
Tooba - my god scary and nice story    2014 Mar 31st
Anusha - scary and very nice    2014 Feb 28th


Mahrukh Kafeel


2016 Nov 22nd 225 Views
Family is a rose,When we take a picture,It put a pose,It is like a mixture,It's all about caring, love and kind,It doesn't even mind,It has a... read more
2 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerCutegirl Cutegirl

Aiza - Nice    Jun 17th
Wania - Good    Jan 11th
Mahrukh - thx    2016 Nov 27th
Mahrukh Kafeel

My doll

2014 Jan 13th 534 Views
I have a dollshe likes to crawlshe wears black gownshe has a crownshe goes to schoolshe smells like rose. read more
3 People Like this! - Anonymous WriterKHAN AHMEDMahrukh Kafeel

Anonymous - Come on mahrukh it's your own poem, and it's nice keep trying!    2014 Jul 6th
Junaid - @mahruk... with whom r u suggesting?    2014 Feb 15th
KHAN - Why are you commenting that you need more practice?    2014 Jan 26th


Mahrukh Kafeel


2016 Jan 19th 490 Views
4 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerMahed AmirDuaa AmerMahrukh Kafeel

Wafa - lovely    2016 Sep 28th
Ayesha - Nice drawing    2016 Sep 24th
Mahed - hi vgood and preety    2016 Sep 9th
Mahrukh Kafeel

My bear

2014 Feb 18th 475 Views
My bear
3 People Like this! - Wafa AbbasKHAN AHMEDMahrukh Kafeel

Mahrukh - no I dont like mr bean and his teddy bear.noorul    2015 Jan 13th
Anonymous - it's perfect, very cute bear    2014 Jul 6th
Hadia - its ok    2014 Jul 2nd
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The Punjab School

hi!my name is mahrukh.i read in class favourite subject is english.

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The bracelets All were sitting in the car. It was Alexa's 6th birthday. Kevin was 9 and Fiona was ten... read more
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