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Lily Dae

Lily Dae


Rida Allide School , Karachi

i am fialy goold


Lily Dae


2013 Sep 24th 663 Views
Once upon a time there was a baby pigeon born whose name was Poo. He was very cute bird.His parents were very pleased with him. One day when he was... read more
4 People Like this! - Umar -Lily DaeLaibah BashamRafia Ahmed

Shiza - its so tru!!!!!!!!!!!!!1    2014 Feb 18th
Eesha - Soooo true...    2013 Oct 5th
Ajwa - tru    2013 Sep 27th
Lily Dae

A Magic Pencil

2011 Nov 2nd 888 Views
Once upon a time there was a girl. She lived in city. Her father was poor. She had small hut in the corner of the city. One day she went to the city... read more
Anam - nice .........    2013 Oct 29th
Madho - i like that story very much plz add me    2012 Aug 5th
Saamia - NYC TO READ    2011 Dec 27th
Lily Dae

The Big Bully

2011 Mar 25th 2301 Views
Once there Umar and Ayesha that was a cloudy day they were going to picnic on Sunday. They had delicious things to eat but a bully was chasing... read more
4 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedAyesha UsmanUmar -Lily Dae

Abdur-Rahman - Very good,but try to improve vocabulary    2011 Sep 3rd
Momina - whatever    2011 Jun 13th
Kazim - The theme is good but not vocabulary is weak. Try to use words which attract...    2011 Apr 17th


Lily Dae

I wish I could be a...

2012 May 5th 716 Views
I wish I could be a bird Flying freely in the sky I would build my nest And like to rest. I wish Icould be a birdFlying freely in the skyI would... read more