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Farzan Junaid

Farzan Junaid


Gsis , Islamabad

Aslam-o-Alaikum, my name is Syed Farzan Junaid. I will be 13 on 1 November 2013. I am in class 7.


Farzan Junaid

My Dream

July 2012 2012 Jul 29th 1002 Views
I was the only son of my Parents so they did everything for me. I felt like a king. They offered me many things but i never said enough. I started to... read more
Saad - goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...    2013 Jun 26th
Elsa - Please add me as your friends...........    2013 Feb 3rd
Dfg - d0 c0mment 0n my drawings...... pls    2012 Nov 23rd
Farzan Junaid

Jack’s Adventure

2011 May 7th 1083 Views
Once upon a time in India lived a king who`s daughter was kidnapped by a witch. Nearby his castle lived a poor man named Jack. The king said that who... read more
Usaidkhan - ure right the horse must have married the girl    2011 Sep 10th
Usaidkhan - the horse should get married    2011 Sep 10th
Bint Waseem - gud!!!    2011 Sep 8th


Farzan Junaid


2011 May 7th 973 Views
You are my friend I will not finish our friendship till the end You don’t know how many letters I have sent And I will be sending till the... read more
3 People Like this! - Bint Waseem MughalMohammmad SobanIzza Waheed

Bint Waseem - nyc!!!    2011 Sep 8th
Shahamah - i agree with IZZA    2011 May 26th
Saem - not this much good.    2011 May 7th


Farzan Junaid

Time machine

2011 Jul 8th 918 Views
What is a time machine?A clock! read more
3 People Like this! - Bint Waseem MughalWafa RaziShehzeen Zafar

Saad - borringggggggggggggggggg    2013 Jun 26th
Bint Waseem - gud!    2011 Sep 8th
Wafa - DON'T MIND PLEASE I LIKE IT    2011 Jul 20th
Farzan Junaid

Who left the dog!

2011 Jul 1st 903 Views
Once a person always participates in races and always come last. One day, he participated in a race and came first. Everyone was amazed. A person... read more
Laibah - hilarious !    2013 Jun 29th
Obaid - funny    2011 Jul 9th
Fatima - nyc one!!!!    2011 Jul 8th
Farzan Junaid


2011 Jun 20th 847 Views
What do lazy dogs do for fun?Chase parked cars! read more
2 People Like this! - Bint Waseem MughalFarzan Junaid

Shahamah - nice    2011 Jun 25th
Urooj - funnnnny!!!!gr8    2011 Jun 21st
Farzan Junaid


2011 Jun 14th 943 Views
If you drop a yellow hat in the Red Sea, what does it become?Wet! read more
1 Person like this! - Bint Waseem Mughal

MultiMan3000 - now this is a joke! lol    2011 Oct 12th
Ateeb - funny    2011 Jun 18th
Urooj - f9:-    2011 Jun 17th
Farzan Junaid


2011 May 6th 986 Views
In which city we only do studies? University! read more
2 People Like this! - Farzan JunaidSayed Mohammed Jalil Shah

Shahamah - nice    2011 May 26th
1 Comment
Farzan Junaid


2011 May 6th 876 Views
Which driver does not have a license? Screw-driver! read more
2 People Like this! - Bint Waseem MughalFarzan Junaid

Farzan - Hey Mohsin , i want to add you in my friends in my screen but my account is`nt...    2011 Aug 16th
Javeria - hahahaha......nice    2011 May 14th
Zahra - cool joke    2011 May 8th
Farzan Junaid


2011 May 6th 847 Views
Why does a dragon use flame? Because ice is to cold! read more
2 People Like this! - Bint Waseem MughalFarzan Junaid

Bint Waseem - hahahaha    2011 Sep 8th
1 Comment


Farzan Junaid


2011 May 7th 924 Views
We should not destroy plants. It releases oxygen for us which is important for us to breathe for living. They prevent floods and certain types of... read more
3 People Like this! - Bint Waseem MughalFarzan JunaidMmmm Mmmmm

Bint Waseem - nyc in4mation!!    2011 Sep 8th
1 Comment
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Full Name
Farzan Junaid
Pakistan, Punjab, Islamabad

Aslam-o-Alaikum, my name is Syed Farzan Junaid. I will be 13 on 1 November 2013. I am in class 7.

Video games
Tv watching
Toy collecting
Indoor games
Net surfing
Writing stories
Collecting coins
Stamp collecting
My Dream I was the only son of my Parents so they did everything for me. I felt like a king. They... read more
Who left the dog! Once a person always participates in races and always come last. One day, he participated... read more
Jack’s Adventure Once upon a time in India lived a king who`s daughter was kidnapped by a witch. Nearby... read more
Dragon Why does a dragon use flame? Because ice is to cold! read more
Dogs What do lazy dogs do for fun?Chase parked cars! read more
Plants We should not destroy plants. It releases oxygen for us which is important for us to... read more
Driver Which driver does not have a license? Screw-driver! read more
Studies In which city we only do studies? University! read more
Swearing Mother to Saba: Saba I have heard that you swear on everything! Saba: No Mom. I swear... read more
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Boys never change...... Sir: What do you know about Chemistry? Student: Hydrogen, Sodium,Helium, Chlorine... read more
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Joke Teacher: If you had five apples on your desk and the boy next to you took three what... read more
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Riddle What is that thing when we buy it, it is black, when we are using it, it is a little red... read more
Driver Which driver does not have a license? Screw-driver! read more
ribaat khan
Kids are Clever A teacher asks a student "if I give you 2 cats then 2 cats then another cat how many will... read more
Farzan Junaid
Science is the most... 2011 Oct 6th 2074 Views I think science is the most interesting subject. Do you agree? read more

89 Posts
Zainab  Rizvi Zainab Rizvi 2017 Dec 30th I love science I always got 100% in science
Areeba Nadeem Areeba Nadeem 2016 May 29th Science is very very interesting and easy to understand. I love the subject of science.
Berha Irfan Berha Irfan 2016 May 12th Not my favorite subject but indeed the most interesting.
Maheen Ishtiaq Maheen Ishtiaq 2015 Oct 25th Yeah it is the most interesting subject. It is my favourite subject.
saad bin Ishtiaq saad bin Ishtiaq 2015 Oct 22nd Yeah I agree.
Mahrukh Durrani Mahrukh Durrani 2015 Sep 15th Oh science well biology is little bit good but physics and chemistry is too much.....................boring
Maikham Adil Maikham Adil 2014 Aug 3rd Science is my favourite subject. No doubt. I always get full marks in it.
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 Jun 9th ME LOVE SCIENCE...:)!
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 May 10th I love science because of my new teacher Miss Sualiha. It's true true that if a teacher is not polite who teaches very strictly the pupils don't like that kind of teacher,but miss Sualiha have every qualities that a good teacher must have. That's why I love SCIENCE!!!:)
Affan Faisal Affan Faisal 2014 Feb 9th Yes it is. Especially technology and chemistry
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Nov 7th I like and Science
nazish ilyas nazish ilyas 2013 Jul 20th Yeah i agree wid is also my favourite subject and Mashallah i always get good marks in it.
Gullasht Nadeem Gullasht Nadeem 2013 Apr 17th AOA yeah i agree with you
 Sadia Malik Sadia Malik 2013 Mar 11th Hmm good children,well i love it You will now it in future that Sadiya Malik has discovered a _________.Because i don't know what i am going to discover...
Soha Suhail Soha Suhail 2013 Jan 21st Yeah, it is but a bit difficult too...)
Emaan  Farhan Emaan Farhan 2012 Oct 29th Maths.... In EVERYTHING! That's why I love it!
Izma Khan Izma Khan 2012 Aug 27th Science my favourite subject is full of adventures i love it because just because of it I can be a doctor u know MEDICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)
Undesirable No. 1 -- Undesirable No. 1 -- 2012 Jun 12th @Farzan Junaid i agree!
Farzan Junaid Farzan Junaid 2012 Apr 23rd Guys, really maths is the gateway to science.
Emaan  Farhan Emaan Farhan 2012 Apr 20th My fav sub is science and who cannot like science?
Bareera Khalid Bareera Khalid 2012 Feb 27th Science is cooooooooooool.specially ma'am Ayesha(science teacher)..:)
Undesirable No. 1 -- Undesirable No. 1 -- 2012 Feb 10th Yes ofcourse it's the subject to be studied but the teacher who use to teach me this sub makes it a burdensome for us i just like reading science books
Ibrahim Malik Ibrahim Malik 2012 Feb 9th Yes ..Science is indeed the best subject..
simi queen simi queen 2012 Feb 5th Yes science is soooooooooooooooo interesting
khaula noor khaula noor 2012 Feb 4th You like a subject when u get good grades if not you hate it!!(human psychology)it also happens that sometimes your friends keep on saying that you are not good in that subject so you start hating it........a just dont like or dislike science its oky.
lovely girl lovely girl 2012 Feb 4th How donot love science ?
SARA ABID SARA ABID 2012 Jan 31st I think that sciene is an amazing subject because we get to know many things about many things that we want to know and i will be a scientist when i will be dream will come true....!!!!!!! INSHALLAH
Syed Muhammad Syed Muhammad 2012 Jan 29th I think so that your right because I like science
Zaryab Khan Zaryab Khan 2012 Jan 28th It's a nice sub but boring
aimun hussam aimun hussam 2012 Jan 26th Yes Farzan, science is very intresting subject because we understand easy and lern science fast than more subject .
Farzan Junaid Farzan Junaid 2012 Jan 24th Hey Rizwan, my aim is also to become a scientist!
hamaad  raza hamaad raza 2012 Jan 23rd Science rocks
marium faisal marium faisal 2012 Jan 23rd Science is a good subject but i dont like learning it n history is the bestttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anas _ Anas _ 2012 Jan 18th Science is almost everything.. Let me tell you Science is a part of history (historical Science) Politics (political Science) Computer (computer science) Maths (in formal Science) and u all know about the rest Physics Chemistry.. and Biology etc. So you can see almost everything is science.. So you might like Parts of Science.. And you can't just Say I LOVE science in general.. as it will be wrong! :)
Mahnoor Khalid Mahnoor Khalid 2012 Jan 18th Actually it's an interesting sub but I don't like it especially as the view of learning
fariha farid fariha farid 2012 Jan 18th Yeah, actully i agree with you guys. without sience there is nothing in the world. science is world
Laiba Shah Gilani Laiba Shah Gilani 2012 Jan 15th I agree as science is my favourite subject.
ARSHAH WASEEM ARSHAH WASEEM 2012 Jan 9th I agree 100%
shameer shahzad shameer shahzad 2012 Jan 5th Yeah science help us to invent something also make our mind sharp
ali akbar ali akbar 2012 Jan 5th Yes i do agree science is important
simi queen simi queen 2012 Jan 4th I like science soooooo much but some times i also feel problem in it
areeba pervaiz areeba pervaiz 2012 Jan 2nd Sure it is
moomal ahmed moomal ahmed 2012 Jan 2nd I agree but their are more interesting subjects like maths and lan.guage
Irsa Ghazal Irsa Ghazal 2011 Dec 31st Yikes science i hate science
Ushna  Zahid Ushna Zahid 2011 Dec 23rd I agree.There is no subject better than science as it is the study of nature.It helps in increasing our knowledge about ourselves and what is around us.
Aiman Mughal Aiman Mughal 2011 Dec 15th Science is very interesting and my favourite subject i love to learn about plants,ecosystem,global warming,temperature,underwater.
fatima  qasim fatima qasim 2011 Dec 9th Well I think it is interesting and it is 21st century and nothing is without science in the world!so every student should be interested in science.
fakiha khan fakiha khan 2011 Dec 6th No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maths is mch btter
Syed Muhammad UsMan Ali Syed Muhammad UsMan Ali 2011 Dec 5th No Doubt it is interesting but at higher level especially it's branch Chemistry is not easy .. It becomes a headache to most of the people
Ammar  Abdullah Ammar Abdullah 2011 Dec 4th Why not? Every one specially I love science tooooooooooooooooo much
khubaib ullah khubaib ullah 2011 Dec 3rd Well well it is the queen of subjects u can c it in any buk
AHSAN ASIF AHSAN ASIF 2011 Nov 29th I think science is very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Farzan Junaid Farzan Junaid 2011 Nov 28th Guys,without science we had no homes,cars,computers,internet,t.v,or any thing including clothes.
sahar saleem sahar saleem 2011 Nov 26th Science is the most interesting subject in all the subjects cz thx the subject in which we can learn our daily matters specially in biology we learn more about ourself.........................
Haim Thaha Haim Thaha 2011 Nov 16th Yup. i love science it's my fav sub coz science is very interesting i feel like studying science forever n ever n ever n ever .......
Nouman Aqil Nouman Aqil 2011 Nov 14th Yes, Science is the most important and interesting of all subjects. My aim in life is to be a scientist!
Sarah Aquil Sarah Aquil 2011 Nov 14th Yes i agree because science is a very interesting subject and i like science very much especially BIOLOGY.
Aliza Syed Aliza Syed 2011 Nov 14th Science is amazing...........i love science.
asad ullah asad ullah 2011 Nov 10th Yes,because its related to all subject.
Zainab  Khan Zainab Khan 2011 Nov 8th All subjects are really nice
zainab  javaid zainab javaid 2011 Nov 5th I hate science
Rizwan Ahmad Rizwan Ahmad 2011 Nov 3rd Yeah,sure,My aim in life is to be a scientist!
Maryam Aamir Maryam Aamir 2011 Nov 2nd I like science very much especially biology but not chmical equtions
Humaira Maqbool Humaira Maqbool 2011 Nov 2nd Yes I agree that science is the most interesting subject because we get to know about different things.
l .T l .T 2011 Oct 27th I think Science is interesting and useful to study about the nature and things created by Allah......It is extra interesting for me........I love my science period especially when we do experiment in biolab..........
AbdulRehman Shoro AbdulRehman Shoro 2011 Oct 26th Science is very important subject which is should be studied by every one . If we want to keep pace with science We SHOULD acqiure more and more knowledge
Mehwish Khan Mehwish Khan 2011 Oct 25th Yeahhh !!!!!!! I totallly agreeee!! SCIENCE is the best subject :) , but many find it difficult although its not , jst we need some interest in it !!! :)
amna kayani amna kayani 2011 Oct 24th Yeha!in subjects science is my fav one
Aliza Syed Aliza Syed 2011 Oct 23rd Science is very interesting and useful,.......i dontknow why people think that its difficult......its ma favourite subject
manail syeda manail syeda 2011 Oct 21st Yeah! i agree. science!oh! i love science.
shayan farooq shayan farooq 2011 Oct 21st YES science has changed the world.
Safa Amin Safa Amin 2011 Oct 14th Yes science is the interesting subject i love science
Hasan Rehman Hasan Rehman 2011 Oct 14th I agree that science is an interesting subject and it is called the queen of subjects.
maryam fatima maryam fatima 2011 Oct 13th I also like science very much and especially biology
Aisha Abdul Quddus Aisha Abdul Quddus 2011 Oct 12th Yeah i too like science sunjects but i don't like the chmical equations.... they are tooooo difficult but i like to study about animal kingdom and electricity in science......
Arshia Tahir Arshia Tahir 2011 Oct 11th Food and nutrition should be a part of science. it will make science more interesting.
Directioner Forever Assawer T. Directioner Forever Assawer T. 2011 Oct 11th Yeah Science is interesting especially biology for me because I wanna become a doctor... You Know what guyz my bro did a discovery...
Mishal Mazhar Mishal Mazhar 2011 Oct 11th I agree that science is one of the best subjects because it tells us about different things about this world which decreases our curiosity about things and this is what makes it such a great subject.
Summiya Abid Summiya Abid 2011 Oct 10th Rather than science maths is more interesting,sometimes science is quit boring.
Khushbukht Javid Khushbukht Javid 2011 Oct 10th Science is everywhere and it should be interesting.
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2011 Oct 10th Seriously and honestly science is the one of the most interesting subject of the world...i like it because it is too knowledgeable ...
Izza waheed Izza waheed 2011 Oct 10th Assalam-o-Alaikum! Absolutely right! science & its branches i.e, bio,chem & phy are the most amazing & interesting subjects i've ever read.They encourage us to investigate natutre.I agree.JAZAKALKLAH KHAREN.
anees  fatima anees fatima 2011 Oct 7th Yes,we learn something new from science.some new discoveries with science.we keep our knowledge up-to-date in science
Hadia Kashif Hadia Kashif 2011 Oct 7th Of course science is the most interesting subject from all and according to me it also connect us with ALLAH.
Muhammed shafeh ul haq Muhammed shafeh ul haq 2011 Oct 7th I think every subject is intresting
Faizan Khan Faizan Khan 2011 Oct 6th Science is interesting but mathematics is more
Ahmed Alam Ahmed Alam 2011 Oct 6th Yeah indeed science is the one my favourte one