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Farha Younus

Farha Younus


Pakistan International School Riyadh, English Section , Riyadh

my name is farha and i am in grade 5. i study in pakistan international scool riyadh english section (PISES). ilove my muslin...


Farha Younus

John’s new family

June 2011 2011 Jun 28th 1515 Views
John was visiting a big castle. As he walked through one of the rooms he saw a ghost. The ghost told John, "I will invite you to my ghost party."John... read more
Momina - u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rocked the roof of my...    2012 Oct 28th
Wajeeha - awesome story! btw which section r u in of 4.. i study in pises too and i would...    2012 Mar 17th
Zainab - thankuuuu soooooooo much farha for accepting my friend request ***    2011 Sep 27th


Farha Younus

Google vs. Yahoo

2011 Jul 29th 1302 Views
Farhan: Ali Google is best or YahooAli: don’t worry Farhan I’ll search on Google then I’ll tell you:-)   read more
Shiza - LOLZZZZZZZZZZ!!!    2014 Apr 30th
яυмαιsα - Nyc............    2012 Jun 24th
Undesirable No. 1 - good joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2012 Feb 3rd
Farha Younus

New car

2011 Jun 24th 1122 Views
A man bought a new car and wrote on door that.....Open the door outside........... :P  read more
Shiza - I did not get it.Please explain it to me Farha.    2014 Apr 30th
Laibah - i dont get it    2013 Jun 9th
Tazeen - niceee...    2012 Jun 25th
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Full Name
Farha Younus
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Pakistan International School Riyadh, English Section

my name is farha and i am in grade 5. i study in pakistan international scool riyadh english section (PISES). ilove my muslin friends they are like my siblings. i love to help everybody.

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Farha Younus
How can we spend... 2011 Aug 10th 3479 Views How can we spend our days in Ramadan in a better way? read more

27 Posts
Berha Irfan Berha Irfan 2016 May 12th I agree with M. Shafeh ul Haq
fareeha noman fareeha noman 2013 Jan 8th I say that we should pray to God read Quran & ask Allah for Forgiveness read Tasbeeh . . . . 4 kuls
Duaa Yousuf Duaa Yousuf 2012 Jun 12th The purpose of fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan is to realize the hardships the poor suffer at hands of inflation and poverty. Therefore, isn't it good if we spend or fasts helping them? You won't feel even a tinge of hunger during it, believe me!
Sufia Imran Sufia Imran 2011 Nov 8th Ramadan is a month of worship.Worshipas much as you can pray five times a day.mostly offer nafli prayers and read Quran and perform tasbeeh
Hasan Rehman Hasan Rehman 2011 Oct 14th Simple!By reciting Quran,asking for forgiveness and praying namaz 5 times and by not lying.
Arshia Tahir Arshia Tahir 2011 Oct 11th Recite lots of Quran like i did. i recited 11 siparahs daily but still i was too tired in the end that i was able to complete 2 and a half quran
Muhammad Shafeh ul haq Muhammad Shafeh ul haq 2011 Sep 23rd There are different ways of spending our days better in Ramadan.We should pray for Allah and ask him for dua and forgiveness and never say bad words also we should not get in anger. We should not listen to music or doing unnecessary things instead we should read quran and pray a lot
l .T l .T 2011 Sep 4th Easy!!!Not telling Lies, praying,reading Quran,doing tasbeeh in free times and much more....And ask Allah for our forgiveness.........
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2011 Sep 1st It's so easy to spend the time in ramazan actually i am a student with a very tough shedule...i have to attend the school then tuition then go home and sleep then make the aftari and help my mum in making dinner and hane to do home work because of ramazan i have to do ibadath,read Quran,and do all those ibadah in the SHAB-E-QADAR (the night of prayer) and many more things....:) it's a busy month man....:)
Mahnoor Khalid Mahnoor Khalid 2011 Aug 25th Ramadan is a blessing of Allah and we can say thanx to Allah for this blessing by giving up all bad habits, by reciting the Holly Qurran as much as we can do, by trying to fast 30 days regularly, by speaking truth, by saying prayer 5 times, I hope that this Ramadan will spend better by us.
maria wasti maria wasti 2011 Aug 24th We can get to sleep,we can recite quran,do ibadh,we can read books or watch iftar tranismission on ARY or Hum tv
Abeera Tariq Abeera Tariq 2011 Aug 23rd Ramadan is a month in which Muslims from all over the world fast for 30 days.This way muslims tolerate and realize how their poor muslim fellows spend several days starving.So in this month we all should help our poor fellow beings through fulfulling their needs either in material form or in money.This way we all will earn points in the eyes of Allah.We all should fast and pray to Allah for the betterment of our country.
friend ship friend ship 2011 Aug 22nd U can do it in many ways..........!!!!!!!!!! first of all u should pray 5 times a day.... its very important .......... 2nd u should finsh the holy quran 1 time in ramadan ........... and the last and most important 1 is on the last 10 days of ramadan u shold recite holy quran more , u shold not waste time playing ,seeing tv, but u shold help people andu shold more ibadaht
Mairah Ahmed Mairah Ahmed 2011 Aug 21st We should spend ramadan in a better way by speaking truth , pray to god, ask for forgiveness of our sins, offer nafal prayers.
Bareera Khalid Bareera Khalid 2011 Aug 17th Almighty Allah has give us an oppurtunity to remove our sins in Ramadan Kareem.This is such type of worship which we will find in every relegion.First weshould offer prayers regularly,stop watching T.V ,finish Quran-e-Pak as soon as u possible, do not use abbusive language,help the poor and needy ,try keep ur self away from every type of sin,get prayers from your elders by helping them overall u have to pray Allah for u ,ur family and don,t try to forget ur friends in ur prayers
iman fatima iman fatima 2011 Aug 17th For spending a better Ramadan you should do good deeds like offering 5 prayers,helping others,saying the truth,using a good language,forgiving everyone.You should ask ALLAH ALMIGHTY to forgive you.Do not listen to the songs and dont watch movies and dramas on t.v.Instead of this you can listen to the "Naats" and watch Islamic channels.You should perform "Tasbeeh" and "Nafli Prayers".Do obey your elders.Its very good if you finish" QURAN" in this holy month of Ramadan and eat the "Sehri" whether you fast or not because its a blessing.While fasting be sure that you dont do anything which could break your fast.You must perform "Travih" if you fast.Try to fast because there is a door in HEAVEN which is for fasters.Thats all.If you can do this all I hope you will spend a better Ramadan(Inshaallah)!!!!!!!!!
Rakhi  sawant Rakhi sawant 2011 Aug 16th The only way is tht to stay in fast limits n keep away fm evils task ....!! try to do happy Almighy Allah....!!
maryam fatima maryam fatima 2011 Aug 16th We can spend Ramadan in a better way by keep on praying and we should try to get closer to almighty Allah and avoid watching ,speaking and listening the bad things
Urooj Usmani Urooj Usmani 2011 Aug 14th Put all ur works side and do ur best to be more nearer to almighty allah by reciting Quran and alots more and yeah one more thing plzzzzz avoid going to market during ramdan
shazma iqbal shazma iqbal 2011 Aug 14th We should pray and read Quran. If we are done by these things we can listen naats on T.V or computer or read good books.We can also do our summer vacation homework in Ramadan or prepare for our Exams coming!!!!!!!
Ibrahim Malik Ibrahim Malik 2011 Aug 14th We can spend it better by praying alot and by asking Allah,s for forgiveness , by helping each other and do some other,s work as much fast as you can......
Maham Shahzad Maham Shahzad 2011 Aug 14th We must try to complete the quran. and to pray most perfectly. stop watching cartoons and movies. offer nawafils and tarawih. as prophet(pbuh) said, 'the one who doesnot ask for forgiveness in the month of ramadan, is ruined'. in ramadan, the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of hell are closed, the satin is grounded, and u r free to return to the right way''.
Aliza Syed Aliza Syed 2011 Aug 14th We can pray nd recitate HOLY QURAN instead of watching t.v nd spending time on surfing the internet
Maryam Aamir Maryam Aamir 2011 Aug 13th We should pray more and more to Allah for our forgiveness and should try to finish Quran more than one time.If we help others and perform our prayers well than may be we were more blessed.We should aviod watching TV and net surffing bcoz I have seen many people spending their time of Fast on net and TV.
Aisha Abdul Quddus Aisha Abdul Quddus 2011 Aug 12th An excellent topic. The very first thing in spending a better Ramadan is that please do the shopping of Eid before Ramadan, I have seen people who are free before Ramadan but do not do anything and at last Ramadan(WHICH IS A VERY BLESSED NIGHT)they do their shopping. Second thing, you should be regular of prayers and try to finish the Quran(as this is the month of Quran). And the most important thing that plz plz stop watching TV only and only during Ramadan. Everybody watches TV the whole year but if for one month they will stop they will get reward and also don't use abusive language and try to pray Taraweeh in mosque
Wasia Ahmad Wasia Ahmad 2011 Aug 11th I 100% agree with Mishal! We should pray to God and ask for forgiveness.We should avoid watching movies n listening songs and do any think you can to make God happy like helping others.
Mishal Mazhar Mishal Mazhar 2011 Aug 11th There are many ways of spending our days better in Ramadan.The first is to keep on praying and asking Allah,the supreme creator, for help,no doubt he is the only supreme personality who can help us.The other possible way is to offer some nafli prayers. There are some things from which we should forbid ourselves to do e.g. listening to songs,watching movies etc. And instead of doing these things we can pray from Allah and perform "tasbeeh".