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Tooba Raheel

Tooba Raheel


Divisional Public School, Lahore. , Riyadh

I love reading and writing books. I've written a book on my kitten, Safina. I love cats and chocolates are the yummiest!


Tooba Raheel

The Lost Kitty

Jan 8th 141 Views
Once upon a time, there was a small little kitten called Safina. She was very happy. She had white fur, golden whiskers, and black eyes and always... read more
4 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalFatima TariqTooba RaheelZainab Rizvi

Aiza - Great story    Jan 12th
Rabia -     Jan 9th
Zainab - fantastic.    Jan 8th
Tooba Raheel

The BFC (Part 1)

2013 Jun 22nd 942 Views
Brittany was bored. She had nothing to do. Amelia was asleep and Anne was watching the TV in case something good was coming. After about an hour she... read more
Zainab - nice. I am also waiting for the next part    Jan 9th
Irza - Nice story. To help with your next part,maybe you could add a bit of horror and...    2017 May 18th
Aliza - hey r u still using vshine    2016 Nov 30th
Tooba Raheel

Introduction of the BFC...

2013 May 31st 797 Views
A sneak peak to the BFC (The Boredom Fighter’s Club)!Main Characters:Brittany: 14 years old. Leader of the BFC (Boredom Finisher’s... read more
Eraj - Amazing!!!!    2014 Apr 1st
Ajwa - wow !!!! =O    2013 Aug 17th
Tooba - Um....hi    2013 Jun 29th
Tooba Raheel

Abdullah, A patient boy...

2012 Dec 5th 794 Views
Days passed and so did months making Abdullah’s misery more and more as he longed to see to his mother. One day when Abdullah’s father... read more
Aiza - Awwwwww....... So nice story    Jan 12th
Irza - awww so nice well done    2017 May 18th
Maarij Maqsood - nyc    2013 Jul 5th
Tooba Raheel

Abdullah, a patient boy...

2012 Oct 3rd 707 Views
“.........there is nothing you can do about it.” His aunt had two children of her own: Ismail and Mariam.  Abdullah couldn’t... read more
Soha - Awww! Well done!!    2013 Feb 25th
Duaa - nice    2012 Dec 16th
Momina - cool. . . dont like the dad and aunt    2012 Dec 14th
Tooba Raheel

Abdullah, A patient boy...

2012 Sep 24th 779 Views
They were taken to the hospital at once. The driver of the truck had broken his leg and there was a bruise in his hand.  Abdullah was hardly... read more
Irza - it sound good so far ☺    2017 May 18th
Tooba - yes    2013 Feb 27th
Naima - very good you written this story????????????????    2013 Jan 22nd
Tooba Raheel

Abdullah, a patient boy

2012 Sep 17th 953 Views
“Abdullah” Mother called “Let’s go shopping”   “Ok” he replied. Abdullah was very intelligent and... read more
Irza - nice    2017 May 18th
Soha - Nice story!!    2013 Feb 25th
Duaa - gguudd    2012 Dec 16th
Tooba Raheel

Aisha's Pranks

2012 Sep 14th 794 Views
Once upon a time there was a girl named Aisha she was the smallest in her family. One day she came home shouting: yay! I have got holidays for a... read more
Aiza - I agree with It's irza and amazing story tooba    Jan 12th
Irza - No problem ♥♥    2017 May 18th
Tooba - @Irza Thanks Irza but I think they have a right to voice their opinion; after...    2016 Feb 18th
Tooba Raheel

Real beauty lies in the...

2012 Sep 14th 851 Views
Once upon a time there was a girl named Maira. She was the most beautiful girl in her town, but she was also selfish and mean. Her parents were very... read more
Aiza - Wow amazing story tooba    Jan 12th
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Full Name
Tooba Raheel
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Divisional Public School, Lahore.
3 E

I love reading and writing books. I've written a book on my kitten, Safina. I love cats and chocolates are the yummiest!

Writing stories
Collecting coins
The Lost Kitty Once upon a time, there was a small little kitten called Safina. She was very happy. She... read more
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The Walker Twins (part 2) Continued:Kath and Kitty saw 3 girls coming towards them, all with cute cat eyes, and one... read more
Mother Thank you Mother for helping me stand up when there was nobody to help me, I owe you a... read more
Home Sweet Home Home sweet home, You never make us feel alone, Protecting us from bad weather and storm... read more
grown up Teacher: Joe, who do you wish to become when you grow and why?Joe: teacher...........I... read more
Someone in my room (Part 2) Izma faintes, after 15 minutes she woke up and saw at the wall of her room.There was... read more
Qutub Minar Which cat can jump higher than the Qutub Minar? read more
The Walker Twins (part 2) Continued:Kath and Kitty saw 3 girls coming towards them, all with cute cat eyes, and one... read more
The Walker Twins (part 1) "Have you packed our bags, mum?" asked Kath Walker, as she expected everything to be... read more
A Friend in need (4) last part Rosella's mother told her that Jane and Diana gave her blood bottles as soon as Rosella's... read more
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