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Eman Kashif

Eman Kashif


Head Start School , Karachi

I love to read and play on computer and you can send as many fri reqest you want and i will accept plzzzzz


Eman Kashif

Anna frozen

2015 May 27th 940 Views
anna frozen

Urooj - Good1😀    2017 Jul 15th
Wania - Well done!    2017 Jan 8th
Safa - Mind Blowing!!    2016 Dec 11th
Eman Kashif

Frozen elsa

2015 Apr 20th 1613 Views
frozen elsa

Aiza - It's copied    2017 Dec 11th
Yashal - lovely but next time emaan sign this image so theyll know it    2017 Nov 4th
Fatima - But I can't find her profile ask her to publish something and I can add her then    2017 May 12th
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Full Name
Eman Kashif
Pakistan, sindth, Karachi
Head Start School
5 a

I love to read and play on computer and you can send as many fri reqest you want and i will accept plzzzzz

Toy collecting
Board games
Indoor games
Net surfing
Writing stories
Collecting coins
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