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Aleesha Abdullah

Aleesha Abdullah


Knowledge Bridge , Riyadh

Aoa.I am Aleesha Abdullah.I am a girl.I am a fourth grader, my school is Knowledge Bridge.My age is 9.I am from...

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Full Name
Aleesha Abdullah
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Knowledge Bridge

Aoa.I am Aleesha Abdullah.I am a girl.I am a fourth grader, my school is Knowledge Bridge.My age is 9.I am from Karachi(Pakistan), but I live in Riyadh(Saudi Arabia).I love reading, it's also my hobby.I am good at winning 1st prizes, in Spelling Bee, and other competitions. I am a pleasant singer, because of my voice, Alhamdolilah.I love One Direction and their songs.My favourite song is Victoria Justice - Make it Shine.My favourite food is Pasta, my favourite color is blue, and my favourite animal ia a peacoak.Oh well, that's all about me.Please add/accept me as your friend, thanks.If you guys/gals, have any compliments, write in the comments below.

Board games
Net surfing
Writing stories
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