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Elsa Sharif

Elsa Sharif


Jungam Elemantary School , Guanzhou

I am a girl of 08 years old.I born on 01.01.2005.I live SOUTH KOREA.I have a brother and his name is Asher.I am expert in net...


Elsa Sharif

Demon Assassin

2013 Apr 27th 1734 Views
There is a relentless culpritWho, has no barriers of dareIt destroys this twinkling lifeAnd starts the conquest to darken our chasmsHeaves its swords... read more
Taibah - please accept my friend request i have like your all stuff    2015 Jul 4th
Laibah - btw my cousin is also from korea her name is rameen and her family are the hongs    2014 Jul 9th
Laibah - umm, is your name REALLY Elsa?    2014 Jul 9th
Elsa Sharif

Together we will

2013 Mar 29th 794 Views
Through these defying livesThe enlightenments we will reviveAnd the quasars of amelioration will jiveTogether we will strive!Soon we will transcendAs... read more
Aiza - Nice,Elsa would you like to be my friend.    2017 Apr 22nd
Areesha - Its nice poem. Elsa do you like elsa i mean the frozen one. I like it too much .    2014 May 12th
Elsa - raise your standrad emel    2013 Jul 14th
Elsa Sharif

The Nationalist

2013 Mar 25th 789 Views
The NationalistHis loam up heaves himAnd he devoted his bosomHis realm calls his soulHe dedicated his eminenceHis brother wanted sympathyHe was the... read more
Nimra - oh acha acha..    2013 Jul 19th
Elsa - sorry wo me facebook use karte hon v shine bhot kam use karte hon    2013 Jul 13th
Nimra - mind mt krna elsa okay? i was just joking.. :)    2013 Jun 16th