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Aliza Shazib

Aliza Shazib


Garrison Academy For Girls , Lahore

iam a good girl


Aliza Shazib

One day...

2011 May 27th 850 Views
One day it was so cold That I felt me quite old I saw a physician He was a magician That I felt my self as good as gold read more
Arwa - Niceeeeeeeee    2013 May 31st
Anonymous - nice    2013 Mar 25th
Muzna - keep it up    2011 Dec 22nd

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Full Name
Aliza Shazib
Pakistan, punjab, Lahore
Garrison Academy For Girls

iam a good girl

Video games
Writing stories

Does not like anything!

One day... One day it was so cold That I felt me quite old I saw a physician He was a magician... read more
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