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Fatimah Latif

Fatimah Latif


Pakistan International School (pisj) , Jeddah

Welcome To My Profile Muggles. All you need to know about me is: I am a Slytherin and a hard-core Otaku, 17 years old, a Movie...


Fatimah Latif

Lucifer (Last Part)

2014 Jul 18th 843 Views
I slapped myself on the cheek so hard that I could taste blood in my mouth. ‘Wake up; it’s just a stupid dream. WAKE UP…please... read more
Aliza Aamir - omg i hate my self ...why i didnt read this awesomely awesome freaking story...    Dec 2nd
Aliza Aamir - hey do u still use vshine cuz i didnt heard of u lately    Nov 30th
Mehvish - Wow so nice story excellent    2015 Jul 26th
Fatimah Latif

Lucifer (Part 6)

2014 Jul 4th 769 Views
The hall decoration was also our job-detention. Mostly Katie did it while I sat and observed. We hadn’t talked all morning after the... read more
Laibah - part 7 koh tauba tauba karo!    2014 Jul 19th
Raveeha - amazing story and Ramadan Mubarak to all of you    2014 Jul 18th
Naima - Interesting    2014 Jul 18th
Fatimah Latif

Lucifer (Part 5)

2014 Jun 27th 540 Views
 “The reports indicate nothing serious. So there is nothing to worry about just make her to take her medication daily” said Dr... read more
Farishta - I like devil stories I mean not only devil novels but depressing novels. My fav...    2014 Dec 6th
Fatimah - thanks alot Marwa :D    2014 Jul 25th
Marwa - Love your story Fatimah !! GOING TO THE NEXT PART !!!    2014 Jul 17th
Fatimah Latif

Lucifer (Part 4)

2014 Jun 12th 850 Views
“Don’t move honey” someone said.“Where…where am I?” I heard myself ask.“The infirmary of course”... read more
Mohammad - Nyc    2014 Sep 6th
Laibah - buss, fatima, tum ne hamay buht dinou se suspense dil wayah hai. ab part 7 post...    2014 Jul 9th
Fatimah - OMG! i love that song Maryam.....    2014 Jul 3rd
Fatimah Latif

Lucifer (part 3)

2014 Apr 24th 662 Views
And so after the boring afternoon we went up to our room, exhausted. My mind was buzzing between detention and course work. I will just borrow some... read more
Farishta - great story.It looks like you are much inspired from "harry potter" or should I...    2014 Dec 6th
Shehram - cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool    2014 Aug 20th
Fatimah - to tell the truth Raveeha...nope, but as u say now i do remember it was...    2014 Jun 16th
Fatimah Latif

Lucifer (Part 2)

2014 Apr 11th 8390 Views
“Dadh eets oll er phault” Jessica accused with a bloody colt up her nose.“Yeah like I would punch you for nothing” I said... read more
Shumaim - BTW Rumaisa has seen me, I mean, how I look!    2014 Sep 16th
Irum - Hi, guys, I'm sorry I haven't been on VShine for a while. My WiFi wasn't...    2014 Jul 27th
Fatimah Latif

Lucifer (part 1)

2014 Mar 5th 28811 Views
The boring spring morning smelt of sewage and fish. The streets were almost `empty for everyone was at work. I walked clumsily, my mind elsewhere... read more
Aliza Aamir - dude you are an pro    Dec 2nd
Jasmine - u all remind me of the squablers in enid blytons story peppermint rock.Anyway...    2015 Aug 7th
Fatima - Lol these kind of fights are SO amusing........that is unless you're in it...    2015 Apr 17th
Fatimah Latif

Fantasy and Nightmare

2013 Oct 31st 835 Views
Have you ever wondered about mythical creatures? Pixies, fairies, mermaids, elves. What is the first picture that forms in your head when you think... read more
Fatimah - nope 9th board exams..:)    2014 Apr 3rd
Arooba - ohhhh I am soso sorry for disturbing you you are giving exams of class 8 ? AND...    2014 Mar 28th
Fatimah - so sorry board exams going on , btw thnx :0    2014 Mar 27th
Fatimah Latif

The Haunted Island (Last...

2013 Jul 7th 1122 Views
I lay there crying silently. The fire started making weird kind of sounds. I looked at its direction and noticed something move at the far corner of... read more
Aden - My heart was like screaming and I stopped breathing while reading this.I just...    2015 Sep 30th
Shehram - OOO!! I thinkkk someone did talk about goosebumps, and mystery stories and...    2014 Aug 21st
Shehram - OOO!! I thinkkk someone did talk about goosebumps, and mystery stories and...    2014 Aug 21st
Fatimah Latif

The Haunted Island (part...

2013 Jul 6th 647 Views
I ran, ran for my life, towards James. He was so panic-stricken while he watched my brave act that he didn’t move an inch. I had to grab his... read more
Hiba - good    2013 Aug 31st
Arooba - Fatimah I have no words to appreciate you keep you.    2013 Aug 13th
Fatimah Latif

The Haunted Island (part...

2013 Jul 1st 639 Views
We are going to die, I thought. There was nowhere to go, they were everywhere. Suddenly one of them turned and faced the others and then made some... read more
Soha - GREAT!    2013 Aug 12th
Arooba - Hello fatimah how are you?    2013 Aug 12th
Fatimah Latif

The Haunted Island (Part...

2013 Apr 30th 717 Views
The look on his face was kind of funny after I told him my story.“So these, these things are real. What are we going to do?” his eyes... read more
Fatima - Totally amzing    2015 Oct 2nd
Soha - Amazing    2013 Aug 12th
Arooba - its amazing story please add me as a friend fatimah.    2013 Jul 31st
Fatimah Latif

The Haunted Island (part...

2013 Mar 20th 576 Views
I started moving further into the cave and by surprise came upon a log of woods and then I saw a broken torch, some empty tin can and other stuff... read more
Affan - nice story fatima    2014 Jan 26th
Arooba - my birthday date is 4 may    2013 Sep 30th
Fatimah - oh u r sooo sweet Arooba. my birthday was on 21 july...its gone....but its ok u...    2013 Sep 29th
Fatimah Latif

The Haunted Island (part...

2013 Jan 19th 730 Views
I ran for my life and saw a cave it was almost hidden so I thought of hiding in there till the coast was clear. I went in there and stood in the dark... read more
Berha - soooo good    Apr 11th
Fatima - Really this story is the best one.    2015 Oct 1st
Amna - nice :)    2015 Aug 6th
Fatimah Latif

The Haunted Island (part...

2012 Dec 10th 610 Views
I woke up to see that the sun was out shining brightly. Whatever happened to me last night must be my dream; it has to be because I was exhausted... read more
Berha - nooo why end it here!!!!!!!!!    Apr 11th
Fatima - The best horror story I have ever read!    2015 Oct 1st
Amna - woww..... nice story.waiting impatiently 4r next part    2015 Aug 6th
Fatimah Latif

The Haunted Island (part...

2012 Oct 21st 598 Views
‘Help me, help me’. I felt myself drowning in that deep blue sea. I felt something dragging me down .I could no longer breath, my lungs... read more
Berha - perfect scary story very scary it's really really scaryyy did i mention it was...    Apr 11th
Fatima - Oh my god! I wanted to read this story and now I found it! I got really scared    2015 Oct 1st
Amna - very,very scary.......    2015 Aug 6th
Fatimah Latif

A Ghost Encounter (based...

2012 Sep 14th 798 Views
Once my friends and I tried to call a ghost at school. We four girls don’t take IT (information technology) so it was kind of a free period for... read more
Berha - I also tried to cal bloody mary but it dint work either, nyc story by the way    Mar 30th
Aliza Aamir - oh reminds me of trying to call bloody marry yeah it didnt happened :p    Jan 27th
Tooba - nice but were u sure it was a ghost or just imagination    2014 May 27th


Fatimah Latif

Peshawar's Flowers

2015 Jan 14th 318 Views
What must it feel like?To watch the earth swallow,All of your smiles,And leave you all hollow.What must it feel like?To watch with your eyes,The... read more
1 Person like this! - Maha Ahmad

Fatima - like it!    Mar 12th
Faiza - Nice poem    2015 Jan 20th
Faiza - Nice poem    2015 Jan 20th
Fatimah Latif

Shadows Of Their Swords!

2014 Apr 30th 377 Views
The war was in chaos,But they fought on,Our soldiers united,Till the break of dawn,Bravery they showed,Courage they kept,Inside of their heart,Where... read more
2 People Like this! - Noorul AinArij Yaqoob

Munkashay - Hooo,goood,woooo!    2014 Jul 8th
яυмαιsα - Aww that's soo nice of you*cries from happiness*    2014 Jun 19th
Fatimah - lol no way, who will then write all those funny comments bout Tooba ;)    2014 Jun 19th
Fatimah Latif

Mother, Heaven's Light

2014 Apr 30th 380 Views
A world of light,A world of glow,A light so bright,A colorful flow,Something inspired me,To write these lines,For I have started to see,The light... read more
2 People Like this! - Noorul AinArij Yaqoob

Munkashay - *Laughs in a friendly manner* You're welcome! ^__^    2014 Jul 18th
Fatimah - *Tears in eyes with happiness* thank you.....    2014 Jul 11th
Munkashay - O__O *Eyes wide at this poem's "greatness"*    2014 Jul 8th
Fatimah Latif


2014 Apr 30th 370 Views
Every tree is like an artist,Every leave it bears are his ways,Of changing this world into beauty,And making the best of days.But alas! When winter... read more
2 People Like this! - Noorul Ain яυмαιsα αнтsнαм

Munkashay - Wow, Fatimah you're a real poet, I admit! It's true, just look at the way you...    2014 Jul 25th
Kanza - nice    2014 May 3rd
Fatimah Latif

I Am Painted.....

2014 Apr 2nd 339 Views
Just wait and see,The real truth in me,The inner prisoner,Who cannot flee,Prisoner it is,Waiting for revenge,To attack on someone,And fulfill its... read more
1 Person like this! - Noorul Ain

Munkashay - Wow, copy "MY" and "SIS" 's comments...    2014 Jul 18th
Fatimah - man i gotta note how many *sweet* thing you say, so then i could copy em n use...    2014 Jul 11th
Shumaim - You are a poet too? That makes you a complete artist!    2014 Jul 8th
Fatimah Latif

A Coward!

2013 Nov 4th 512 Views
The sensation,The pain,The tension,Goes through my veins,When a chance is near,When I can be what I want to be,But as I would have feared,The feeling... read more
Munkashay - You didn't? You mean you closed the panel or something??    2014 Jan 11th
Fatimah - i didnt post that comment over there, i hate it when vshine does...    2014 Jan 5th
Munkashay - Aww, what could I do? I liked it sooo much!=D    2014 Jan 1st
Fatimah Latif

Enjoy Iridescent Days

2013 Sep 25th 629 Views
Jumping up and down,For the next day to start,Impatience all around,Only smiles, no frowns!Waking up in the morning,Wearing new clothes,Getting ready... read more
3 People Like this! - Noorul AinFatima Mehdi (Habibian)Arooba Asjed

Nazish - acha hai yaar.or mere stuff pr b comment karo plzzzzzzz.    2013 Dec 16th
Maryam - Are you going to give board exams in Jeddah. i'm asking becoz i'm going to give...    2013 Oct 3rd
Fatimah - ohhh...    2013 Sep 29th
Fatimah Latif

You Have Been...

2013 Jun 22nd 523 Views
You are reading this poem,And you will soon realize,That it’s a poem you would not like,You are reading and reading,And you do not stop,Until... read more
Shumaim - Awesome...that makes me your fourth victim, Munkashay is the third!    2014 Jul 28th
Munkashay - Whooaaa! *Hypnotizedly swaying* G-g-great p-p-p-poem...    2014 Jul 25th
Fatimah - awwweee..u r an amazing person Areej:D thnx    2013 Sep 24th
Fatimah Latif

A "No Such" Place!

2013 Mar 30th 398 Views
A dreamful skyFull of dreams and butterflies,Where you can love and careAnd where everything is fair,Where friends are trueAnd they stay with... read more
3 People Like this! - Noorul AinGullasht FeyrozaiAnonymous Writer

Munkashay - "No such"? I wish it was real! BTW, cool poem!    2014 Jul 9th
Anonymous - nice good try and congratulations on your winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Apr 3rd
Fatimah Latif

Horror Movies

2013 Mar 30th 444 Views
I just love moviesI don’t know whyI sit there watchingMy mouth wide open as well as my eyesIt makes me feel so excitedEspecially a horror... read more
Fatimah - ThanX Emel!!!!!!!    2013 Jul 11th
Emel - GOOD!    2013 Jul 8th
Fatimah - awww, Rumaisa, thank yo    2013 May 27th
Fatimah Latif

Sad Days

2013 Mar 21st 399 Views
Another sad day has just passed by,Boring as it was,It never turned and said good bye,With tears in my eyes,And laze spread over my body,I sat there... read more
3 People Like this! - Noorul AinGullasht FeyrozaiM Salman Ali {MSA}

Munkashay - So sad....    2014 Jul 8th
Fatimah - i know :(    2013 Mar 28th
Aasiya - ohhhhhh shoooooo shadddddd!    2013 Mar 22nd
Fatimah Latif

Too Much Thinking!!!

2013 Feb 2nd 461 Views
I used to think and think a lot,Until the veins in my brain made a knot,I tried my best to stop thinking, Because it was leading me to a plain... read more
3 People Like this! - Noorul AinGullasht FeyrozaiPrincess Laiba

Fatimah - yeah Mairah, i tried that but its useless so i wrote this poem.    2013 Mar 8th
Fatimah - thnx (^_^)    2013 Mar 8th
Princess - nice    2013 Feb 12th
Fatimah Latif


2012 Dec 22nd 470 Views
Poems are the writings,Of amazing people.Higher, middle and lower class folks.Poems are the writings,Those show you bright lights.Funny, serious or... read more
3 People Like this! - Noorul AinGullasht FeyrozaiReja Tanweer

Marwa - HEY that's awesome and has been posted    2013 Aug 1st
Duaa - Fantastic!!!!    2012 Dec 28th
MaRyAm - nyc!!!!!    2012 Dec 24th
Fatimah Latif

My regular day at...

2012 Dec 22nd 389 Views
As good as gold,I started my day,As graceful as a swan,I looked all day,As light as a feather,I worked out my problems,As cunning as a fox,My friend... read more
Aliza Aamir - really.    2015 Oct 31st
Munkashay - WAAOOOOW!    2014 Jul 8th
Fatimah - thnx......    2013 Mar 8th
Fatimah Latif


2012 Dec 10th 420 Views
People are killing peopleJust like biting an appleTo put out their thirst for moneyMoney, money and moneyThat’s all; people want to live... read more
Fatimah - i wanna be ur bestest buddy @Saima, love u for that :D    2013 Dec 13th
Samia - This is true!no one can say it is bad bcz it is not bad.and if someone says...    2013 Nov 28th
Soha - True....    2013 Feb 15th
Fatimah Latif

The King Of Darkness

2012 Dec 10th 413 Views
The king of darknessMoney is a devilKing of evil,The ugliest demon.Enemy of men,It is the thing that people fight for,It is the thing that should be... read more
2 People Like this! - Gullasht FeyrozaiReja Tanweer

Riko - SAD BUT TRUE...hey fatima i looked at ur paintings they r awsum...ARE U AN...    2014 Jan 29th
Munkashay - No problem, mate!(That is a dialogue, fella)    2013 Dec 21st
Fatimah - thanx buddy    2013 Dec 15th
Fatimah Latif

A Friend I Lost...

2012 Oct 29th 600 Views
CryOnce I had a friend, Who was sweet as a scent, Who always cheered me up, By her sweet little comments, BUT SOMETHING WENT WRONG, Something that... read more
Bismah - is it true    2013 Aug 6th
Fatimah - lets just say it a LAZY website :P    2013 Aug 1st
Emaan - :) Though I can't understand why Vshine's taking so long in posting my stuff...    2013 Aug 1st
Fatimah Latif

Harry Potter

2012 Oct 3rd 573 Views
I wish I was in place Of Harry Potter Oh! How much fun it would be, To track down Voldemort, And kill my enemies, To learn how to do spells, And some... read more
Aliza Aamir - wow yar    Jan 27th
Ayesha - aww its shoo gud    2015 Jun 2nd
Munkashay - AWWWWWW!!!    2014 Jan 1st
Fatimah Latif

My favourite colours

2012 Jul 25th 485 Views
YELLOW is the sun, Yellow is my day, Yellow is the month of May, BLUE is the sea, Blue is the sky, Blue is my dairy's key, Oh! How I wish I could... read more
Aliza Aamir - you speak urdu    Jan 27th
Munkashay - STOP IT EMAAN! You don't look fancy, or nice, or kind! She is 14 years d! Show...    2013 Dec 10th
Soha - Nice try Fatimah    2013 Aug 12th
Fatimah Latif

My passion for books

2012 Jul 25th 465 Views
Books are my favourite part of life, No matter what they are always in my sight, It’s so much fun, You should try it too, Cuz... read more
Munkashay - I know how you feel Soha. I stop girls in my class from fighting, but they JUST...    2013 Dec 10th
Shumaim - Emaan, you r the rudest girl on the planet but only with Fatimah, dunno why?    2013 Dec 8th
Soha - Come on guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheerup now!!    2013 Feb 15th
Fatimah Latif


2012 Jul 20th 638 Views
Backbiting is the most common thing, Now u can see in every human being, It is the thing that is forbidden in ISLAM, It is the thing that weakens... read more
3 People Like this! - Gullasht FeyrozaiSoha SuhailReja Tanweer

Munkashay - What do you mean, Emaan? First you say"This is the best poem ever" and when...    2013 Dec 6th
Soha - Stop fighting u both!!!    2013 Feb 15th
Emaan - I'm a Muslim. No one can change this.    2012 Oct 28th
Fatimah Latif


2012 Jul 16th 498 Views
Painting is my life as well as my style, It is a way of describing something, Something close to your heart as well as your life, something... read more
Munkashay - ;) ;)    2013 Dec 14th
Fatimah - lolz :p    2013 Dec 13th
Munkashay - Nice, and what is gross, her poem, painting, or your comment?    2013 Dec 6th
Fatimah Latif

Oh My!

2012 Jul 13th 460 Views
Oh my! What a terrible girl am i? Once I tried to fly and got a bleeding nose, Oh my! What a terrible girl am i, Once I told a lie that was not given... read more
Aliza Aamir - oh my what a terrible girl am i    Jan 27th
Munkashay - Aww, thanks!    2013 Dec 21st
Fatimah - yep really...:D :)    2013 Dec 15th
Fatimah Latif


2012 Jul 13th 471 Views
I am scary as well as hairy, I am no match with a fairy, I will catch you and I will crush u, I will boil you and I will roast u, You will cry and... read more
Shumaim - Fatimah, your DP!! O_O Awechaam (awesome)!!    2014 Apr 11th
KHAN - nice    2014 Jan 12th
Munkashay - Hee hee hee! =D    2013 Dec 14th


Fatimah Latif

Some Times It Is Better...

2015 Mar 30th 691 Views
Some Times It Is Better To Let Go........

Abdul Wasay - it is amaaaaaaaaazing    2015 Jun 17th
Admin - Check the My Page winners here    2015 May 29th
Fatimah Latif

Red Fox/ Ariel

2015 Mar 30th 586 Views
Red Fox/ Ariel

Duaa - once again it-is-so-o-o-o-o-o-o goooooooooooooooooooooooood (uncountable)    Apr 5th
Maida - darling! duaa i will comment on your drawing    Mar 20th
Maida - really so nice it's look that it's make by any artist u are such an artist...    Mar 17th
Fatimah Latif

Not Every War Won, Not...

2015 Mar 30th 678 Views
Not Every War Won, Not Every Hero dead.....

Irza - WOAHHHHH! beautiful    2015 Dec 15th
Abdul Wasay - sooooooooooo gooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2015 Jun 17th
Ayesha - I like your drawing so much.Would you like to be my friend. PLZ    2015 Jun 13th
Fatimah Latif

We will rise from the...

2015 Mar 18th 695 Views
We will rise from the ashes of those who went down.

Manail - god,this is incredible! i'm on the sixth book. well done fatimah    Oct 15th
MARYAM - Abdullah who do you want to kill??? lol!    2015 Aug 7th
Beenish - Best picture ever I hope Harry Potter kills Lord Voldermort after he has taken...    2015 Jul 16th
Fatimah Latif

Astrid (httyd2)

2015 Mar 18th 602 Views
Astrid (httyd2)

Beenish - The pencil decoration looks like you did not draw it but if you are saying that...    2015 Jul 16th
Ayesha - oh dear ! I'm totally speechless!!! its so so so gorgeous n fabulous #ThumbsUp    2015 Jun 5th
Admin - Check the My Page winners here    2015 May 29th
Fatimah Latif


2014 Jun 27th 581 Views

Aliza Aamir - flawsome awesome    2015 Dec 3rd
Noorul - sweeet ....    2015 Apr 14th
Fatimah Latif

Creativity is in your...

2014 Jun 27th 592 Views
Creativity is in your bones.......

Areeba - SUPERB! no words to express its beauty awesome!    Jun 21st
Duaa - without seeing your drawing i just see your name and like your pictures because...    2015 Apr 4th
Fatima - Amaaaaaaaazinnggg Waiting 4r more fabulous drawings of yours    2015 Jan 27th
Fatimah Latif


2014 Jun 18th 684 Views

Qurratul - YoU ArE A NiCe PaiNtEr.......... yOu cOuLd bE a sUcCeEd aRtIsT.............    May 22nd
Mahrukh - i have seen ur all drawing and ur drawings r amazing. nice drawing keep it up...    2015 Aug 15th
Noorul - IN FUTURE YOU CAN BE A GREAT ARTIST INSHALLAH !!!!!!!!    2014 Oct 3rd
Fatimah Latif

Blossoms of Life, Let...

2014 Apr 30th 701 Views
Blossoms of Life, Let then Bloom Bright......

Aliza Aamir - awesome    2015 Oct 26th
Ayesha - OMG!! its too much stunning n flawless !! wel i got no words to explain *feels...    2015 Jun 4th
Rihab - gr8    2015 May 12th
Fatimah Latif

Fight On.....

2014 Apr 2nd 518 Views
Fight On.....

Mahrukh - best drawing in pakistan    2015 Aug 15th
Fatima - One word to describe this *drums* : AwEsoMe!    2015 Apr 4th
Fatima - nice    2014 Nov 25th
Fatimah Latif

Let Your World...

2014 Feb 28th 683 Views
Let Your World Blossom!!!!!!!

Aliza Aamir - outstanding i am speechless    2015 Nov 18th
Fatimah - @Aliza, i am God gifted(Alhumdulliah) but if you want to learn i would...    2015 Nov 10th
Aliza Aamir - where did you learned all this and from where did you got the supplies    2015 Oct 26th
Fatimah Latif


2013 Nov 1st 1137 Views

Aliza Aamir - Fatimah do you have any idea about nail-art if yes can you please give me some...    2015 Oct 22nd
Duaa - It is!!! You made me once again speechless all good words for this drawing...    2015 Aug 15th
Fatima - When I first saw this pic I was like, hey! why would someone throw candy in the...    2015 Apr 4th
Fatimah Latif


2013 Oct 31st 673 Views

Duaa - Why are you not winner Yeh to galat bast HAI!    2015 Aug 15th
Fatima - You should be the winner your drawings are the best    2015 Apr 28th
Ayesha - nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2014 Jun 28th
Fatimah Latif

Friends Come In Every...

2013 Oct 30th 768 Views
Friends Come In Every Shape And Size.....

Duaa - just five stars i think we should give more than 100 stars    2015 Jul 9th
Dua - I want you to be a winner. and give you five star.    2014 Aug 11th
Shumaim - I guess 'YOU' are a normal-sized friend, Fatimah! ;)    2014 Jul 8th
Fatimah Latif

Shine Your Way.......

2013 Oct 25th 725 Views
Shine Your Way.......

Qurratul - Wonderful.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2014 Jun 30th
Sofia - cooooolllll    2014 Feb 6th
Fatimah - nope just saw some videos from youtube and some pics from google and tried to...    2013 Dec 15th
Fatimah Latif


2013 Sep 11th 634 Views

Soha - Awesome use of colours :) Love it!    2014 Sep 7th
Qurratul - I love it and do you know that we both study in same school...?!    2014 Aug 4th
Qurratul - I love it and do you know that we both study in same school...?!    2014 Aug 4th
Fatimah Latif


2013 Aug 4th 799 Views

Mehvish - wow marryam just in 13 years u r in 9 class fatima plz accept my friend...    2015 Jul 27th
Samia - it is so niceeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Nov 29th
Maryam - oh no its mine mistake i haven't wrote it clearly. I should write what I was...    2013 Nov 17th
Fatimah Latif


2013 Jul 3rd 654 Views

Arooba - gggggggggggggooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy    2013 Oct 11th
Bint Waseem - nysh    2013 Aug 15th
Fatimah - awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...thank u Ajwa and Zoya!!!!!!!    2013 Aug 7th
Fatimah Latif


2013 May 1st 664 Views

Aneesa - awesome!    2014 Jan 18th
Fatimah - and i love you Samia,my buddy    2013 Dec 15th
Samia - I LOVE ALL YOUR DRAWINGS!!!!!!U R AN ARTIST.    2013 Nov 28th
Fatimah Latif

Oil Painting!

2013 Mar 19th 584 Views
Oil Painting!

Aliza Aamir - it will look more good when you see it upside down.    2015 Oct 26th
Shumaim - I wish I had this one!    2014 Jul 8th
Arooba - good fishhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy    2013 Oct 11th
Fatimah Latif


2013 Jan 25th 613 Views

Mahrukh - cool    2015 Aug 15th
Duaa - It is just .............................    2015 Aug 15th
Nazish - gr8 n plzzzzzzzzzz do comment on my stuff 2.    2013 Dec 16th
Fatimah Latif

MiXture of Princesses

2013 Jan 25th 589 Views
MiXture of Princesses

Gul Noor - So that's Belle, Cinderella and ........    2014 Jul 27th
ADA - Fatimah do u like me I am just asking that will u defemd me infront of tooba,    2014 Jul 5th
Fatimah - oh no she did and so did i .....well whats better then a happy ending...    2014 Jul 3rd
Fatimah Latif

Still life

2012 Dec 18th 586 Views
Still life

ADA - U knw fatimah when tooba came to my home I said that fatimahs everything is...    2014 Jul 5th
Arooba - lovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee    2013 Oct 11th
Fatimah - that u r ;)    2013 Sep 17th
Fatimah Latif


2012 Dec 18th 711 Views

Aliza Aamir - you are literally joking i mean i am in 7 grade and i cannot even hold a brush...    2015 Nov 18th
Fatimah - ya i know @Aliza, i was only in grade 7 when i made this...i know it sucks...    2015 Nov 10th
Aliza Aamir - fatima if you had just detailed the waterfall it will look more fascinating by...    2015 Oct 26th


Fatimah Latif


2014 Jun 18th 736 Views
The use of electronic communication to bully a person is called cyber bullying. I am writing this article to inform u guys that every website has... read more
Aliza Aamir - I'm lovin it    2015 Oct 26th
Fatima Mehdi - I love this article of yours.It is informative a explained message to the...    2014 Dec 27th
Suhaib - Me too!    2014 Aug 8th
Fatimah Latif

Ghosts and Witches, are...

2012 Sep 24th 1040 Views
Many people have asked this question even my friends and the answer is yes, they are real. Including me lots of people have experienced it maybe you... read more
Jasmine - i have seen these kind of things too in real life    2015 Oct 30th
Gul Noor - I, for one, believe in ghosts. I've experienced it and my dad's grandad had...    2014 Jul 27th
Munkashay - This article is seriously, spookily, "spoosome"!    2014 Jul 25th
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Yamna Izhar Ahmed (262 friends)

al-majd inter national school dammam

PISJ jeddah
Sheraz Khan (36 friends)

cadet college larkana larkana
Sana Raheel (30 friends)

Mansoura International School Riyadh
Fatima Raheel (150 friends)

P.I.S.R :( or camp halfblood :) , Riyadh

Bright Future Pakistani International School Doha
Eisha Ajmal (71 friends)

Divisional Public School Lahore
Wajeeha Binte Sajid (111 friends)

Pakistan International School (English Section) Riyadh
Ghumaisa Usmani (103 friends)

Beacon House Okara Okara

Maryam Aamir (157 friends)

Momina Bhatty (108 friends)

Hurlingham and Chelsea Secondary School Central London
Disenchanted. Xx (214 friends)

L .T (32 friends)

Aliza Syed (203 friends)

Roots Millennium Peshawar
Shazma Iqbal (133 friends)

pakistan international school -al khobar al khobar
XxAngelxx . (51 friends)

Abu Dhabi

Pakistan International School,Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia Al-Khobar

O-Levels(10th)- Al-Maarefah International School Jazan Jazan
Hiba Ahmed (443 friends)

Devilish Rida (53 friends)

pakistan international school buraidah al qaseem buraydah
Talha Khan (5 friends)

L2L karachi
Zainab Riaz (62 friends)

Sidra Kamal (47 friends)

Karachi Medical And Dental College Karachi
Aimen Mughal (156 friends)

ARMY PUPLIC SCHOOL Chaklala Rwp. Rawalpindi
Unaiza Naqi (22 friends)

Dua Farhan (107 friends)

shaheen public school KARACHI
Syed Zohan Sajid (22 friends)

Modern International School Riyadh
Sadia Malik (87 friends)

Rawalpindi or Tabuk
Syeda Midhat (121 friends)

usman public school KARACHI
Fahmeetha Shahin (28 friends)

Anas _ (29 friends)

Yanbu International School Yanbu
Soha Suhail (306 friends)

PakTurk International Schools and Colleges, Islamabad Islamabad
Sidra Abdul Rauf (121 friends)

Pakistan International School Riyadh
Aasiya Usman (168 friends)

the educators gulshan_e_iqbal karachi campus 2 karachi
Junaid Bhatti
Junaid Bhatti (6 friends)

Pakistan International School Riyadh
Regulus Black (19 friends)

City Manama
Nimra Baloch (24 friends)

DAPS O and A levels phase 8 KARACHI
Abid Majeed (27 friends)

G H S No 3 Abbottabad Abbottabad.
Maryam Tariq (49 friends)

Crescent bahria cadet college Karachi
Emaan  Farhan
Emaan Farhan (75 friends)

Westminster School and College Karachi
Sehar Shahzad (190 friends)

divisional public school model town lahore lahore
Abdur Rafay Khan (51 friends)

Beaconhouse School System PECHS CAMPUS,Karachi karachi
Eshah Nawaz (29 friends)

beaconhouse PECHS Campus,Karachi karachi
Khadija Ahmed (23 friends)

Usman Public School karachi
Tehzeem Hassan (142 friends)

SR-2 (The City School KAPCO Chapter) Kot Addu (KAPCO Colony)
Mubushra Humayun (60 friends)

The City School,KAPCO Colony KotAddu
Samayya Shahzad (52 friends)

DPS lahore
Shumaim Hyūga (54 friends)

Army Public School And College Dera Ismail Khan
Dfg Dfggf (132 friends)

The City School KAPCO Chapter Kot Addu
Areeqa Hayee (79 friends)

the city school kapco chapter kot addu pakistan kotaddu
Iman Tarrik (46 friends)

PISR riyadh
Hina Khan (5 friends)

Hamdard Public School Karachi
Sana Mirza (8 friends)

Seyham Imran (3 friends)

bright future pakistani international school doha
Amna Faizi (142 friends)

Dawood public school Karachi
Khadijah Ahsan (93 friends)

Gharnatah International School Jeddah
Haroon Khan (98 friends)

the city school kot addu

abdullah bin abbas multan
Hira Sabir (53 friends)

Blessing Field School System Lahore
Fatima Haider (2 friends)

Al-cornish international school jeddah
Isbah Khan (92 friends)

bahria college karachi
Mathilda Khan (83 friends)

bahria college islamabad islamabad
Injla Batool (25 friends)

the city school multan
Rija Zainab (49 friends)

the city school kapco chapter kott addu
Sohail Naseer (13 friends)

Bolan Grammer School Turbat
Marhama Shams (11 friends)

icg islamabad islamabad
Afrah Rashed (15 friends)

AL-Falah int. school DPS jeddah jeddah
Hurria Nasir (21 friends)

beaconhouse rawalpindi
Abdullah Saeed (19 friends)

The City School kot addu
Hiba Saad (328 friends)

Jaffar Public School karachi
Amna Khan (84 friends)

L.S.S Islamabad
Manahil Ghani (19 friends)

Eesha Gill (35 friends)

Divisional Public School Lahore
Rabia Ahmed (124 friends)

usman public school karachi

Pakistan international school,jeddah Jeddah
Fatima Uroos (227 friends)

Jungam Elementary School Gwangju
Reja Tanweer (45 friends)

Al Corniche International School Jeddah

home tutions karachi
Fatima Haider (5 friends)

Al Corniche International School jeddah
Elsa Sharif (184 friends)

jungam elemantary school Guanzhou

Rabita Tariq (169 friends)

Usman public school Karachi
Hafsa Najam (43 friends)

BAMM P.E.C.H.S College for women KARACHI
Mishaal Abbas (21 friends)

british international school of tabuk Tabuk
Rabia Shahid (243 friends)

Pakistan Int School Riyadh
Areej Ahmed (84 friends)

International school Tabuk
Sufiyan Sadiq (5 friends)

The Educators Karachi
Eeman Ahmed (72 friends)

al-anjal international pakistani school makkah
Hanzala Mudassar (24 friends)

al manar international school yanbu
Afifah Maryam (132 friends)

IMSG Islamabad islamabad
Irum Hayaat (101 friends)

paf karachi
Zunaira Tanveer (21 friends)

Punjab Group of Colleges Kot Addu Campus Kot Addu
Anonymous Writer (118 friends)

Amal Tariq (62 friends)

Pakistan International School, Riyadh riyadh
Laibah Basham (206 friends)

The City School Paf Chapter Karachi
Raveeha Hassan (36 friends)

Head start School System KARACHI
Talha Rabbani (30 friends)

fauji foundation model school sheikhupura sheikhupura
Noor-e- Hira (99 friends)

DHA JC T Block school,lahore Lahore
Marwa Nasir (92 friends)

- Karachi
Amna Waqas (70 friends)

Brick school Lahore
Ayesha Elahi (19 friends)

Happy home school Karachi
Gullasht Feyrozai (234 friends)

Manal Khalid (151 friends)

usman public karachi

Muhammad Azeem (15 friends)

APSACS, Malir Cantt karachi
Linda Marry (5 friends)

New york albert high school New york
Abeer Ali (11 friends)

Aps islamabad
Khadija Aqeel (177 friends)

pakistan inter national school tabuk tabuk
Mehreen Khan
Mehreen Khan (1 friends)

corniche international school jeddah
Mubarika Aman (11 friends)

PISJ jeddah
RAFIA Ch (95 friends)

The Bahria Town School Lahore
Amna Jalil (35 friends)

APSACS Rawalpindi
Wajiha Ashfaq. (26 friends)

Montessori complex high school karachi
Mubashra Ayub (128 friends)

national model higher secondary school sheikhupura sheikhupura
Sheza Komal (5 friends)

Army Public School And College System Faisal Karachi
Ajwa Arsalan (114 friends)

APSACS NFRD rawalpindi
Haiqa Aziz (28 friends)

apsac system dera ismail khan
Wafa Waheed (269 friends)

Munkashay Hyuuga (59 friends)

Army Public School and Colleges :') Dera Ismail Khan
Nazish Ilyas (134 friends)

excellence public school karachi
Selina Bilal (42 friends)

First Steps Faisalabad
Tooba Idris Dar (67 friends)

beacon house school system islamabad
Sana Raheel (65 friends)

Pakistan International School, Riyadh Riyadh
Areeba Ahmed (393 friends)

Saad Alam (127 friends)

IMSB, Islamabad islamabad
Samia Tariq (35 friends)

First Steps Faisalabad
Abeera Sarmad (81 friends)

beacon house school system karachi
Areesha Zainab (91 friends)

thecityschool karachi

Usman Public School Karachi
Vineesha Ahuja (35 friends)

roshan tata model higher secondary school ghotki ghotki
Sania Saeed (39 friends)

national model higher secondary school sheikhupura sheikhupura
Areej Fatima (21 friends)

Qiadat group of schools Miani ,sargodha sargodha
Hoora Ahson (333 friends)

Jaffar Public School Karachi
Rafia Ahmed (219 friends)

Usman Public School Karachi
Ahsan Aijaz (3 friends)

lahore grammar school multan
Emel Minal (63 friends)

OPF Girls College Islamabad
Zuha Sohail (207 friends)

Dawood Public School Karachi
Khadijah Imran (19 friends)

Julia Morgan School California
Hiba Noor (9 friends)

Ayesha Aamir (122 friends)

Pakistan International Shool AL jubail
FIZZA MANSOOR (41 friends)

Beacon Askari secondary School KARACHI
Arooba Asjed (73 friends)

bahria town school and collages lahore
Emaan Farhan (3 friends)

Westminster School & College Karachi
Saman Farooq (123 friends)

Army Public School Peshawar For Girls peshawar
Azka Saad (148 friends)

jaffar puublic school khi
Bismah Shakir (66 friends)

Beaconhouse School System palm tree campus Gujranwala
Manahil Ahmad (97 friends)

Beaconhouse school system Lahore
Nashrah Mallick (1 friends)

Usman Public School Karachi
Aysha Zaka (134 friends)

pisj-es jeddah
Laiba Bashir (48 friends)

Army public school and college sialkot Sialkot
Umar Iqbal (1 friends)

Hadia Amir (56 friends)

National Model school Sheikhupura
Gul Noor Arsalan (71 friends)

Sarah Khawaja (34 friends)

Rosan's Islamic School Lahore
Taibah Ahson (82 friends)

Jaffar Public School Karachi
Angel Sehar (5 friends)

beaconhouse school system sheikhupura
Ayesha Imran (50 friends)

Julia Morgan School California
Khadija Hassan (152 friends)

Beaconhouse School System Walton Campus Lahore Lahore
Wafa Abbas (99 friends)

Saud International School Riyadh
Fatima Ahmad (70 friends)

Pakistan International school Khobar
Laiza Khan (20 friends)

apsacs peshawar
Sana Mushtaq (107 friends)

army public school hyderabad cantt hyderabad
Ellina Fatima (23 friends)

BEACONHOUSE faisalabad
Nuzhat Maheen (55 friends)

the city school hyderabad
Tooba Fatima (108 friends)

EMS High School islamambad

Heavy Industries Taxila Education City (HITEC) Taxila
Arij Yaqoob (15 friends)

dukhan english school dukhan
Majid Ali (5 friends)

Pre force cadet school Sahiwal
Ashadiya Hafeez
Ashadiya Hafeez (5 friends)

Usman Public School Karachi

Army Public School Dera Ismail Khan
ADA ARIF (22 friends)

Shiza Javed (240 friends)

Usman Public School Karachi
Riko Tachibana (9 friends)

Suna High School Tokyo
Qurratul Ain (133 friends)

usman public school campus VI Karachi
Eman Kashif (74 friends)

head start school karachi
Noorul Ain (121 friends)

Usman Public School / Campus VI Karachi
Maha Mahem (76 friends)


Wilderness School Quetta
Zoha Qamar (24 friends)

pakistan international school jeddah english section jeddah
Andleeb Andleeb (19 friends)

Mirpur science college Mirpur AJK
Kanza Baber (54 friends)

pakistan international school jeddah jeddah
Syeda Zuha Zaidi (34 friends)

FalcOn hOuse grammar schOol karachi
Shiza Javed (65 friends)

Usman Public School CAMPUS3 Karachi
Fatima Adnan (92 friends)

Sir Syed College Wah Cantt Wah Cantt
Huzaifa Adnan (67 friends)

Sir Syed College Wah Cantt Wah Cantt
Anusha Ahmed (12 friends)

Karachi Public School Karachi
Shehram Chaudhry (102 friends)

Lahore School of Learning Lahore
Shaheer Salah (31 friends)

Lahore School of Learning Lahore
Fatima Khan (18 friends)

Pakistan International School ES - Jeddah Jeddah
Muhammad Zulkifl (74 friends)

Lahore Grammar School Wah Cantt
Hafsa Adnan (40 friends)

Sir Syed College Wah Cantt Wah Cantt
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed (1 friends)

Pakistan International School Jeddah English Section Jeddah
Duaa Amer (63 friends)

the punjab school Lahore

Usman Public School System Karachi
Zarmala Khan (74 friends)

APS WESTRIDGE 3 Rawalpindi

Habib Girls' School Karachi
Aden Seerat (36 friends)

Bloomfield hall school Faisalabad

Pakturk Int'l Schools & Colleges H-8 Campus Islamabad
Dayyan Ahmed (10 friends)

beacon house school system wah cantt
Mubashra Uchiha (8 friends)

A.P.S.A.C.S D.I.Khan
Fatima Tariq (48 friends)

Bloomfield hall school faisalabad
Kashaf Shahid (8 friends)

army public school Bhawalpur
Jasmine Bilal (32 friends)

Pakturk Intl. School & Colleges Islamabad
Berha Irfan (41 friends)

F.D.C Risalpur Risalpur
Elizae Nawaz (37 friends)

APACS peshawar

Smart school Karachi
Amna Ahmed (38 friends)

Manal Ayub (36 friends)

National Model school sheikhupura
Noorul Ain (29 friends)

Usman Public School / Campus VI karachi
Aisha Zaka (43 friends)

Glenunga international high school Adelaide
Ayesha __ (86 friends)

Hogwarts:School of Witchcraft And Wizadry Islamabad
Maryam Naveed (17 friends)

Pakistan International School Jeddah english section Jeddah
Fatimah Quaid (17 friends)

Usman Public SchoolSystem Karachi
Beenish Saeed (16 friends)

Lahore Grammar School Lahore
Ayesha Aamir
Ayesha Aamir (14 friends)

City smart school Karachi
Mehvish Ashraf (6 friends)

Ucanwest (UCW) toronto
Yashal Rashid (13 friends)

sideeq public school rawalpindi
Best Laiba Nadeem (49 friends)

Divisional Public School samundri
Full Name
Fatimah Latif
Saudi Arabia, ksa, Jeddah
Pakistan International School (pisj)

Welcome To My Profile Muggles. All you need to know about me is: I am a Slytherin and a hard-core Otaku, 17 years old, a Movie Addict, a loony Nerd ,Self-taught Artist. I am an Imaginer (Imagine Dragon Fan), Purple is MY colour! :P .Harry Potter is my bestfriend and Percy Jackson is my brother (from another mother ;) ) But don't expect anything about me telling you where i live cuz that would be violating Wizards Law as u are all mere muggles (no offence) and i don't want to have another hearing from the Ministry of Magic. That's all my fellow mortals, now leave before I "Repelo Muggletum" you!

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