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Irhum Shizuka

Irhum Shizuka


Army Public School And College , Dera Ismail Khan

I am irhum khan from grade 6 and i love fantasy stories sometimes i wish that i would in fantasy world my favourite journey was...


Irhum Shizuka

School life

2014 Nov 27th 1068 Views
School lifemost of irritating moments ..... School alarmmost dreadful journeys......way to classmost lovely time.....meeting friendsmost wonderful... read more
Zainab - this one is copied but I love this joke:)    Feb 9th
Irza - Very true    2017 May 9th
Afrah - nice one    2016 Oct 20th
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Full Name
Irhum Shizuka
Pakistan, kpk, Dera Ismail Khan
Army Public School And College

I am irhum khan from grade 6 and i love fantasy stories sometimes i wish that i would in fantasy world my favourite journey was when i went to disney world

and i really like to make new friends if you sent me a friend request i really like to expect hobbie is that i want to go on world tour.

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