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Anchloria Michael

Anchloria Michael


Uk City School Ottawa , Ottawa

Hi I'm Anchloria of Ottawa, a young girl around ten. I'm very fond of reading horror novels. My friend Gerald's pakistanion...


Anchloria Michael


2017 Mar 23rd 604 Views
The thing is invisible,we eat it every day,it has no colour neither a taste,but it is going up and down our throat,we like it very much. read more
Zainab - water    2017 Dec 9th
Sakifay Mary - Lorry I've got a problem, the painting you made for Gerald is in my bag! How...    2017 Oct 10th
Sajahir - air    2017 Aug 14th


Anchloria Michael

Ben Tennyson

2017 Jun 5th 407 Views
Ben Tennyson
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Sakifay Mary - THANKS! I accept it    2017 Jul 16th
Fatima - You are a potterhead? I am die hars fan of Harry potter sieries. And why do you...    2017 Jul 8th
Anchloria - Thanks everyone for the appreciation!    2017 Jun 13th
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AES School for Girls Karachi
Full Name
Anchloria Michael
Canada, Ottawa
Uk City School Ottawa

Hi I'm Anchloria of Ottawa, a young girl around ten. I'm very fond of reading horror novels. My friend Gerald's pakistanion cousin Hajira told me about Vshine, and I've decided to use it because it seems brilliant!

Writing stories
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