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Khadija Aqeel

Khadija Aqeel


Pakistan Inter National School Tabuk , Tabuk

hi its khadija here .i am 13 years old .i study in Pakistan international school tabuk,grade 8 . i like writing poems story by my...


Khadija Aqeel


2013 Apr 17th 535 Views
Juicy red apple hanging down by the treein the brightness of sun alone and freeDon’t take it from a high jump Otherwise you fall down and it... read more
5 People Like this! - Baila AtifNazish IlyasWafa WaheedSana DarArouba Malik

Baila - Keep it up!!    Mar 25th
Shiza - awesome    2014 Jan 19th
Nazish - gud 1 sis.    2014 Dec 30th
Khadija Aqeel

Things that Allah has...

2013 Apr 9th 566 Views
High on the skyThat starts the dayGive us the light as radiant lampTo the grass on the ground that layDown on the earthTrees and plants growAnd the... read more
Khadija - Actually rafia I am telling the general thing secondly I never become afraid of...    2014 Jul 8th
RAFIA - niiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i want to say that according to...    2013 Nov 2nd
Khadija - rabia ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh    2013 Jul 6th


Khadija Aqeel


2013 Apr 29th 50964 Views
Teacher (to the student, in an angry mood when he does not understanding a math problem)What is the meaning of maths?Student (frightened) Mental... read more
Nazish - awesome n really math is mental attack 2 healthy students.    2014 Dec 30th
Emel - Agree with Dr Gullshat!As always!    2013 Jul 26th
Nimra - hehehe...!!! :P ;)    2013 Jul 24th
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Full Name
Khadija Aqeel
Saudi Arabia, Tabuk
Pakistan Inter National School Tabuk

hi its khadija here .i am 13 years old .i study in Pakistan international school tabuk,grade 8 . i like writing poems story by my seIF.

Writing stories
Things that Allah has created High on the skyThat starts the dayGive us the light as radiant lampTo the grass on the... read more
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Teacher and student TEACHER: Name 5 fruits.STUDENT: 2 apples 3 bananas TEACHER: Why are you... read more
Fruit Juicy red apple hanging down by the treein the brightness of sun alone and... read more
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