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Suhaib Siddiqui

Suhaib Siddiqui


Ems High School , Islamabad

Boyz are welcomed to send me a REQUest.Boyz Rule!!NO GIRls ALLOWed!!!


Suhaib Siddiqui

A Memorable Bus Ride

2014 May 8th 1688 Views
When I was little I often saw my uncle visiting old strange places and searching for unseen treasures. Then I was so naïve to understand the... read more
Suhaib - Didnt you read previous comments @maryam? Our fight is over now..We did sorry ..    2014 Aug 28th
MARYAM - you all are using that kind of language that is burning your personality. you...    2014 Aug 16th
Abdul Moiz Abid - Hey what are you fighting for?Suhaib and laiba.    2014 Jul 16th


Suhaib Siddiqui


2014 Apr 10th 1730 Views
I have built my houseWithout sand without waterMy mother’s heart forms a great wallMy father’s armsThe floor and the roofMy... read more
2 People Like this! - Mohammad Uzair SiddiquiTooba Fatima

Berha - This is in oxford progessive english 6, i'm srry to say u hav copied it...    2017 Jun 2nd
Abeera - its good but cheated tooba im sorry but if suhaib does not have a problem with...    2015 Mar 17th
Tooba - hahahaha fardeen ur first comment was gentle dream on and i think ghazal is ur...    2014 Jun 11th
Suhaib Siddiqui

I Have A Cat

2014 Feb 6th 757 Views
He hunts and walksAbout my house,He is always out,To catch a mouse.I play with him,And keep him cleanA smarter cat,You've never seen. read more
Tooba - nice    2014 Apr 11th
Jandad - good    2014 Feb 16th
Sofia - small not pleased to see it plz make it more better    2014 Feb 11th
Suhaib Siddiqui

Ice cream

2013 Jan 18th 733 Views
An ice cream was bought by my mummyIt was yummyit filled my tummyit was juicyit was fruityit was crunchyit was munchyIts shape was like a bunnywhich... read more
Fatimah - ********************    2014 Jun 4th
Tooba - chop karti ho ya nahi fatima battameez tum to pehlay apna niya brain install...    2014 Jun 3rd
Fatimah - i totally agree with u Hiba....some people need to install new brain...    2014 Jun 2nd
Suhaib Siddiqui

If you have

2012 Dec 1st 830 Views
If you have a chicken chop a little hop a little shop a little walk a little if you have an egg fry a little cry a little try a little if you have... read more
Fatimah - lol, me neither well that must make a record "Burning Satan Babies"...    2014 Jun 13th
яυмαιsα - I did not know that new born babies burned, a great fact fatima isn't it!!    2014 Jun 12th
Fatimah - what the....please do me a favor and kill urself.....this world really is full...    2014 Jun 12th


Suhaib Siddiqui

A housE

2015 Jan 21st 784 Views
A housE

Hamna - umm good    2015 Feb 11th
Abeera - did not mean to be rude......just tellin my thoughts    2015 Jan 27th
Abeera - actually i made a castle.......    2015 Jan 27th
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Full Name
Suhaib Siddiqui
Pakistan, Islamabad
Ems High School

Boyz are welcomed to send me a REQUest.Boyz Rule!!NO GIRls ALLOWed!!!

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