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Fazeela Chachar

Fazeela Chachar


Roshan Tara Model School Ghotki , Ghotki

I am fazeela chachar


Fazeela Chachar

Rhyming words

2013 Oct 31st 773 Views
One day my friend makes me call,I was going to her but from ladder I fallFor to speak my friend I climbed on wall,Suddenly someone threw my side a... read more
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Fazeela - wowwwwwwwwwwwww    2013 Nov 3rd
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Fazeela Chachar


2013 Nov 4th 1029 Views

Sofia - sure u made it?    2014 Feb 6th
Fazeela - ohhoooooo do u have no any other work except commenting tobah mere allah how...    2014 Jan 6th
Azka - good..but plz try 2 understand drawing eyes is forbidden in islam...    2014 Jan 6th

Roshan Tara Model Higher Secondary School, Ghotki Ghotki
Wafa Waheed (270 friends)

Full Name
Fazeela Chachar
Pakistan, SINDH, Ghotki
Roshan Tara Model School Ghotki

I am fazeela chachar

Rhyming words One day my friend makes me call,I was going to her but from ladder I fallFor to speak my... read more
School life Mom says I'm lazyBut getting up at 7 is crazy,Jump of the bed as the alarm rings,And the... read more
Whats the matter? One day an elder sister scolded her younger brother in school. He began to weep. His... read more
Stupid student Teacher: If you have 6 apples & give 2 to me how many are left?Pupil: I will have 6... read more
The babies Man: Your children are adorable and so so shiny.Women: thnx I wash them in dish detergent! read more
Maths Teacher: what do we get if we add 23453245 and 54908790 and subtract 2564398?Student: a... read more
Funny crime This is a funny crime story,five friends live in a... read more
Fool man Me: heyStranger: heyMe: heyStranger: heyMe: heyStranger: heyMe: heyStranger: heyMe: what... read more
What is your name? Teacher (to new pupil): What is your name?Pupil: What is your name?Teacher: Now... read more
A fool man A man was on the 11th floor of the building. Another man came to him and said  that... read more
Drinking milk... Suggested by Sehar Shahzad
A number of children do not drink milk. How can they be motivated to drink... read more
Are Gadgets benefiting us or... Suggested by Ibrahim Malik
New gadgets are coming day by day. Are Gadgets benefiting us or they have... read more
Do you think children not having breakfast... Suggested by Aliza Syed
A healthy breakfast is really important for us. It gives energy for whole... read more
Writing stories and articles helps us... Suggested by Fatema Zari
Writing stories and articles helps us to improve our language skills? read more