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Maryam Tariq

Maryam Tariq


Crescent Bahria Cadet College , Karachi

I am a moody girl.everything i do depends on my mood.i am frank,friendly,shy,i play well,i can't bear my insult,i am a position...


Maryam Tariq

Noor ul Ain (last part)

2012 Aug 17th 904 Views
Princess Noor ul Ain told her that she was her best friend and she wasn't married anywhere and she is wizard's daughter etc. then she told him: "it... read more
Areeba - nice!!!!!    2014 Apr 10th
Raveeha - love this story:)    2014 Jan 8th
Maryam - hmm ok everyone :)    2012 Aug 30th
Maryam Tariq

Noor ul Ain (part 7)

2012 Aug 15th 826 Views
The prince promised and gave them a diamond and went from there. He went to a shop from where he bought a rope and then came again to that garden's... read more
Areeba - really nice part , I have not read all the parts but I have read this one and...    2014 Apr 10th
Maryam - i think the next part is last    2012 Aug 15th
Maryam - hmm maybe 9 or 10,just about to finish :)    2012 Aug 15th
Maryam Tariq

Noor ul Ain (part 6)

2012 Aug 11th 862 Views
On the other hand, when the king woke up, he started crying and locked his room, he walked all night in his room, then he remembered that old man and... read more
Qurratul - the name of the story is my sister's name!Lolz!hahaha!hahaha!heheeehe!khkhekhe    2014 May 9th
Muhammad Hassam - Interesting..................    2012 Aug 20th
Saba - u r welcum :)    2012 Aug 17th
Maryam Tariq

Noor ul Ain (part 5)

2012 Aug 8th 836 Views
The prince didn't see her because she has covered her face. when she approached prince's palace, everyone was excited to see the bridal as well as... read more
Qurratul - who is noor ul ain of you????    2014 May 9th
Qurratul - who is noor ul ain of you????    2014 May 9th
Maria - HOW MANY PARTS    2012 Aug 24th
Maryam Tariq

Noor ul Ain (part 4)

2012 Aug 5th 823 Views
A day before their wedding, the wizard's daughter started crying. Princess got worried and asked her, she told her "what will I do when you'll leave... read more
Maryam - thanks :)    2012 Aug 11th
Aiman - i love the story i think this story has 8 parts????    2012 Aug 10th
Andlib - Interesting...    2012 Aug 8th
Maryam Tariq

Noor ul Ain (part 3)

2012 Aug 3rd 813 Views
When the prince went to his palace, he didn't say anything to his mother and father and laid on his bed with the pillow over his head. When the queen... read more
Maryam - thanks    2012 Aug 6th
Aisha - Nice story.........    2012 Aug 3rd
Abir - Good...when r u postin the next part?    2012 Aug 3rd
Maryam Tariq

Noor ul Ain (part 2)

2012 Aug 2nd 990 Views
When she grew up, she always gets scared of loneliness because she has no siblings. That's why, the king said to the wizard to give her daughter who... read more
Aiman - gud story    2012 Aug 6th
Maryam - i knw aliza, but i think if i will post it at once, u guys will get bored...    2012 Aug 3rd
Aliza - nyc one but continuation spoils the fun    2012 Aug 3rd
Maryam Tariq

Noor ul Ain (part 1)

2012 Jul 29th 987 Views
Let me tell you this. I have heard it from my grandmother when I was 10 years old. i like it very much that's why i am telling you. It’s bit... read more
Saba - hmmm gr8    2012 Aug 13th
Aiman - nice story    2012 Aug 6th
Maryam - thnnx....i hope u all will like the other parts too :)    2012 Aug 5th


Maryam Tariq

Life goes on

2013 Jun 22nd 766 Views
Life becomes harsh ,life becomes worst ,but as the time pass ,worst moments pass away !we hope every day ,we pray every night ,we overcome every... read more
1 Person like this! - Wafa Waheed

Bushra - Nyc poem and super ideas    2013 Jul 26th
Bushra Hafeez - gr8.........    2013 Jun 27th
Rafia - nyc.......    2013 Jun 26th
Maryam Tariq

Winter Is Coming

2012 Oct 29th 817 Views
Dark nights, fine days, moon brights, birds says, Winter comes, summer goes, cold welcomes, orange grows, icy atmosphere, jackets to wear, guess the... read more
1 Person like this! - Wafa Waheed
Maryam Tariq

One Two Three

2012 Jul 27th 823 Views
One two three A story of my friend and me Four fie six Our friendship is fix Seven eight nine My friend is only mine Ten eleven twelve We care each... read more
3 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedRaniah FarooqMaryam Tariq

Maryam - thankyou :)    2012 Aug 1st
Shahamah - very nice    2012 Jul 30th
Maryam Tariq

Parts of speech

2012 Jul 13th 723 Views
A Noun is the name of anything. I.e. a book, a parrot or a king, A Pronoun stands in place of name, I.e. he, she, it or they, An Adjective... read more
Maryam - thankyou everyone.....Wareesha this ain't fair.You must not insult my ability...    2012 Jul 16th
Shahamah - hmm nice poem with similes    2012 Jul 16th
Fatimah - amazing :)    2012 Jul 15th
Maryam Tariq


2012 Jul 13th 823 Views
Changing in seasons, Climatic reasons, Summer is hot, Drink water a lot, Winter is cold, Blankets unfold, Spring blooms blossom, Looks very awesome... read more
4 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedRaniah FarooqEmaan FarhanMaryam Tariq

Maryam - thank you :)    2012 Jul 27th
Emaan - Wow, this poem made me smell the spring time bloom and winter gloom!    2012 Jul 26th
Maryam - :)    2012 Jul 16th
Maryam Tariq


2012 Jun 22nd 826 Views
success is to achieve Success is to take Success is to believe Success is to make Success never begins success never ends Success is to respect... read more
4 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedRaniah FarooqJunaid AkbarMaryam Tariq

Maryam - TnCx    2012 Jul 10th
Junaid - very nice! I like it..    2012 Jul 10th
Maryam - thank you :)    2012 Jul 5th
Maryam Tariq

Rules of life

June 2012 2012 Jun 22nd 1317 Views
Give before you take Think before you make Don’t look behind Always look forward Always be kind Live like a leopard Kick them who are next to... read more
Maryam - thankyou all ...em i got a geometry box,pencil colours,markers m 2 erasers...    2012 Jul 26th
Aisha - Can i ask u maryam what u got in your gift..Plz tell.....Congratz...    2012 Jul 26th
Fatimah - congrates!    2012 Jul 24th


Maryam Tariq

Two men

2012 Jul 13th 1094 Views
Two men lived in an apartment’s 18th floor. One day they returned from job and when they heard that the lift is not working due to some... read more
Uswah - Urooj i loke ur dp! and this joke is gr8 and hilariouSSSS!    2013 Jul 11th
Laibah - lolzzzzz    2013 Jun 14th
Raniah - very nice joke    2012 Aug 2nd


Maryam Tariq

Do what you love

2012 Oct 30th 750 Views
I belong to a family where everyone has their professions and they also have some hobbies apart from their professions. My father is an engineer but... read more
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Maryam Tariq


2012 Oct 29th 882 Views
Winter is a cold and awesome season starts from about the end of October till March anyway. It is my favourite season because in this season I love... read more
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Tooba - Gr8    2012 Nov 11th
1 Comment
Maryam Tariq

Saudi Arabian laws

2012 Oct 21st 832 Views
Most of my maternal family lives in Saudi Arabia and I know the Saudi Arabian cultures from my cousin, Abdullah. He told me that whoever will message... read more
1 Person like this! - Wafa Waheed

Tehreem - yeah i know i live in riyadh    2012 Nov 30th
1 Comment
Maryam Tariq

Moral of Noor ul Ain

2012 Sep 24th 733 Views
Thank you so much for liking my story, here are the morals: 1:never give up, if you want to achieve something try try and try again; believe me you... read more
1 Person like this! - Wafa Waheed

Maryam - alright,i thought that it's a moral of a story so it should b posted in stories...    2012 Oct 12th
Tooba - Nice moral (even though it is in articles not stories)    2012 Sep 28th
Maryam Tariq

Studying tips for exams

2012 Aug 7th 967 Views
Hi guys I want to share some tips for examination as all of u are having exams next month. I thought it would be helpful to u.1. Find a quite place... read more
Maryam - :) thanks    2012 Oct 12th
Huma - thanks for very good tips.........:)    2012 Aug 24th
Saba - so sweet of u :) :) :) :-)    2012 Aug 21st
Maryam Tariq

Olympics ceremony 2012

2012 Jul 28th 984 Views
I have never heard that any show on TV can be watched by every person throughout the world except Olympic ceremony. It comes after every four years... read more
2 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedMaryam Tariq

Maryam - i have seen it too :)    2012 Aug 14th
Aisha - I watched the closing ceremony also..It was fantabulous (just becoz 1 Direction)    2012 Aug 13th
Disenchanted. - Today is it's Closing ceremony and ! direction is PErforming    2012 Aug 12th
Maryam Tariq

Best Sayings I ever heard

2012 Jul 27th 660 Views
1. Don’t look back because u might fall over what is in front. 2. Do something every day that u don't want to do, this is the golden rule for...