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Ayesha __

Ayesha __


Hogwarts:school Of Witchcraft And Wizadry , Islamabad

I am Ayesha __I'm in 10th grade(age 15)...i am a #directioner #potterhead #otaku and #MovieAddict (hollywood) =D .I'm an avid...


Ayesha __


2015 May 24th 724 Views
Was i born as unwanted child,Whose feelings are killed in every way;Sometimes tears fell down my faceDon't want my dreams to be faded away,Those... read more
Urooj - Good:)    2017 Jul 15th
Afrah - Nyc    2017 Apr 22nd
Wania - Welcomiee    2016 Mar 4th


Ayesha __


2015 May 24th 1080 Views
1st robber (worried): What did i do?2nd robber (yelling): You posted our robbery plan on facebook ?!!  read more
Sabeen - Lol nice one    2017 Oct 22nd
Afrah - nice one    2016 Oct 18th
Muhammad Shees - Good one,LOL!    2016 May 27th
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Full Name
Ayesha __
Pakistan, Islamabad
Hogwarts:school Of Witchcraft And Wizadry

I am Ayesha __I'm in 10th grade(age 15)...i am a #directioner #potterhead #otaku and #MovieAddict (hollywood) =D .I'm an avid reader of books,my favorite books include Harry Potter (whole series),The Fault In Our Stars,Percy Jackson,If You Can See Me Now,Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid,Matilda,Ramona Quimby,The Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor etc. One more thing_ I'm into music! I love Taylor Swift,Ariana Grande,One Direction,Lucy Hale,Demi Lovato,Ellie Goulding,Selena Gomez,andddd...ENRIQUE IGLESIAS!!others include...Sabrina Carpenter,Rowan Blanchard,Peyton Roi List,Debby Ryan,Corey Fogelmanis and Cameron Boyce(most favorite <3),David Henrie,Peyton Meyer and many more...I really love ANIME! I love to draw anime sooo much 'n' I'll be posting them here soon <3 ...THANKS ALL!:) *Peace*

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Thief 1st robber (worried): What did i do?2nd robber (yelling): You posted our robbery plan on... read more
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Thief 1st robber (worried): What did i do?2nd robber (yelling): You posted our robbery plan on... read more
Feelings Was i born as unwanted child,Whose feelings are killed in every way;Sometimes tears fell... read more
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