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Sehar Shahzad

Sehar Shahzad


Divisional Public School Model Town Lahore , Lahore

I am sehar .


Sehar Shahzad


2012 Dec 18th 1048 Views
"That’s totally unfair" said Ammara in a dim voice. Ammara's parents weren’t celebrating her birthday this year because her birthday was... read more
Safa - vvvvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyy gggooooooooooooooooood really like it!!!!!!!    2017 Jul 14th
Aiza - Nice    2017 Jul 5th
Minahil - a good story    2016 Mar 11th
Sehar Shahzad


2012 Apr 7th 1451 Views
Q: How did Benjamin Franklin feel when he discovered electricity? A: shocked read more
Sehar - aww thanks Soha for the stand :)    2013 May 28th
Soha - Hello there, Shaliza it's not good to point out others mistake!It does happen...    2013 May 11th
Nimra - yar eisha meri request accept karo plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!    2013 Feb 24th


Sehar Shahzad

Modern Cinderella

2013 Jan 26th 700 Views
She gave her an old brown broomand went to the ball locking her in the roomBut as she was the modern CinderellaEven more clever than the... read more
Aiza - Amazing    2017 Jul 5th
Aiza - Amazing    2017 Jul 5th
Aiza - Amazing    2017 Jul 5th
Sehar Shahzad

My trip

2013 Jan 18th 736 Views
We went on a tripNeither by boat nor by shipOur school is next to itFor us this place is fitThis place was totally safe;No lion no sharkBecause the... read more
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Eesha - Geeehhiiiihiii.....:D I saw you at last, Seher! You weren't coming school?...    2014 Feb 11th
Eesha - Oi? Heard about ya by Miss Maimona?? So again you are first?:D P.s. how do you...    2014 Feb 8th
Eesha - Yep, but I heard that girls wing is not allowed... Not cool:(    2013 Dec 16th
Sehar Shahzad

My interesting dream

2013 Jan 18th 775 Views
Yesterday I saw a dreamIn which I saw a lake of white creamand a milky streamwith fright I shiverwhen I saw a monster in the riverI ran from thereand... read more
1 Person like this! - Wafa Waheed

Sehar - thanku...    2013 Jan 20th
Samayya - wow    2013 Jan 19th
Samayya - nice creation.....    2013 Jan 19th
Sehar Shahzad

Till the end

2013 Jan 18th 717 Views
Till the end I'll be your friendYou are so lovingYou are so kindA friend like you is hard to findwhenever we metall worries I forgetYou wipe all my... read more
2 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedAkifa Hassan

Sehar - thanx    2013 Jan 20th
Samayya - keep it up    2013 Jan 19th
Samayya - gr8 creativity    2013 Jan 19th
Sehar Shahzad

Winter is here

2013 Jan 18th 776 Views
Winter is herewith its cold airnow travelling is rareWinters cool breezeblows and freezefinally all the treesay"Stop winter, oh please!"then for a... read more
2 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedAkifa Hassan

Sehar - thnx    2013 Jan 20th
Samayya - wow    2013 Jan 19th
Sehar - nice......    2013 Jan 19th
Sehar Shahzad


2012 Dec 1st 664 Views
Maths is a subject so boring In its class everyone is snoring In its class we are so busy After that we become dizzy Perimeter of rectangle area of... read more
2 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedAmna Faizi

Sehar - hehe thanks    2013 Dec 31st
Amna - Nyccccccccccc    2012 Dec 30th
Sehar Shahzad


2012 Dec 1st 675 Views
Exams exams exams They just give us tension Exams exams exams what a bad invention exam exams exams they just give us pressure exams exams exams we... read more
2 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedAmna Faizi

Sehar - thanks amna :)    2013 Jan 15th
Amna - Wow,Gr8 creativity!    2013 Jan 14th
Sehar Shahzad

You are no. 1

2012 Dec 1st 795 Views
Don’t think of your failure all the time Don’t let this feeling bother Believe If you're not good in one thing you'll sure be in the... read more
3 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedAleena HassanAmna Faizi

Sehar - thanks aleena    2013 Jan 18th
Aleena - superb!keep it up    2013 Jan 17th
Sehar Shahzad

Try Try and Try

2012 Nov 23rd 729 Views
Try Try & Try Till you die to fly up high in the sky Don’t show you are busy Don’t show you are dizzy Try it it’s easy! You... read more
3 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedAmna FaiziAjwa Usman

Sehar - thanks tooba    2013 Jan 4th
Tooba - good one ! , GR8 ! ! !    2013 Jan 2nd
Sehar - thanku    2013 Dec 31st
Sehar Shahzad

My friend

2012 Nov 23rd 723 Views
I have a lovely friend No. 1 in fashion and trend She has brown hair Gives order like a mayor She always comes to school late That’s why a long... read more
4 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedRabita TariqAmna FaiziTooba Zia

Sehar - Hehe .. thanks a lot :P    2013 Jan 15th
Amna - Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee poem!!!Love it:D    2013 Jan 14th
Sehar - In which branch of dps are u in ? the model town one ? whats your section ?    2013 Jan 6th
Sehar Shahzad

My sweetest day

2012 Nov 19th 726 Views
"18th November" This is the day I love the most This is the most I wait the most This is the day I get sweets This is the Day I get treats This is... read more
4 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedSoha SuhailTooba ZiaAjwa Usman

Sehar - thanku so much    2013 Jan 3rd
Tooba - such a good poem.i really liked it    2013 Dec 31st
Samayya - happy birthday to you as well ajwa :)    2012 Nov 25th
Sehar Shahzad


2012 Oct 21st 760 Views
Life has ups, life has downs It gives you cries, it gives you crowns It depends on you and the way you choose It counts on your work and the aim you... read more
Sehar - welcome :)    2012 Oct 24th
Sehar - thanx pretty and and sweety :) love you all    2012 Oct 23rd
Sehar - amazing !!!! your way of writing is absolutely fabulous !!!    2012 Oct 23rd
Sehar Shahzad

Oh these teachers

2012 Oct 21st 923 Views
All these teachers are strange creatures Each one with its own special features Some of them walk with a stick But few of them know how to hit Some... read more
Sehar - thanx ...., you all are so loving    2012 Oct 23rd
Sehar - no words.....! keep up the excellent work .....    2012 Oct 23rd
Samayya - hahah very very nice poem.....keep it up :)    2012 Oct 22nd
Sehar Shahzad

My Cat

2012 Oct 21st 767 Views
I have a cat Her name is pat She is very fat, She always lays on mat She loves to play with my hat And also with ball and bat She loves to eat fish... read more
Sehar - thanQ ......    2012 Oct 23rd
Sehar - haha..., Great effort ....very nice poem :)    2012 Oct 23rd
Samayya - gud ! last verses are really nice :)    2012 Oct 22nd
Sehar Shahzad

People of Kashmir

2012 Oct 14th 892 Views
Oh, poor people and Muslims of Kashmir, we pray for you You are permanent part of our land We stand by you with hands in hands We are working hard... read more
Sehar - thanks...    2012 Oct 15th
Samayya - oh beautiful poem! we all pray for the kashmiries :)    2012 Oct 15th
Sehar Shahzad


2012 May 25th 1047 Views
Your exams are near  But do not fear  Read this good rhyme  And work in time Leave all the rest  After doing your best Write... read more
Sehar - thankQ    2012 Sep 5th
Raniah - NiCe . . . :)    2012 Sep 2nd
Sehar - thankx & same to you sidra :)    2012 Jul 17th
Sehar Shahzad

My feet

2012 May 25th 781 Views
My feet my feet  I love my feet I think they are clean  I think they are neat They look so perfect  On my desk Unfortunately They have... read more
3 People Like this! - Sehar ShahzadSamayya ShahzadSehar Shahzad

Samayya - welcm    2012 Jun 8th
Sehar - thankxx    2012 Jun 7th
Samayya - funny    2012 Jun 7th


Sehar Shahzad

Who am I

2013 Feb 23rd 899 Views
I'm light as a feather, yet the strongest man can't hold me for much more than a minute. What am I? read more
3 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedLaibah BashamSoha Suhail

Muhammadh - Air    2014 Apr 11th
Sehar - yeah , breath :)    2013 Jul 18th
Laibah - B---R---E---A---D---T---H    2013 Jun 10th
Sehar Shahzad

Silly jokes!

2012 Dec 1st 1006 Views
What might you eat in Paris? A trifle tower!! How do we know that earth won’t come to an end? Because its round!! What are pre historic animals... read more
Mary - ho ho ha has    2013 May 26th
Sehar - thanku :)    2013 Jan 15th
Maria - AWESOME!!!!    2013 Jan 14th
Sehar Shahzad

Silly Answers

2012 Nov 16th 878 Views
What did the water say to the boat?Nothing, it just wavedWhere do snowmen keep their money?In snow banksWhat do prisoners use to call each other?Cell... read more
Sehar - thanks Marry :)    2013 May 28th
Mary - realy did u make this up gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood    2013 May 26th
Sehar - thanks maria    2013 Jan 15th
Sehar Shahzad


2012 Oct 23rd 850 Views
One day Ali and Imran were sitting at side of a lake. Ali asked Imran. “Is that smoke coming out of the water?" “Fish will be making tea... read more
Soha - Hahaha...    2013 Feb 17th
Sehar - Sure amna :) I love jokes ; of all kind !    2013 Jan 15th
Amna - Hehehehe sehar!!!Yar Sehar plz humans walay joke dala karo woh hasahntay hai...    2013 Jan 14th


Sehar Shahzad

Spring season

2013 Feb 9th 829 Views
Spring season

Soha - Splendid!    2013 May 11th
Sehar - thanQ    2013 Feb 27th
Affan - GD    2013 Feb 26th
Sehar Shahzad


2013 Feb 9th 799 Views

Ayesha - R YOU THIS IN PIC;)    2013 Oct 4th
Sehar - thanks    2013 Feb 27th
Affan - ................................GOOD    2013 Feb 26th
Sehar Shahzad

Painting of trees

2013 Feb 9th 849 Views
Painting of trees

Sehar - thanQ soha :)    2013 May 28th
Soha - Marvellous!    2013 May 11th
Sehar - thanQ    2013 Feb 25th
Sehar Shahzad


2012 May 5th 1141 Views

Sehar - thanks soha, it was an old drawing ! :D    2013 May 28th
Soha - terrific    2013 May 11th
Sehar - thanks    2013 Jan 15th


Sehar Shahzad


2013 Jan 18th 744 Views
Teenagers get bored soon and they need something to keep them interested at all times. A hobby is something that each and every one of us has and... read more
2 People Like this! - Syeda Yusra MuntasimSamayya Shahzad

Sehar - thanks    2013 Jul 18th
Soha - great!    2013 May 11th
Sehar - thanks    2013 Feb 16th
Sehar Shahzad

Neil Armstrong

2012 Oct 22nd 909 Views
Hey all! I'm here with interesting news about Neil Armstrong!!! All of us believe that Neil Armstrong was the person who went to moon but he did not... read more
6 People Like this! - Mohammad Aashir Siddiqui