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Hibba Haq

Hibba Haq


Lahore Grammar School , Wah Cantt

hey guys !!! my name is hibba haq and i luv making frnds!!! i was A FEBRUARY 2014 page winner i got my poem MY FIRST DAY AT...


Hibba Haq

My Best friend forever

2015 Jan 30th 775 Views
I was sitting and trying to thinkof the words I wanna saybut they just wouldn't come out rightso I found a different wayI got a piece of paperand I... read more
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Hibba - Thanks Aina :)    2015 Jun 15th
AINA - Woww    2015 Mar 14th
Hibba - Thanks Umair    2015 Feb 6th
Hibba Haq

Horrible Subjects

2014 May 11th 1126 Views
The horrible subjects in my schoolAre making me a total foolLet's start with English literatureIt's a complete pain and tortureNext comes English... read more
Hibba - thank youu fatima:)    2016 Dec 1st
Fatima - Good!Poem    2015 Nov 18th
Hibba - No, i hv manyy frnds on dat website    2015 Jun 15th
Hibba Haq

Get Afraid

2014 Mar 5th 660 Views
When the voice rises and the shouting startsWe stop thinking of the delicious pies and tartsAs it becomes louder and louderWe see a man full of... read more
Hibba - I'm fine, my finals have ended, got 1st position ALHUMDULILLAH. Promoted to O1...    2015 Jun 15th
AINA - A.o.a how are u?????? Which position have u taken????? My exams were also...    2015 Mar 14th
Hibba - My result is tomorrow n ill pray 4 ya!    2014 Nov 27th
Hibba Haq

My first day in school

February 2014 2014 Feb 1st 1297 Views
My first day in school, a note,That I personally wrote,Said it was not good,As it did not fit my mood,i didn’t understand my history lecture at... read more
Nimra - Well sorry sorry bushra i just read your cmnt on your own joke (''whats the...    2016 Oct 16th
Nimra - ok but Bushra hafeez, vshine is a public place i can't tell you the details...    2016 Oct 16th
Bushra Hafeez - hey nimraa tell me ur details on fb i will add u    2016 Oct 9th


Hibba Haq


2014 Feb 3rd 856 Views

Hibba - :))    2014 Aug 10th
Musfira Sultana - Pleasure ;)    2014 Aug 9th
Hibba - tysm musfira!    2014 Jul 29th
Hibba Haq

Flowers and hearts

2014 Feb 1st 813 Views
Flowers and hearts

Hibba - Ada wots ur fb name??? and tooba its ok :) 1st one is my frnd and 2nd one is me...    2014 Jul 20th
Tooba - no i am not who is on your profile pic    2014 Jul 12th
ADA - hibba i am on fb    2014 Jul 11th
Hibba Haq


2014 Feb 1st 794 Views

Nimra - aww sho sweet of u.! :**    2014 Sep 22nd
Hibba - Muaahhh :*    2014 Sep 18th
Nimra - ohh np dear love you too...! :*    2014 Sep 14th