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Sheraz Khan

Sheraz Khan


Cadet College Larkana , Larkana

i am interested in paintings,books,wisdom and making friends..


Sheraz Khan

Clever girl and Peeral

2012 Nov 18th 811 Views
Once there was a rich and powerful landlord. His power was known all rounds. He used to live in his large bungalow with his 8 years old daughter and... read more
Nazish - gud yaar.    2013 Dec 24th
Zahra - nice    2013 Aug 7th
Zahra - nice    2013 Jul 20th
Sheraz Khan

I am a soldier, Born to...

2012 Nov 18th 1274 Views
Afaque has recently passed from PMA kakul. He was appointed as second lieutenant in Siachen. His father was also in army. He wants to be a pilot but... read more
Raveeha - it is very touching and shows that we love our country and are ready to give...    2014 May 26th
Momina - oh INSHALLAH ull get ther!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dad is Lt Col in rank and...    2012 Dec 14th
Saqib - nice story bro...    2012 Nov 27th
Sheraz Khan

Life as a Cadet

2012 Nov 12th 845 Views
Before going to Cadet College I was also living a very simple life. Daily five hours in school then whole day at home in the evening some time with... read more
Nisha - Wow I love to host events. And I like cadets.. Good    2017 Apr 17th
Fatima - NICE    2013 Feb 5th
Momina - yeah, u will be a good soldier for Pakistan, INSHALLAH and MASHALLAH, u r a...    2012 Dec 17th


Sheraz Khan

Pencil work

2012 Nov 27th 835 Views
Pencil work

Zainab - NICE    Mar 29th
Nisha - Wow    2017 Apr 17th
Tooba - nice but looking like not drawn by you    2014 May 19th


Sheraz Khan

Role of media in our...

2012 Nov 8th 829 Views
In this world every man and woman comes with some evils along with them. In the same way media is having some good or some bad aspects with it, but... read more
Saqib - really great...    2012 Nov 27th
Shaista - thanks..    2012 Nov 21st
Fareeha - nice one    2012 Nov 19th
Sheraz Khan

New year resolutions

2011 Jan 22nd 983 Views
New year is a time to change your life,by changing your mind.Every person has a dream that he will change himself in new year,  they never try... read more
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Full Name
Sheraz Khan
Pakistan, sindh, Larkana
Cadet College Larkana

i am interested in paintings,books,wisdom and making friends..

Video games
Board games
Indoor games
Writing stories
My Beloved Brother You've always been here for me,But now you are about to leave.I know we fuss and... read more
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