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Rabia Ahmed

Rabia Ahmed


Usman Public School , Karachi

Assalam-0-Alaikum frnds............ em Rabia Ahmed!!!!!!!!!!:) I am in Grade 8 and my favourite sport is Cricket....... my best...


Rabia Ahmed

Old house of Barbie

2012 Dec 10th 752 Views
Once there was an old house of a Barbie. It was so small that no one comes to visit it. One day Barbie was crying very badly that she got ill and... read more
Mubashra - ASSLAM U ALIKUM rabia kese ho or rafia kese hy    2014 Jul 24th
Tooba - barbie?????? wow amazing story    2014 Jun 5th
Soha - OMG! Really Rabia? BTW, where are u now a days??    2014 Mar 31st


Rabia Ahmed

This school is driving...

2013 Mar 19th 550 Views
Nothing is that much easyThis school is driving me crazyWe study for 5 hoursLook at the surprised faces of oursMaths, history and then UrduOh! How... read more
Arooba - ok thats really good you like hafeez son    2014 Mar 24th
Irum - Wowwwwwwwwww............. great :) ha ha ha, Funny!!    2013 Sep 10th
Soha - Oh I am happy that you're fine. May Allah bless you and thnx for giving such a...    2013 Sep 3rd
Rabia Ahmed

My dream

2012 Dec 10th 410 Views
I was shining like a starAfter playing my lovely guitarEveryone was enjoying with meSo nicely playing isn`t she?Everyone was saying thatIt made me so... read more
Crystal - awesome *    2013 Oct 6th
Irum - Wowwwwwwwwww............. great :) EMotional!!    2013 Sep 10th
Soha - Thnks and love you to    2013 Sep 3rd
Rabia Ahmed

The Little Kettle

December 2012 2012 Dec 9th 956 Views
Whoosh wheesh whoosh wheeshThe little kettle took deep breathsDancing like a monkey on stoveNear the table high abovePuffing out the hot... read more
Rafia - thnx dear ayesha :)    2013 Sep 15th
Irum - Wowwwwwwwwww............. great :) Its soo cute! You are doing SUCH a gr8 job!!    2013 Sep 10th
Soha - Ohh so kind of you:)    2013 Sep 3rd


Rabia Ahmed


2013 Feb 16th 857 Views
Police officer (to his son): "why your result is so bad? From now onwards your TV and computer CLOSED"Son: Take this hundred rupee and close the... read more
Crystal - WOW !!! NICE :D    2013 Oct 6th
Rafia - :)    2013 Sep 11th
Saman - i am fine    2013 Sep 10th


Rabia Ahmed

Scream of a girl Yell

2012 Dec 10th 458 Views
As the sad sun (who is crying seeing the cruelty of Israel for the Muslims) rises and the cruel and bloodthirsty day begins when there is everywhere... read more
Rabia - thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx alot ayesha ..............    2013 Sep 18th
Irum - Dude! You made me so emotional. Youre the first one ever to realise that yar!...    2013 Sep 10th
Soha - Thnks yaar    2013 Sep 3rd
Rabia Ahmed

Think about the one who...

2012 Dec 10th 459 Views
Around this world thousands of people are dying in the thirst of peace daily. Like these days many Muslims survived very horribly that we can’t... read more
Soha - My pleasure :)    2014 Mar 31st
Rabia - thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx alot dear.............    2013 Sep 18th
Irum - I really felt bad! I mean, I wud feel so bad if someone took away my family!    2013 Sep 10th
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Full Name
Rabia Ahmed
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
Usman Public School

Assalam-0-Alaikum frnds............ em Rabia Ahmed!!!!!!!!!!:) I am in Grade 8 and my favourite sport is Cricket....... my best frnd on vshine is Bushra Hafeez Dayo and in school there r many of them!!!!:) my letter (R) prefer to responsible :p I love 2 make new frnds....... so plzzzzzzzz add me up........ u people can count on me!!!!!!:)

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