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Bushra Shahzad

Bushra Shahzad


Asia International English School , Karachi

i am bushra


Bushra Shahzad

Somebody,Nobody,Mad and...

2011 May 4th 1857 Views
There were four friends; named as Nobody, Somebody, Mad and Brain. One day, nobody and somebody had a really big fight. While Brain was in the... read more
1 Person like this! - Hafsah Farooq

Aasiya - jolly!    2013 Mar 22nd
Rabia - hey bushra i m also in grade 6 can u add me please    2013 Feb 28th
Ayeza - Funny...........................    2012 Feb 22nd


Bushra Shahzad

Lil Red Riding Hood...

2011 May 5th 939 Views
Lil Red Riding Hood...
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Aasiya - humm!pretty nyc:-)    2013 Mar 22nd
Yamna - bushra do u live in dammam    2011 Jun 26th
Bushra - everyone!!say MASHALLAH!!    2011 May 14th

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Full Name
Bushra Shahzad
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
Asia International English School
i am bushra
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