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Laiba Nadeem

Laiba Nadeem


Ideal Allama Iqbal , Gojra


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Full Name
Laiba Nadeem
Pakistan, punjab, Gojra
Ideal Allama Iqbal

WELCOME!!!! TO MY $CREEN EVERYBODY I AM LAIBA:-) I LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to make friends pppplllllleeeeaaasssssseeee!!!!!!!!!! send me friendship rquests i WILL BE HIGHLY THANKFUL TO YOU:-D Now I m going to write ABOUT ME I m laiba My class name is E2G1(7th) I READ IN DIVISIONAL PUBLIC $CHOOL I hv 3 sisters areeba aapi is also @ VSHINE MY YOUNGER sisters are twins and they make bother some noise when m studying MY voice is very sweet I got 3rd position in inter house naat competition by the help of ALLAH i am a boyly girl i wanna go in air force i want that pakistan should appear in the world with a good name my best friend is eman fatima nadeem(EFN) i m a muslim my favuorite personality is HAZRAT MOHAMMAD(SAW) i live in pakistan I M NOT SOOOOO GOOD AT STUDIES AT LAST I WANNA SAY THAT PLEEEEEEEEESE SEND ME MORE & MORE FRIENDSHIP REQUESTSPLEEEEEEEEESE ok bye now ALLAH HAFIZ

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Board games
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Net surfing
Writing stories
Collecting coins
Stamp collecting
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