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Akifa Hassan

Akifa Hassan


Jinnah College , Karachi

i would like to share my little efforts with my friends, so that my skills could be refined


Akifa Hassan

A Girl Like Me

August 2013 2013 Aug 2nd 981 Views
I met a girl like meSimple and styled decentlyAlways occupied with thoughtsOn her ways she usually gets lostQuiet but not arrogant she... read more
Ushna - its awesome..wonderful use of vocabulary n the rhyme of it..luv it i agree with...    2014 Jan 2nd
Shumila - Well-written!!    2013 Sep 30th
Sofia - good well done so what you got in the gift hamper ?    2013 Sep 28th
Akifa Hassan

Narrating Poem

2013 Apr 1st 678 Views
Let’s narrate a poem, I fancyBut oblivious to the theme for time beingWatch out for fiction, description and obscurityWriting a poem is not so... read more

Akifa - thnx    2013 May 2nd
Arouba -'s very nice!    2013 Apr 20th
Akifa Hassan

Serve mankind

2013 Mar 2nd 871 Views
It is said and it is true,All the Muslims are brothers to you;Move a step forward to help them through,And God will bless you for what you do;So... read more
2 People Like this! - Uzair HassanRabita Tariq

Arouba - hmmmm.... as rabita said some improvement is needed but overall its nice! keep...    2013 Apr 20th
Akifa - thnx :)    2013 Apr 1st
Uzair - Man that's good    2013 Mar 10th
Akifa Hassan


2013 Feb 2nd 760 Views
Tiny droplets from the sky,Dripping on the hands of mine;Wish I could grip it, just give a tryGrab this moment, stop the time;Walk along the sea... read more
3 People Like this! - Arouba MalikBisma HassanEeman Ahmed

Arouba - nice!    2013 Apr 20th
1 Comment
Akifa Hassan


2013 Jan 18th 794 Views
People like winters, what a cool weather to be! Enjoying coffee and peanuts, with family; But some don't like it, I neither For it is... read more
4 People Like this! - Arouba MalikBisma HassanHijab MazharAkifa Hassan

Anam - Great and i just loveeeeeeeeeeed it i think you are the best akifa    2013 Sep 15th
Arouba - gud    2013 Apr 20th
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Full Name
Akifa Hassan
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
Jinnah College

i would like to share my little efforts with my friends, so that my skills could be refined

Tv watching
Board games
Net surfing
Writing stories
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