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Bismah Shakir

Bismah Shakir


Beaconhouse School System Palm Tree Campus , Gujranwala

HEY! i am BISMAH.I like to play birthday comes on 6th of November and i am 15 years old.I like to send things on...


Bismah Shakir

Always obey your mother

2013 Aug 4th 1438 Views
Always obey your motherOnce upon a time there was a boy lived near a forest. His name was Egeus. As he was not so like in the study so his mother... read more
Urooj - Good try👍    2017 Jul 17th
Bismah - but why u think that i am joking, Ayesha?    2015 May 15th
Ayesha - hey!are you joking i dont think so your in class 7. Ha ha ha    2015 Feb 3rd


Bismah Shakir


2014 Aug 22nd 748 Views
Parents are the blessings of God,They keep us as comfortable as in heaven,Wonderful thing I’ll ever have,Provide me with every need.Parents are... read more
Bismah - Thanx u all!!!!    2015 Feb 3rd
Fatima Irfan - Excellent poem    2014 Sep 18th
Mohammad - Awsome great    2014 Sep 6th
Bismah Shakir

Everywhere green I wish

2014 May 18th 736 Views
Everywhere green I wishGreen, green everywhere green I wish,Everywhere beauty like in heaven,It will be a soft green carpet,I could walk on it and my... read more
2 People Like this! - Bismah ShakirTooba Fatima

Bismah - thanx! notice and discover 5 poetic devices from this poem    2014 Jul 10th
Tooba - fantastic    2014 May 19th
Bismah Shakir


2014 Apr 2nd 679 Views
The fire, when I touched,Was as hot as sunlight, as hot as burning coal, The fire, when I observed, Was as red as blood, as red as an... read more
1 Person like this! - Bismah Shakir

Bismah - thanx    2014 Oct 3rd
Hadia - its nice    2014 Sep 6th
Bismah - i think its not that good    2014 Jul 23rd
Bismah Shakir


2013 Sep 25th 984 Views
Mango is a delicious fruit,It wears a yellow suit,It is very tasty,And also very sugary,It has a bone in it,In the centre it is fit,It has a peal,It... read more
2 People Like this! - Rafia AhmedBismah Shakir

Rida - Nice one Bismah    2016 Jun 17th
Bismah - yr my best frnd rafia thanx    2013 Oct 11th
Rafia - i loved it :)    2013 Sep 27th
Bismah Shakir


2013 Sep 25th 970 Views
Chocolate is very much sweet,We eat it after eating meat,It is very much sugary,It makes an angry man happy,It takes a lot of oil,And a lot of time... read more
2 People Like this! - Rafia AhmedBismah Shakir

Aneesa - amazing!    2013 Oct 17th
Bismah - thanx    2013 Oct 11th
Rafia - sooooo nyc :)    2013 Sep 27th
Bismah Shakir

Beaconhouse school system

2013 Sep 11th 1376 Views
Acrostic poemBeaconhouse school system...Beautiful! ,Excellent! Studies,Awesome! Teachers,Creativity is common and very good,Oooh! It’s very... read more
3 People Like this! - Aisha Abdul QuddusBismah ShakirRafia Ahmed

Urooj - Nice but it does not match with your age%uD83D%uDE37    2017 Jul 17th
Bismah - thanx you all    2013 Oct 11th
Zainab - not bad keep it up my friend    2013 Sep 21st
Bismah Shakir


2013 Sep 11th 798 Views
Acrostic PoemParents,Are the special blessings,Really they are great,Excellent lesson they teach,Number of good things they know,Teaches us to be... read more
2 People Like this! - Bismah ShakirRafia Ahmed

Bismah - thanx i am very busy nowadays    2014 Mar 10th
Aneesa - awesome!    2013 Oct 17th
Zainab - nice poem it is totally greatb    2013 Sep 28th
Bismah Shakir

Acrostic poem Flowers

2013 Aug 4th 1060 Views
Friendship is the white rose,Love is the red rose,On and on they go,Wonderful! Colour they have,Everlasting scent they have,Really sweet,Sweet scent. read more
Urooj - Ok    2017 Jul 17th
Bismah - oh sorry ajwa    2013 Nov 14th
Ajwa - dear bismah!!! that waznt account waz hacked! smone else wrote...    2013 Oct 12th
Bismah Shakir

Poem on mother

2013 Aug 4th 877 Views
Source of light is the sun,Without mother life will burn,Shine stars brightly in the sky,Your help can make me fly,You pray for success of mine,With... read more
Aneesa - nice    2013 Oct 17th
Rafia - wait patiently dear bushra ...... u know i send 50 things .... but just my...    2013 Sep 3rd
Bushra Hafeez - marvellous dear........ i want to share my problem that i sent upto10 things to...    2013 Sep 2nd
Bismah Shakir

Poem on father

July 2013 2013 Jul 30th 1270 Views
Source of light is the sun,Without father life will burn,Shine stars brightly in the sky,Your help can make me fly,You pray for success of mine,With... read more
Bismah - what was the gift saman    2014 Jul 23rd
Saman - dont know i havent read the magzine    2013 Oct 13th
Bismah - yes me too kya tumhari paintingmagazine may aai?    2013 Oct 11th


Bismah Shakir


2013 Aug 2nd 1104 Views

Bismah - I'm sorry guys, now I think that its enough. I was just teasing u all it is a...    2015 Feb 3rd
Qurratul - RAMADHAN MUBARAK!!!Good drawing!I can't believe it that you've drawn it!But...    2014 Jun 24th
Nuzhat - hi please add me as a friend