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Bareera Khalid

Bareera Khalid


C.c.s , Lahore

Hi! friends I am Bia . I am a very imaginative girl and I have a great passion for my country. I am fond of true friends....


Bareera Khalid


2012 Mar 23rd 685 Views
What is a Friend?A Friend is someone...Who is concerned with everything you do,And understands whatever you do,A Friend is someone...Who doesn't... read more
3 People Like this! - Qurratul AinKhadija HassanBareera Khalid

Khadija - Super Duper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2014 Mar 12th
Tooba - such a reallity based poem vry gud keep it up well done pleeeeeees bareera...    2013 Jan 12th
Neha - han..really dats a frnd>>    2012 Nov 16th
Bareera Khalid

Angry Moon

2012 Mar 21st 696 Views
On one night... Lying down on the ground, in the moon light... I ask from the moon.... Where are you at noon? Why are you lonely? Where is your... read more
3 People Like this! - Qurratul AinKhadija HassanBareera Khalid

Khadija - Cute!!!!!!!    2014 Mar 12th
Nimra - heyyyy bareeera meri request to except karlo.....    2013 Feb 24th
Bareera - heloooooooooooo    2012 Apr 11th
Bareera Khalid


2012 Jan 29th 709 Views
A mother is someone, Who HELPS without being asked... ...GIVES without expecting anything in return, And LOVES without end... She has always a... read more
Wafa - nice poem i am new here i do not have any friends please send me a friend...    2013 Oct 14th
Nimra - heyyy aqsa i was just joking...... if u hurt it then sorry.... :( but plz...    2013 Feb 28th
Nimra - nice poem bareera!!!! hey aqsa first send me friend request and be my best...    2013 Feb 24th
Bareera Khalid

Path to get success

2011 Aug 22nd 926 Views
My aims were strong,But my dreams were wrong,My wishes were so many,But they all were silly,My aim was to reach the sky,And my dream was to fly,I... read more
Sajahir - please accept my freind request    2016 Aug 9th
Khadija - Cool as ice!!!!!    2014 Mar 12th
Wafa - wow nice poem can you accept my friend request please    2013 Oct 14th


Bareera Khalid


2012 Apr 24th 1000 Views
I am first in Earth, Second in heaven, I come two times in a week, But you can see me once in a year, Although I am in the middle of the sea! What am... read more
2 People Like this! - Shehram ChaudhryFR NO.1 FootBall Fan

Qurratul - IT'S..................................................MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...........    2014 Jun 13th
Fatimah - "E"    2012 Dec 21st
Zuhaa - Ayesha Farhan your photo is so cute    2012 Jul 16th
Bareera Khalid


2011 Aug 22nd 945 Views
A glass company advertised: "We provide you the strongest glass, throw the glass at the height of 21 feet, we claim that it will not break till 20... read more
Gullasht - AOA nyc 1    2013 May 22nd
Soha - OLD ONE BUT NICE!!    2012 Nov 25th
Wafa - alina i did not understand what u said    2011 Sep 19th


Bareera Khalid


2012 Mar 21st 715 Views

Narmeen - Awsum Art :)    2012 Jul 9th
Bareera - Dear Salwa! my name means "pious" thnx 4 ur liking...    2012 Apr 11th
Salwa - it's cool art BAREERA...i also like ur name...what does it mean sis?    2012 Mar 27th
Bareera Khalid

Anatomy of Ms Excel

2012 Feb 22nd 999 Views
Anatomy of Ms Excel
3 People Like this! - HAMNA BaqaiDaim ArshadBareera Khalid

Ajwa - ooooooooookkkaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy..............    2013 Aug 30th
Areeqa - im amzed to see this!    2013 Apr 13th
HAMNA - nyccc    2012 Mar 23rd
Bareera Khalid

Night Scene

2011 Sep 23rd 894 Views
Night Scene

Affan - Superb!    2011 Dec 25th
Bareera - thanks    2011 Oct 26th
Maham - niceeeee    2011 Sep 30th
Bareera Khalid


2011 Sep 20th 801 Views

Khadija - Nothing better than that!!!!!    2014 Mar 12th
AFNAN - Good !!    2012 Oct 13th
Naima - very good aapi    2012 Feb 25th
Bareera Khalid


2011 Aug 26th 664 Views

Raniah - nice .. . !    2012 Jul 21st
Bareera - No it's not cloth work it is on simple chart paper    2011 Sep 16th
Sufyan - Gud! v creative ... . ...    2011 Sep 9th
Bareera Khalid

I love my Country

2011 Aug 23rd 995 Views
I love my Country

Raniah - hey bareera . . . u r really a nice girl . . . i love my country too and a...    2012 Jul 21st
Bint Waseem - NICEE!    2011 Sep 6th
Bareera - thanx    2011 Aug 29th
Bareera Khalid

Happy Eid to my all V...

2011 Aug 21st 739 Views
Happy Eid to my all V SHINE Friends

Bint Waseem - LUVLY!!!!!!    2011 Sep 6th
Wafa - I like this very much    2011 Aug 27th
Shahamah - from my side too..    2011 Aug 25th
Bareera Khalid

Shinning sun of 2011

2011 Aug 19th 790 Views
Shinning sun of 2011

Amna - asummmmmmmmm    2011 Aug 21st
Bareera - I also like this    2011 Aug 21st
Bareera - Thanx to all    2011 Aug 21st
Bareera Khalid

Eid Greetings to all...

2011 Aug 17th 711 Views
Eid Greetings to all Pakistan

Undesirable No. 1 - oh nice    2012 Mar 15th
Bint Waseem - AWESUM!    2011 Aug 19th
Maria - Khair Mubarik!! its v.nice!!    2011 Aug 18th
Bareera Khalid

Street scene

2011 Aug 17th 738 Views
Street scene

Raniah - its soo beautiful . . . just like u R . . . ! really . . !    2012 Jul 21st
Bareera - thanx    2011 Oct 26th
Wafa - So beautiful!    2011 Aug 27th
Bareera Khalid

Farm House

2011 Aug 16th 775 Views
Farm House

Raniah - ooh . . ur drawing is really amazing!    2012 Jul 21st
Bareera - Hi! 2 u also Wafa sweeeet frnd...    2011 Oct 26th
Wafa - Hi!...    2011 Aug 27th


Bareera Khalid

My Country Pakistan

2011 Aug 22nd 697 Views
Every person where he lives has a great passion and love for that place. Similarly, we as Pakistanis love our homeland Pakistan. It gives us an... read more
Amna - Awesome!!!!!!!!    2011 Sep 29th
Naima - aapi it is good    2011 Sep 17th
Aamna - Nice article.    2011 Sep 13th
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Full Name
Bareera Khalid
Pakistan, Punjab, Lahore

Hi! friends I am Bia . I am a very imaginative girl and I have a great passion for my country. I am fond of true friends....

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